Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes

Posted by Jason on December 23, 2008

The Original Bacon Explosion

The other day the guys from contacted me in search for some barbecue bacon recipes.  Of course I have plenty of great uses for bacon in a barbecue pit, but the longer I thought about it, the more I wanted to step it up a notch and clog a few arteries for those guys.  Behold, BACON EXPLOSION!!!  Here’s what you’ll need…

2 pounds thick cut bacon
2 pounds Italian sausage
1 jar of your favorite barbeque sauce
1 jar of your favorite barbeque rub

To kick off the construction of this pork medley you’ll need to create a 5×5 bacon weave.  If the strips you’re using aren’t as wide as the ones pictured, then you may need to use a few extra slices to fill out the pattern.  Just make sure your bacon weave is tight and that you end up with a nice square shape to work with.

Bacon Weave

The next step is to add some barbecue seasoning on top of your bacon weave.  Being the barbeque addict that I am, I whipped up a batch of Burnt Finger BBQ’s competition pork rub for this special occasion.  Seeing as not everyone has the time, or the expertise, to create a tasty rub of their own, I would recommend trying Cowtown Sweet Spot for the best combination. Plowboys Yardbird, Bad Byron’s Butt Rub, and Rendezvous Famous Seasoning are also excellent choices.

Seasoned Bacon Weave

Now that you’re pork is well seasoned, it’s time to add more pork.  Take two pounds of Italian sausage and layer it directly on top of your bacon weave.  Be sure to press the sausage to the outer edges of the bacon creating a patty that is the same thickness all the way across.  Most grocery stores carry loose sausage, so just pick out one you like.  I chose to go with a mild sausage, but spicy would work just the same.  If you really want to get crazy, take a stab at making your own homemade sausage.

Next up is bacon layer number two.  Take the remaining bacon slices and fry them up the same way you would for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or a midnight snack).  If you like soft bacon, make it soft.  If you like crunchy bacon, make it crunchy.  If you like your bacon burnt to hell so the smoke detectors go off, then burn it to hell so the smoke detectors go off.  These pieces are going to be a major part of the inner flavor of our sausage fatty, so cook them your favorite way.  Personally, I like my bacon right at the point when it starts to get crispy, but hasn’t quite lost all of the softness yet.  Regardless of how well done you like yours, you’ll need to crumble or chop the cooked strips into bite size pieces and place on top of the sausage layer.  (Note-It’s okay, and encouraged, to snack on these pieces while your chopping/crumbling.  But keep in mind that once those bacon morsels touch the raw sausage, you’ll need to resist all temptations to nibble.  This can and will be difficult, but hospital trips are no fun, so stay strong.)

Since this is a barbeque recipe, we need to add another layer of barbeque flavor.  Take your favorite sauce and drizzle it all over the top of the bacon pieces.  Personally, I prefer to use Burnt Finger BBQ’s homemade competition sauce, but if you’re torn on what brand to use I recommend Cowtown, Blues Hog, and Fiorella’s Jack StackOnce you’ve sauced the bacon, sprinkle on some more of the barbeque seasoning you used on the bacon weave.

Now comes the fun part.  Very carefully separate the front edge of the sausage layer from the bacon weave and begin rolling backwards.  You want to include all layers EXCEPT the bacon weave in your roll.  Try and keep the sausage as tight as possible and be sure to release any air pockets that may have formed.  Once the sausage is fully rolled up, pinch together the seams and ends to seal all of the bacon goodness inside.

At this point we can start to see the final shape of our Bacon Explosion, but we’re missing one key item.  To complte the constuction process, roll the sausage forward completely wrapping it in the bacon weave.  Make sure it sits with the seam facing downward to help keep it all sealed up.

Rolled Bacon Weave

Sprinkle some barbeque seasoning on the outside of the bacon weave, and now this bad boy is ready for the smoker.  Cook your Bacon Explosion at 225 degrees in a constant cloud of hickory smoke until your Thermapen gives an internal temperature reading of 165 degrees.  Normally this will take about 1 hour for each inch of thickness, but that could vary depending on how well you maintain your fire and also how many times you open the smoker to take a peek.  Mine took about 2.5 hours, which was right on target with its 2.5 inch diameter.

Now that our Bacon Explosion is fully cooked, we need to add some finishing flavors.  Remember that barbecue sauce we used for inner flavor?  We’ll be using that same sauce to glaze the cooked bacon weave.  Using a basting brush, coat the entire surface with a thin layer of sauce.  Sweet sauces are loaded with sugars, so they’ll give your fatty a nice glossy finish.  Spicy and vinegar based sauces don’t contain as much, so they won’t set up as well.  If you’re dead set on using those sauces, just cut them with a bit of honey and you’ll get the same effect.

