The Monthly Rubdown: Firebug Sauces

Posted by Jason on July 28, 2010

Firebug BBQHump Day brings us another round of The Monthly Rubdown, and this time we’re showcasing a new fruit based barbecue sauce that’s been making some waves on the competition circuit. Within it’s first year on the market Firebug Sauce has earned 3rd Place honors in the American Royal specialty category, 1st Place in the Great American BBQ hot category, 2nd Place in the Great American BBQ hot baste category, and 3rd Place in the Great American BBQ mild baste category.

Firebug Grill’n Sauce is the perfect way to add a naturally sweet flavor to your barbecue meals. Made from a fruity base, these sauces offer up a unique flavor that starts out sweet and fades into a pleasant spiciness (with the hot being a bit more intense than the mild). Not only is it a great addition to burgers, chicken, and ribs, but it’s also the perfect glaze to apply to your MOINK Balls before serving!

Looking for a way to infuse even more delicious Firebug flavor into your meal? Try creating the official Firebug Marinade by mixing equal parts of Firebug Sauce with apple juice or your favorite cola. Marinade your meat 8 to 12 hours (or overnight) before cooking!

Firebug Sauce

Firebug Original Mild (18 oz) – $5.99
Firebug Hot (18 oz) – $5.99
Firebug Combo Pack (2 x 18 oz) – $10.99

3 Responses to “The Monthly Rubdown: Firebug Sauces”

Chris July 29, 2010

Sounds good and nice packaging. I like the marinade idea.

Michael July 29, 2010

I am a big fan of Firebug. This is a great sauce and should be in everyone’s cupboard.

Craig July 29, 2010

Best sauce on the market hands down!!

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