With a generous 164-square-inches of cooking space the Meco Tabletop Electric BBQ Grill is perfect for cooking up a full meal outdoors. This electric grill is UL-listed for outdoor use. It features a variable 1500-watt heating element and a standard 120-volt grounded plug so finding somewhere to use it won't be a problem. A control knob makes turning this grill on and off a snap and lets you choose the temperature that's appropriate for what you're cooking. There's even a handy grease cup to make clean-up easier.Electric cooking is simple and similar to cooking with charcoal. Cooking times may vary slightly but no lighter fluid is need and there's no charcoal clean-up. For best results cook with the hood closed to preserve natural food juices and enhance smoke flavor. However even with the hood open the elevated rear section of the bowl serves as a windbreaker to help keep cooking temperatures high.About MecoFor over 45 years Meco has created quality products used in homes across America. If you're looking for safe innovative electric grills you can trust Meco to deliver. Meco products use a standard 120-volt outlet and can be plugged in nearly anywhere. Perfect for condos apartments and much more Meco electric grills are a smart convenient choice. The company is based in Greenville Tenn. and continues to develop quality products for the home.

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