Slice the Bacon Explosion into quarter to half inch rounds to serve.  If your roll was good and tight, you should now see a nice bacon pinwheel pattern throughout the sausage.  Obviously pork is best served by itself, but if you feel the need to make this meat monster into a sandwich, try placing a couple Bacon Explosion slices on a warm Pillsbury’s Grands Biscuit.  You’ll reach pork Nirvana in no time flat!

Be sure to send us stories and photos of your Bacon Explosion experience.  Who knows, you may see your ugly mug on BBQ Addicts!!!

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The Original Bacon Explosion

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Rebecca Kelley December 23, 2008

My heart skipped a beat (mostly in anticipation of the impending angioplasty).

Aaron December 23, 2008

They should make drive-through angioplasty, it would make this much easier :)

IFChris December 23, 2008

This is what heaven looks like, isn’t it?

Jason December 23, 2008

Alright this is going on Digg.

Derek Rey December 23, 2008

So dope.

Todd Mintz December 23, 2008

How much Crestor do you take each day :.)

Aaron December 23, 2008


Already there

Digg Link

Scott Orth December 23, 2008

Uh, wow! That. Is. Incredible! Can’t wait to try this out.

Jason December 23, 2008

@Scott – Just a warning….the first Bacon Exlposion leads to many more!!!! Let us know how it turns out.

Bloggeries December 23, 2008

My heart hurts.

Jason December 23, 2008

@Bloggeries – …from love or blockage?

Pam December 23, 2008

Is it legal to marry food?

Aaron December 23, 2008

Marriages to any bacon or pork product is legal in at least all states that don’t end in “ZZ”, even California ;)

Jessie December 23, 2008

Whoa! You deserve some kind of medal or royal commendation for this. Well done!!

a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

JP December 23, 2008

That actually goes so much over the top as to become unappealing.

Aaron December 23, 2008


Blasphemy! It was actually very tasty. You’re an Anti-Baconite aren’t you?

Hart A Tack December 23, 2008

I am fucking discusted that you didn’t add extra bacon to the sausage meat, WTF!!
Everybody knows bacon make thing better, the more the better!

Father Mike December 23, 2008

HO, HO, HO pappy needs a stocking stuffed with pork.

bbqology December 23, 2008

Now that is a lesson of love. I am going to have to give that a try.

John December 23, 2008

That’s amazing! My mouth is watering.

Violator99 December 23, 2008

The only things missing from this masterpiece is shredded cheeze in the middle and ranch dressing for dipping purposes. Other than that it’s perfect.

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BJR December 23, 2008

Bacon should be its own food group.

HC December 24, 2008

*drool* Perfect for X-MAS Dinner! *drool*

MCH December 24, 2008

did I say I’d start my diet after Christmas? I meant after New Years! (That gives me this weekend to coat my arteries with this)!

Terrible Tom December 24, 2008

Very nice. I will have to try this myself. So long as I eat a small portion along with a pound of salad I should be OK.

Anton » Blog Archive » Bookmarks for December 24th December 24, 2008

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armorer243 December 24, 2008

I had some trouble with the 2lbs of sausage on a 5×5 square. Seems to be too much on a small space and I couldn’t get it rolled up. I made 2 versions that works equally well. First was the 5×5 but I only used .5lbs of sausage. Worked great. Second version was 2lbs bacon, 2 lbs sausage on a 10×10 square. Worked good too. Not quite as bacon-y as the smaller version, but still good. Also, on the second version I added 1lb of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Excellent improvement!

Great recipe!!!!!

Obbop December 24, 2008

I am so gonna’ cook up a few dozen of those things and take to the box-social at the mosque this coming Saturday afternoon.

I’m courtin’ Betty-Lou and I just know I’ll earn big-time points with her and the congregation.

Jason December 24, 2008

@armorer243 The size of the square depends on the width of your bacon. I was using some pretty hefty slices, so they may have covered more surface area than yours. Glad to hear the recipe treated you well!

PS. Cheese makes anything better!!!

Phil E. Drifter December 25, 2008

Wow. Just…wow.

Foodaholic December 25, 2008

That looks amazingly fulfilling, but I would definitely not be brave enough to eat it without bread. =)

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snobbychef December 25, 2008

wow yeah, over the top.
it’s kind of like having a plate full of frosting and no cake. the frosting is the best part, who needs cake? or how about a bowl full of melted cheese? a warm glass of hollandaise sauce? or why don’t you just gnaw on a stick of butter? that’s rich too. yummy!
obviously butter is best served by itself. but I guess if you have to you could put it on a biscuit or something.

Baconasaurus Rex December 25, 2008

Hey would you be able to do this in a traditional oven? I’m sure it wouldn’t be quite as tasty, but with that much deliciousness I’ll live. Let me know, thanks.

kk December 25, 2008

wow, wrapped heart attack

Kham Tran December 25, 2008

It’ll probably take 10 years off my life but I love it.

