Food Photography: Low Country Boil

Posted by Jason on February 18, 2011

Food PhotographyOne of my favorite thing to do with barbecue products is to find fun and unique ways to use them outside the grill. Lately I’ve been playing around with Plowboys “The Jerk” rub and have become particularly fond of it’s flavor on boiled seafood. The herbs and spices in The Jerk add a fantastic heat to our already delicious Low Country Boil recipe. And with my smokers being held hostage by the aftermath of Snow-pocalypse 2011, indoor cooking with barbecue flavors was just what I needed!

Using a large propane burner indoors isn’t recommended, so I scaled down our original recipe to fit inside of a standard stock pot on top of the stove, but the rest of the process is the exactly same. Here’s the updated ingredient list:

2 boxes Zatarain’s Crab Boil (3 oz)
1 T Zatarain’s Liquid Crab Boil
2 T Plowboys The Jerk
3 lemons, halved
12 red new potatoes, whole
1 package andouille sausage
3 ears of corn, quartered
2 lbs large shrimp

If you like your food extra spicy, give your plated meal a dusting of The Jerk right before serving.

Low Country Boil

Low Country Boil
Photo Credit: Megan Day

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Anson February 18, 2011

I use my trusty turkey fryer in the summer to do low country boil. Here’s a picture of the spread when I did a boil and a bacon explosion.

Jason February 19, 2011

@Anson – looks mighty tasty. The beans with bacon on top sure caught my eye!

Anson February 21, 2011

You can’t have beans without bacon! And the bacon explosion was a hit too!

seo | April 6, 2012

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