Meco Deluxe Water Smoker


Get the best of both worlds with the Maco Deluxe Charcoal Water Smoker & Grill! This charcoal unit has an interlocking base and body section and 351 square inches of usable cooking surface! There are 2 nickel-plated cooking grids with handles for two-level cooking and a porcelainized 5.5 quart water pan. There are also heat-resistant wooden side and hood handles as well as sliding access doors for checking and adding to the water and wood chip levels. Features a built-in temperature gauge and flavor channels to direct smoke for maximum food flavoring and add structural strength to the smoker. There is a removable ash pan for easy cleaning. When used as a grill a reflector pan directs heat to the cooking surface. The heavy-duty reinforced steel legs add extra strength and durability. This smoker converts to an electric Lock & Go grill. Click Here For Hints on Smoking Meats & Poultry

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