Tony December 25, 2008

Looks amazing, but I think I would have to spend the next week living on Oatmeal and drinking water to try and flush the salt and fat out of my system.

bryon shaffer December 25, 2008


Marc December 25, 2008

You sir, are going to Hell! This is the most pork-tacular creation I have ever witnessed. My wife is going to be furious when I make this. Thanks!

han December 25, 2008

can this be baked at 225 (250?) degrees instead of barbecued? (my grilling skills aren’t accurate enough to measure fire at 225)

Jason December 25, 2008

@han Yes, this can be cooked in an oven. Just make sure it cooks to an internal temp of 165. You will loose all of the delicious smokey flavor that truely makes this dish complete, but then again…it’s still bacon and sausage, so you can’t go wrong!!!

Jeff December 25, 2008

You could then slice it into patties and place it between two grilled cheese sandwiches, each having yet another layer of bacon within the cheese – sort of like a fatty melt.

Uncle B December 25, 2008

This much meat can supply flavor to a lot of rice, corn, oatmeal, or potatoes.You are not even saving the drippings for cookies! In the post – (GRD) great republican depression times, when all foods are scarce, and gall bladder operations are priced out of reach by the Uber-Class, Ultra rich, who, by the way, don’t eat cheap greasy foods, we will look back on recipes like these and see the wrongness of our ways! we will be as thin as the Asian hoards of workers who drove us to this poverty, but we will be thin and healthy! In the mean time, as the clouds of darkness gather overhead and the dark curtain of un and under employment closes over us, – Chow Down !

Joshua D December 25, 2008

Four day weekend + Bacon Explosion = Bliss. The house will be smelling of swine for days; no need for that pine-scented potpourri junk now!

Headless Blogger December 25, 2008

How about some credit to the source of your inspiration?

Gordon Wagner December 25, 2008

You guys need help. Seriously.

Zen December 25, 2008

I am in love with the pork!

boot32pas December 25, 2008

Doug Larson
Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.


Disc Jockey December 25, 2008

Send one piece to Macedonia, please! ;)

mastercoder ferrari December 25, 2008

I printed it out and put it up on my shrine. Everytime I walk by I get this ginormous boner.

Jim December 25, 2008

I’m thinking just slice a loaf of French bread like a hot dog roll, and stick the whole bacon/sausage roll in as-is. Add cheese and condom mints, and you’re good to go!

Jason December 25, 2008

@Jim I like the way you think, but I’m not sure “condom mints” will make anything taste better!!!

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ac December 25, 2008

This is glorious. This is disgusting.

Sam December 26, 2008

Seems like a layer of cheese between each of the layers would make this an even nicer loaf…not any “goormett cheese” either, just stick with generic american slices….meaty-cheesy-gooey heart attack bites of bliss!

Jazzy December 26, 2008

OMG, that looks so freakin good.

Aaron December 26, 2008

@Headless Blogger

Actually didn’t see that, came up with it pretty much independently. Like the poblano chile idea though, would add a bit extra flavor. Gotta say it was some good eatin though.

Headless Blogger December 26, 2008

Aaron – Just messing with you.

Great minds!


Andrew December 26, 2008

Tremendous… I think I’ll have to make up a few of these for our Superbowl party.

Drooling Baconier December 26, 2008

Maybe you could concoct a miniature version. Perfect for a hoagie bun.

thelegendary1 December 26, 2008

Someone give whoever invented this a Nobel Prize lol

bacon forever December 26, 2008

i saw this bacon weave a couple weeks ago and did my own version.

baked the bacon weave then filled with scrambled eggs and cheese and rolled it up. It was awesome.

the addition of sausage sounds awesome, it takes manhood to a whole new level.

Jason A. December 26, 2008

if its served in a reasonable portion, 2 x 2-4 mm slices, i assume that it would not be much worse than a side of sausage alone…if you make a burger out of it you’ll be in trouble soon enough!

Nate DiNiro December 26, 2008

Wow, just… Wow! Now I think I know what I might make for Master Bacon. I’m actually a big believer in “Bacon Textiles” as I’ve taken to call it. This was made with a simple striping, but I’ll try a bacon textile next time!

Garry Jenkins December 26, 2008

Velveeta or CheezWiz in the middle – OM NOM NOM NOM.

New December 26, 2008

This is actually the only food that looks nastier on the way in than on the way out.

PorkLover December 26, 2008

I couldnt stop laughing about “burning the bacon to hell until the smoke detectors go off.”
I thought that everybody ate their bacon burnt to shit until the smoke detectors went off.
I am so making this with the whole thing burnt to ash until the fire department shows up for some of this good pork tastiness.

gotta love moderation December 26, 2008



that thing is the epitome of gluttony. maybe try a salad wrap next time, your fingers won’t smell like total slob afterwards.

Romeo December 26, 2008

Looks like good eating to me and the perfect dinner idea!

