BBQ Game of 2009: Pig Craps

Posted by Jason on January 6, 2009

Piggy BackEvery year around the holidays my family gets together for some warm holiday cheer, cold adult beverages, and a touch of innocent gambling.   I know that sounds worse than it actually is, but the truth of the matter is that board games just lose their luster over the years.  The only true way to keep game night fun and fresh is to lay a few bucks on the line and make Grandma earn her keep. 

Left, Right, Center has been a yuletide staple for many years now, but this go around we added a new “dice” game to the lineup.  Okay, right about now you’re probably asking yourself “What the hell does this have to do with barbecue?” Well my friend, this game has all the thrills of a back alley craps circle, but instead of using those grimey white cubes, you’ll be tossing tiny delicious little piggies.  Yes, that’s right….Pig Craps.  Actually the manufacturer given name is Pass the Pigs, but who could pass up an opportunity to play a modified version called Pigs Craps while your pig butt is slow smoking to perfection in your backyard cooker.  Did we forget to mention that these dirty little piggies often find themselves in compromising postions?!?! 

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