Cook Number Grill-Gun


Enjoy powerful performance in a compact electric design with the Gun-Metal Grey Cook Number Porcelain Electric Grill. From balconies to campsites RVs to boat docks all you need to do is plug in this grill and let patented Cook Number technology produce all the heat you need to grill sear roast or bake. Quickly reaching up to 500 degree F for searing this electric grill doesn't compromise performance. This grill features a simple user-friendly design with a single knob and no cover for compactness and portability.Cook Number technology lets you cook like a pro. It uses a built-in probe and 10 precision settings to take the guesswork out of grilling. Like your steak medium rare? Select level 3. Well done? Level 7. It's really that simple and always grilled to perfection.Cook Number grills are made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Each grill is constructed with the finest materials and tested to meet or exceed all ANSI standards to deliver years of reliable performance.Features and benefits: Cook Number System cooks food precisely automatically.10 precision settings let you grill sear roast and bake anything to perfection.Exclusive shift-searing system: shift down to sear meats shift up to grill roast or bake.1 dial does it all - 1 burner 1 valve 1 igniter.Built-in temperature probe beeps when food reaches desired temperature.Quickly reaches temperatures up to 500 degrees F for searing.A Greener OptionReducing energy consumption lead to the development of Cook Number Grills. The energy consumption of these grills is significantly less than that of average gas grills. You'll enjoy immediate cost benefits as well. This high-efficiency Electric Cook Number Grill by Fire Stone costs on average only 10 cents per hour to use. Compare that to as much $1.50 an hour for ordinary 30000-BTU gas grills. If you cook out on your balcony just 4 hours per week your savings will add up quickly. Plus a single control with a single burner means fewer parts that might need replacing

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