Jason December 26, 2008

@Nate DiNiro

How about we one up you and be the honorary guests of Master Bacon!!!!

Nate DiNiro December 26, 2008

You’d be very welcome at Master Bacon, especially if you were to bring enough “Bacon Explosion” to feed everyone… ;)

If you are serious, RSVP Here, make the trip and bring the Bacon! Lord knows that I’ve been to KC on several occasions, and my favorite part of the trip is digging into some Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ! Looks like I’ll have to try your now too… ;)


amandrnorange December 26, 2008

holy heart attack batman!

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Burnie December 26, 2008

Since I don’t like Italian sausage I’ll try it it with Jimmy Dean spicy sausage. Oh, and some fresh sweet corn to cleanse the palate!!! This thing will make Justin Wilson sit up in his grave…

Kari December 27, 2008


Lou December 27, 2008

This makes me feel constipated.

Maury December 27, 2008

You must really like bacon. Lol.

Nepjuno December 27, 2008

The god I worship, Sonny ‘Cool Breeze’ Romero, is pleased. I was contacted quite a while ago with very important information. The worlds for best things. Breasts, cheese, ninjas and BACON. You have served the world great with creation. The perfect combination of all before mention things is what is kept in the Arc of the Covenant. Until I find the daft arc, this saintly fare will do. Bravo.

Postal December 27, 2008

Finally. The weapons of mass destruction have been found!

Jim Whatley December 27, 2008

Bacon is, as bacon does

Denise December 27, 2008

I’m a vegetarian & I stumbled upon this site & while I’ll never eat this, I can truly appreciate the concept. I wonder if I can find a tofu or protein equivalent…

Aaron December 27, 2008


Well, we’re probably not too good cooking things that don’t have meat in them, but maybe we’ll try and figure something out for you!

Michael Hoffman December 27, 2008

That is some great technique there. How does the bacon take to the second smoking? Looks really crunchy on the outside. Impressive.

Also: What, no cheese?

To see what I’ve been up to with my own (homemade) bacon, check out CONSUMED(I,THIS). I definitely can’t live up to your shock-and-awe approach to The Bacon Life, but I feel that we may be kindred spirits nonetheless.

rrdj71 December 27, 2008

Can somebody say HEART ATTACK?!! Boy, that is a skinny persons WORST nightmare!! :)

fizzo December 27, 2008

how about right after the grill, dip in a thin batter, then deep fry it!! i love fat !! afterall fat is flavor!!

Jason December 27, 2008

@Michael Hoffman

This was an homage to pork, so cheese was left out of the equation. The second smoke on the bacon worked out great. It yields a stronger flavor than standard bacon, but that’s what us BBQ Addicts love!!!

You’re homemade bacon looks fantastic. I’d love to give it a try!!!

moi December 27, 2008

bacon explosion, why you hurt so gud?

cowbell December 27, 2008

It needs a little more bacon salt.

gerty December 28, 2008

holy crap

Michael December 28, 2008

I’m high as shit and this sounds fucking good..i just came

Sam December 28, 2008

You baconed you sausage but you didn’t butter you bacon!

JoAnna December 28, 2008

eep… my arteries

raydal December 28, 2008

oh look! its an insta-heart attack on a plate… how appetizing!

Laura December 28, 2008

I happened to stumble across this website- I definitely was not seeking it out.
This completely disgusts me…wish you could see what I see. That was once a living being- now it’s a heart attack on a plate. Bon Appetite.

Rachello December 28, 2008

Since I’m not allowed to eat foods like this anymore, I just keep visiting this recipe over and over again while chewing on some carrots and cradling myself in the fetal position.

Rebecca December 28, 2008

yummy…you ARE the Bacon Master! * off to dream about sausage wrapped in bacon*

Brandon December 29, 2008

A very Germanic creation. Ser gut! I anticipate the satisfaction of those decadent beasts strewn together in such a fashion! Yum!

branka December 29, 2008

You surely don’t live one healthy life.

Aaron December 29, 2008


We don’t eat an entire sausage bacon roll every day.

brooklyn farmhouse December 29, 2008

I NEED a smoker, just to make this recipe. Thank you thank you thank you

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RaiderFrank December 29, 2008

