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It started as a rib rub but it has proven to be a favorite of customers for vegetables, popcorn, fish (salmon especially), and other competition meats.

3 Eyz BBQ Rub Awards

Great American BBQ

  • 1st Place Overall Rub
  • 2nd Place Mild Rub

The rub itself has 2 awards. 2nd place GAB mild Rub in 2008. 1st place overall rub at the 2009 GAB. 3 Eyz BBQ Rub was developed specifically as a rib rub but has since turned into an all purpose rub winning consistently in all cateogries. In 2008, 3 Eyz BBQ finished 39th in the country (KCBS Team of the Year rankings) in ribs and 81st overall. Check out our 3 Eyz BBQ Monthly Rubdown for a list of all their awards!

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