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The Legacy Cook Number Electric Grill is one of a kind. Its exclusive Heatxchange System™ lets you change back and forth among searing and grilling roasting warming and baking settings.By turning the right knob you can direct the current to the desired element for cooking. When cooking in searing mode the elements modulate to keep the searing plate temperature at or between 470-500 degrees. while also allowing for some current to cross over to the convection side to warm up the cooking area.Simply select from 10 precise cook number settings insert the temperature probe and that's it! A light on the panel and beep alarm alert you that your food is perfectly done without having to open the hood over and over.Grill Features: Outer cabinet made of 18 gauge 304 (restaurant grade) stainless steel. Cooking grids made also of stainless steel for easy clean-up.Specially coated aluminum searing plates should be cleaned with non-abrasive scrubbing tool and mild dish soap. (Care similar to teflon products)Indoor cooking should be done under a range hood as food cooking causes vapor and/or smoke. When using simply to bake certain foods no range hood is required.Cord length- 7ft. 3inchesGold Medal Vesta Award Winner for alternative fuel barbequesUses standard 110 volt electric outletOuter cabinet can rest on any surface without heat damageAbout Fire Stone Home ProductsFire Stone Home makes outdoor living more gracious through the seamless fusion of efficient engineering and stunning design. They call it the warm edge of technology. While the patents inside the products assure years of performance on a very high level Fire Stone is here to do more than upgrade the quality of deck and patio products. They want to capture the emotional experience of the hearth indoors - to bring out the fire inside. So when you gather with friends and family you can relax and truly enjoy the complete outdoor experience.

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