For decades my favorite meal has required waking up drunk at a Marriott property and stumbling down stairs for their all you can eat breakfast. I routinely eat 3 to 5 pounds of bacon and spend the next 40 minutes reading USA Today back on my toilet (its how I roll). My friends marvel at the fact I’m not dead and still under 250 pounds. Not much under but I’m in the clubhouse at about half a stone under par (the British system tends to not make you sound so much like a/o – beast). I obviously appreciate (heavy stress on “ATE” part of that last word) any recipe that involves 2 pounds of bacon but I would like to add that in many butcher shops the thick bacon actually comes from Hog Jowls. I would invite the true bacon lovers to not overlook the possibility of buying hog Jowls (available at many grocery stores in the smoked meat area) and slicing it very thick. Let’s say 3/4 of an inch to make the wrapping of this feast much easier and the package much more sturdy. Using 3/4 inch cut hog jowls strips you could also turn this into an indoor oven backed feast. Not everyone can BBQ in the winter or at work in the breakroom for lunch. The only drawback to using bacon this thick is our public health requirement to avoid a neighborhood wide outbreak of Tricanosis. Because after all we all want live to eat more pork. I make a mean Hog Jowl casserole. It’s nothing more than hog jowls sliced and rolled up with 2 pounds of shredded cheese and sliced pepperoni inside. It great its like Pizza without all that pastry crap in the way. And baking lets a lot of the grease flow out not that its a health consideration but it does saves you from having to change your shirt after a good meal.

Michael Hoffman December 29, 2008

RaiderFrank, you are a gentleman, a scholar, and a poet.

Long live guanciale!

y December 29, 2008

Sort of ironic that the bacon explosion resembles a burnt finger.

Just-Hospitalized December 29, 2008

Is this site sponsored by the American Association of Heart Surgeons or something? Maybe they should let in on the advertising for this recipe. I can’t WAIT to make this!

johnny December 29, 2008

deJaDy Thanks for good post

DCQTpi December 29, 2008

Dammit why can’t u master bacon and KC people live in DC for pete’s sake??? I don’t think people on a plane (or in my vehicle for that matter) would appreciate me haulin all that piggy wiggy around to portland!!! mmmm…. ok, have to go drool at my desk while staring at porky pictures now. THANKS for the awesome idea!

VBCRAVEN December 29, 2008

Wow! I stumbled upon this and instantly was mesmerized…the possibilities!
I shall make slight changes, but what a beautiful concept! (thinking the cheddar cheese option)
For those that are “disgusted” and prefer Tofu and such…perhaps you should go suck a fat baby’s dick?
I will never understand a life eating horrible food, just to make it last longer?
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senglam December 29, 2008

wow i didn’t know bacon can look that yummmyyy drooling…

Yes and no December 29, 2008

[...] Yes and No. [...]

Ryan G December 30, 2008

Great. I’ll give some of these a try next summer. Thanks.

Leonard Cohen December 30, 2008

Great recipes! Thanks for sharing.

Cher December 30, 2008

Wow! If pork didn’t rule before, it sure does now! Great job!

Scrappy December 30, 2008

The only thing it’s missing is CHEESE! :)

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sarabee December 30, 2008

I’m pretty much thoroughly disgusted right now! but I can’t look away…

Harpster December 30, 2008

Now that’s an artery clogger if i ever saw one, then add cheese and you have a colostomy

themadaxemurderer December 30, 2008

I’ve gotta try this. I should probably visit my attorney and have my will drawn up first.

meadiocre » Blog Archive » Bacon December 30, 2008

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Tob December 30, 2008

Q manero… eu como isso com pão e umas fatias de queijo.

PartyTime! December 30, 2008

I don’t see why you need to cook it to 165 internally, that’s just ultra-well done and unnecessary. An internal temperature of 145-155 is perfectly safe! I mean I personally enjoy it a little pink especially if your using super fresh pork.

Jason December 30, 2008


Feel free to cook your pork to whatever temp you prefer. 165 might be a bit high for chops or loin, but it’s plenty good for sausage. There’s more than enough fat to keep the pork moist and delicious. In fact, I’ve taken fatties much high without any problems.

@UncleNate December 30, 2008

In case you’re interested, here’s a publication put out by the National Pork Board, a pork producers organization, that has some of the facts about cooking temperatures for pork. They advocate 155 F but their basic message is “140 F is safe”.

The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations for processed pork products reflects experimental data,and requires pork to be cooked for 2 hours at 52.2 C (126 F), for 15 minutes at 55.6 C (132 F), and for 1 minute at 60 C (140 F).

Either way, I’m sure the Bacon Explosion is delicious at whatever temperature you choose so cook it!


Jason December 30, 2008


Thanks for the great info!!! But I would like to point out that there is a difference between “safe” pork and properly cooked pork. Many BBQ meats (especially pork) are cooked well beyond the “safe” zone. Pork butt can be taken as high as 210 degrees and will still be quite moist. It’s just a matter of how much fat you choose to render out of the meat. The low and slow cooking process is very conducive to retaining moisture while breaking down the tough connective tissue. This is the whole reason that BBQ is so tender and delicious. Ultimately though, it all boils down a matter of personal opinion. There is no right or wrong when it comes to BBQ, and as you said before, the Bacon Explosion is delicious no matter temperature you choose. So do what best suits your taste while staying safe.

Marpo December 30, 2008

i just made this and… and… and i….

oh yes.

Declan December 31, 2008

You cant beat the bacon butty i just had… real farmers bacon from the Ribble Valley in the North West of England.. itss goooooodddddd eeeeaaatttiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn.

