Bradley 120 Pack Bisquettes


The secret to the Bradley Smoker is the Bradley flavor Bisquettes. To produce the bisquettes the hardwood chippings are bound together using precise quantities at controlled pressures and densities from chippings of the natural hardwoods and fruitwoods. The flavor of the smoke is determined by the variety of wood being burned. By this method their burning behavior remains consistent and predictable. Furthermore by limiting the combustion time to 20 minutes for each bisquette on top of the electrically heated element the chippings produce clean continuous smoke at a consistent temperature. These two factors eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty from smoking food giving you perfect results every time you smoke.The Bradley Smoker which uses these bisquettes is fully automatic burning and dispensing one bisquette ever 20 minutes. At a rate of 3 bisquettes per hour the smoker has a capacity for 8 hours of unsupervised operation. The only hard thing about it is choosing a smoke flavor! Choose from a variety of flavors!

Bacon Explosion

Rubs and Sauces

Grills and Smokers