Super Bowl Greatness: Bacon Lombardi Trophy

Posted by Jason on February 17, 2010

Bacon This year’s Super Bowl brought a wave of party pics flowing into our inbox. People all over the world were feasting on our pre-cooked Bacon Explosion, or even smoking up a homemade version of their own. While we always have a blast looking through the fan photos, one particular reader’s photos stood out from the crowd. Not only were these guys rocking a Bacon Explosion at their Super Bowl party, they also sculpted a meat version of the most prestigious award in all of professional sports…the Bacombardi Trophy!

Huge props go out to Ben “Sweet Lou” Krout for constructing this delicious symbol of achievement, and also to Andrew Loos for sharing the photos with us. Keep up the good work gentlemen!



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Intentional Foul » The Bacon Lombardi Trophy is God-Like February 17, 2010

[...] Bacon Lombardi Trophy, or Bacombardi Trophy for short, and thanks to a great find from our friends over at BBQ Addicts blog, we now know what a Super Bowl trophy made entirely out of bacon looks [...]

This is the Lombardi Trophy. Made of bacon. Hello, delicious. | Buzera February 17, 2010

[...] Trophy, otherwise known as the Bacombardi Trophy, made by Ben “Sweet Lou” Krout, via BBQ Addicts. Mr. Krout, I think you and I should be [...]

Ben "Sweet Lou" Krout February 17, 2010

I’d like to thank G-d or whover created bacon.
I’d like to thank Chris Martin for the inspiration.
And I’d like to thank the folks here at BBQ Addicts for inspiring Bacon art around the globe!

Jason February 17, 2010

Thanks Ben! Keep on porkin!

paulie. L February 18, 2010

Ben sir Ben you are a true bacon master and a craftsman one that we are all proud to say, what could possibly be next we ask?
Maybe the statue of Bacon liberty, the Linbacon monument, The Golden crispy ba-gate-con bridge. All life size of course.
I’m sure you’ll pioneer all kinds inspired creations.
Do You have bacon blog?.

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Chris February 18, 2010

Impressive and creative! They should win a trophy or something;)

The Bacon Lombardi Trophy | FOODBEAST - ONLINE FOOD PUBLICATION :: BEEN HUNGRY SINCE '88 February 22, 2010

[...] definitely still be commended. Created by a Ben “Sweet Lou” Krout and surfacing on the BBQ Addicts website, we get to witness this crazy spectacle of meatyness. Sorry to all those during their lent [...]

GAQT466 February 22, 2010

Is Ben “Sweet Lou” Krout single? I think he may be my dream man. ;)

Ben "Sweet Lou" Krout February 22, 2010

I just posted a blog about the creation of the Bacon Lombardi. Check it out at

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[...] bbqaddicts (originator of the bacon [...]

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Niki Tag April 7, 2010

Very Impressive and creative! I like this=)

Mike Boysen - Gas Grill Review April 18, 2010

All I can say is “what the hell?” I’m a tennis fan. Can you handle the Wimbledon trophies? BTW, where the heck can I find slab bacon in Atlanta. I figured you might have the bacon answers I’m looking for :)

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[...] eat it. You can make chips , cake, or absolutely delicious looking turtles from it. You can make NFL championship trophies out of it or alarm clocks. The sky is the limit when it comes to bacon. I get that. I know that [...]

Behold the Bacombardi trophy | Bacon Salt Cluster Blog about Gourmet Seasoning, Spice, Salt and BACON! October 21, 2010

[...] version of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which is awarded to the winning team of the Super Bowl.  BBQ Addicts found it on their fan photos.  It was constructed by Ben “Sweet Lou” Krout.I actively avoid [...]

Pete| Gas grill reviews January 4, 2011

What a great post! I’ll have to give that one a go this Superbowl for sure. I’m sure my mates will be impressed.

Jim@ Best Grills July 23, 2011

Wow, looks rather impressive. Can you make a trophy for all the other sports too, haha :D

Jason July 23, 2011

@Jim – Challenge accepted!!!!

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