Alex December 31, 2008

It made my fat meter go BONG! But I can not look at a thing like this without thinking of what to add to make it just a little better. Grilled chopped onion & jalapeños; Diced leftover baked potatoes & shredded cheddar cheese as a last layer inside. That should make a complete clog.

Michael Hoffman December 31, 2008

Speaking of additions, what about a whole pork tenderloin in the middle?

Alex December 31, 2008

Wouldn’t it change the cooking time too much unless you did the loin first?

Michael Hoffman December 31, 2008

Perhaps it would, slightly, but I don’t see that as an impediment, especially because you’d probably want to sear the tenderloin first. Plus, the tenderloin can stand to be cooked to a lower temp than the sausage.

Who's ready for a heart attack? - December 31, 2008

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Jason "The French Grill Master" Boudreau December 31, 2008

Haven’t made this bacony blob yet but plan to very soon. I’m thinking about some fresh cilantro, halved cherry tomatoes and sharp cheddar cheese in the center mixed with the bacon to add some freshness. Bu either way, great recipe!

Susan December 31, 2008

Oh my gosh, that is so much meat!!

Threepwood December 31, 2008

You, sir, are a god!

Los Angeles Limos December 31, 2008

Suicide by pork fat!

Kurt January 1, 2009

Looks like someone has been looking at The Smoking Meat Forum and using recipes from that site, we have been making “Fatties” (that is what we call them on the forum) for a couple years now

Aaron January 1, 2009


Yea, sorry I forgot you invented sausage and bacon. And fatties.

Frankly we’ve been accused of “stealing” this recipe several times and I don’t get it. It’s just sausage wrapped in bacon, and we did it well. You and the other fourteen people that have claimed to invented it can take credit, we just take credit for making this one :)

Dan January 1, 2009

“but the longer I thought about it, the more I wanted to step it up a notch”

Nothing new here. Just looks like a regualar ole bacon fatty. Somewhat like re-inventing the wheel.
The folks here seem to enjoy the pics though.

R.Francesconi January 1, 2009

Maravilhoso!!!!! Deve ser uma delícia… mesmo sendo uma bomba calórica e um poço de colesterol, eu como sem preconceitos!!!!
Vou até postar essa delícia no meu blog!!

Grande abraço!!!!!!!!!

Aaron January 1, 2009


Yes, we’re making something that’s probably been made before, we just do it well :)

And Jason has a wife that’s good at taking pictures!

Aaron January 1, 2009


My Portuguese is a bit rusty, but I think you said something about a calorie and cholesterol bomb..? And you’re right, just don’t eat it all at once! It’s good as leftovers and we ate it for about a week. great for breakfast!

ethical January 1, 2009

by eating these horrifically raised factory farmed pigs you’re filling your bodies up with cancer causing heavy metals, hormones and antibiotics and destroying the efficacy of the antibiotics your children will need to survive by creating super bugs and ruining the planet they need to survive.. have you read about the waste that a pig CAFO creates? .. You’re all disgusting and karma will get you in the end for having such a lack of ethics.

Aaron January 1, 2009


Sorry for ending the world. I’d rather eat some tasty food before Armageddon :)

Michael Hoffman January 1, 2009


I generally agree with your point of view—that’s why I almost never eat factory-farmed animals—but what I don’t agree with is your preachy fun-killing rudeness. You must know from experience that no one will listen to you when you take that tone. How about you go eat some organically raised soy products and leave the rest of us to our good time?

Chris January 2, 2009

Wow! Fucking Wow! I wanna sink my teeth into that fucking juicy roll of a whatyoumaycallit.

Cavan January 2, 2009

The most difficult part seems to be the sausage roll. My suggestion is take a tip from sushi makers and create a rolling sheet from wax paper, butcher paper or plastic wrap. Cut a sheet that is the same size as the bacon layer. Do not cover the entire bacon layer offset the wrapping material an inch or two and then layer the sausage on top. Now you can easily pull the entire sausage layer at once and wrap it (obviously leaving the wrapping material out of the rolled sausage).

Bacon / Sausage / Barbeque – | Oregon January 2, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes The other day the guys from contacted me in search for some barbecue bacon recipes. Of course I have plenty of great uses for bacon in a barbecue pit, but the longer I thought about it, the more I wanted to step it up a notch and clog a few arteries for those guys. Behold, BACON EXPLOSION!!! Here’s what you’ll need… [...]

Shawn Brown January 2, 2009

A friend sent me this link and I just knew I had to give it a try for New Years Eve. Unbelievable, Mine did not turn out as pretty as yours but the taste was amazing. We ate the leftovers w/biscuits New Years morning. Keep these great ideas coming.

Mr-Sleeper-34 January 2, 2009

My heart :(

Jason January 2, 2009

@Kurt @Dan

We don’t claim to be the inventor of the fatty in any way. If you can provide me with the location of where we made this statement, then we’ll gladly remove it. We too have been making fatties for years and definitely acknowledge that they are commonplace within the BBQ community. In fact, I even called the Bacon Explosion a fatty a few times during the write up. I personally have never seen a bacon stuffed, bacon wrapped fatty though, so I thought it would be a fun way to pay homage to pork. I had a blast making it, documenting the process, and serving it to my family and friends. Isn’t that what BBQ is all about?

Jason January 2, 2009


Nice suggestion for improving the wrapping technique!!! I’ll definitely be trying that out.

Jason January 2, 2009

@Shawn Brown

I’m glad to hear that BBQ Addicts helped you ring in the New Year!!! We’d love to see pics of you guys chowing down.

R.francesconi January 2, 2009

Aaron, você entendeu certo!
Nada que uma salada de folhas verdes para acompanhar não ajude!!
E uma Caipirinha de cachaça para ajudar a queimar o colesterol…

Michael Hoffman January 2, 2009


I adore the idea that cachaça burns off bad cholesterol.

Megan January 2, 2009

It Looks good but looks like it needs more like onions and cheese….

Sick. January 2, 2009

I think I just threw up a little.

Niki January 2, 2009

Any idea what the daily sodium intake on a 1/4 slice of that bad boy is?

Cat January 2, 2009

i am a bacon whore…this makes me so happy!
the bacony goodness, not so much the sausage,maybe shredded bbq chicken.
definitely some cheese,with some horror movies , beer and good friends
love it
making it
om nom nom nom

Dinner - Golf Forum - Golf Rewound is the Family Friendly Golf Forum and Discussion Group January 2, 2009

[...] Re: Dinner Well this will be dinner tomorrow night: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes — BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

Heavy G January 2, 2009

And the best thing of all, it’s KOSHER!

The Morningstarr* - Artery cloggers January 3, 2009

[...] Artery cloggers Oh wow! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes — BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

George Erdosh January 3, 2009


Doug Hess January 3, 2009

W O W ! This is awesome I didn’t know that such a world existed; I feel like I was raised in a convent or something (protective environment). Thanks for sharring.

neptsunny January 3, 2009

Hey everyone!

My name is Bobby and I’m new around here :) . So far this is an awesome source for information and I’ve spent a ton of time reading and browsing around. Look forward to hearing from you!

Brian January 3, 2009

i may quit being a vegitarian for this

Xylene2301 January 3, 2009

I like to eat this with deep fat fried, thick sliced, pure cholesterol that I get in a roll (it sort of looks like polenta). The only thing is, it makes me gassy and the farts are highly explosive!

Janice January 3, 2009

This is a sure try for our next bbq adventure! Have you tried it with maple sausage? I can’t eat the italian due to some spice allergies. Also any recomendations on rubs that are peppercorn (black pepper, ect.) free?

Sid January 3, 2009

Sir, you are my hero. I just…I can’t begin to-

Will you e-marry me?

Or at least be my bacon and bbq mentor?

BBQ Addicts Blog unveils world’s most perfect food. « Bacon and Sidecars January 3, 2009

[...] 4, 2009 · No Comments There’s a porkstravaganza over at the BBQ Addicts blog: barbecued bacon bits wrapped in pork sausage and basket-woven bacon, [...]

Aaron January 4, 2009


I bet Jason can come up with something allergenic free…Jason the fans need help!

Annie Bimala January 4, 2009

i thnk, it is healthy or not?

Euchrid the Mute January 4, 2009

Love reading comment pages. All the petty bickering and snipeing..; sure does make me grin! Can’t wait to try this thing! kinda scared though. Like the chicken idea. Maybe some pulled pork butt?

Jason January 4, 2009

@Sid – I accept your bacon wrapped ring and tip a glass of 18 year single malt in your honor!!!

@Janice – If you’re a fan of sweets, which it sounds like you might be, you should try using brown sugar and cayenne pepper (or red pepper flake) on the outside. It will melt down and form a nice crust around the Bacon Explosion. You can adjust the heat levels by the amount of pepper you add. Also, I have an uncle who is allergic to black pepper, but is able to eat white pepper without any problems. If that is the case with you, then you can make this simple substitution in just about any rub recipe.

New King of Bacon « Jimmy’s Blog January 4, 2009

[...] has perfected the Bacon and Cheese roll by adding a  BBQ twist!  This beautiful baby is the Bacon Explosion, perhaps the most fantastic creation this side of bacon.  Hit the jump for how it’s [...]

Rocko January 4, 2009

Good thing I’m a member of Club Lipitor, because I can see devouring that bacon-wrapped sausage-bacon goodness.

The rest of you might also want to join the Club…

Eve - BBG grillware January 4, 2009

Heart Attack wrapped in AWESOMENESS. I am in awe, I am in love, I am in the presence of a great mind!

To you I bow down ;-)

Oh, and the weave was pretty too :-)

This could kill me , but I'm gonna try it - January 4, 2009

[...] could kill me , but I’m gonna try it Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes — BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ art is not a [...]

Janice January 4, 2009

Thanks I’ll try it like that. Yes, I’m a fan of the sweets! And camelized onions in the bacon fat, my addition to the bacon explosion. Unfortunately all peppercorns are out of the picture for me.
Motto: Eat what you can and can (or freeze) what you can’t. Author unknown
If anyone’s still having problems rolling the sausage, keep the width and try making a longer thiner piece to roll up. I recomend using wax paper underneath.

“Got Special?” January 5, 2009

[...] The bacon wrapped bbq sausage. Mmmmmmm [...]

Grabmale January 5, 2009

Boom! That’s an Bacon Explosion.
I don’t dare to make it on my BBQ next weekend. I’m bot a specialist.

Bacon + BBQ = Love - XDTalk Forums - Your HS2000/SA-XD Information Source! January 5, 2009

[...] + BBQ = Love Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes — BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ Conduct determines outcome, ignorance is vulnerability, denial is [...]

Brian Meagher January 5, 2009

This sucker is definitely on my to-do list! Thanks guys.

Ben January 5, 2009

I usually roll fatties in brown sugar to add additional sweetness. May be something to try with this behemoth. Maybe put a stick of butter in the middle just to be sure I die instantly upon intake.

mmm January 6, 2009

This would go well with some chocolate dipped bacon. » Blog Archive » Bacon Explosion! January 6, 2009

[...] Read the full recipe here. [...]

gina's weight watcher recipes January 6, 2009

Holy Heart Attack!

Pork On Pork In Pork: The Bacon Explosion : The Feedbag January 6, 2009

[...] BBQ Addicts: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of All Recipes Serious Eats: Bacon Explosion: The Barbecue Sausage Be-All and End-All [...]

Tea January 6, 2009

This would be acceptable on Atkins, right?

Jason January 6, 2009


Aside from the sauce and rub, this bad boy is purely pork parts. I’d say it’s an Atkins dream!!!

val January 6, 2009

does Emeril know about this pork fat fest????

Jim January 6, 2009

just call this thing ‘the crusader’ … and send it to Palestine. :)

The Be-All And End-All For Bacon Lovers - Food Network Fans January 6, 2009

[...] Recipe Be-All and End-All Posted by Adam Kuban, January 6, 2009 at 11:45 AM The Bacon Explosion. Photographs from BBQ Addicts The cross section above is from something the BBQ Addicts blog calls The Bacon Explosion. This [...] » Blog Archive » Now that your pork is well seasoned, it’s time to add more pork. January 6, 2009

[...] What a week. First I start off the week with four different kinds of pig in the porktastic Magical Animal sandwich. And today, I find out what I live in a world where “Bacon Explosion” can and should exist. Check out this article for a full explanation of exactly what Bacon Explosion is and why you should … [...]

Yardboy January 6, 2009

“Increasing to 300″

KingT January 6, 2009


Ryan January 6, 2009

This just looks like a heart attack waiting to happen….

Eddy Cole January 6, 2009

bacon porn, FTW! now excuse me while i go light up a smoke…

Michael January 6, 2009

Because I’m a half-glass-full kind of person, I choose to assume that all of the nutrition-related comments are meant as compliments to the creator of this earthly hog miracle. If I could replace my healthy, still-beating heart with a bacon explosion, I would do so.

Chris G January 6, 2009

Does this come with a coupon for coronary bypass surgery?

ulikabbq January 7, 2009

great twist on a fattie. I am going to try this soon.

The Last Exit to Babylon » Starting the new year right January 7, 2009

[...] Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Bacon Explosion! [...]

jos January 7, 2009

looks like a big turd! djeezes

Rich January 7, 2009

Dayum! Just dayuuuum!

Misty January 7, 2009

I don’t like sausage, so I wonder how this would work with ground beef. And cheese. It would be like a BBQ cheeseburger roll. Oh that thought excites me way too much.

Mad Dog January 7, 2009

Je t’aime, faire du bruit comme le porc.

(I love you, make the noise like the PIG.)

John January 7, 2009

@ Misty

Try using the Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage that comes in the “tube”. It is not as intense as Italian sausage but it will roll just as well (who doen’t like breakfast sausage?). I usually spread a nice layer of the stuff over a personal size frozen cheese pizza and bake it. The sausage paste spreads on nice & even and browns up beautifully.

Aaron January 7, 2009

Nice tip John!

Mmmm Baconey - Toyota FJ Cruiser Forum January 7, 2009

[...] Baconey Can you tell I am hungry today?? Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Doc __________________ Specializing in Quality Rear Cargo [...]

Jason January 7, 2009


Ground beef would work great! In fact, with the added cheese it’s a bacon cheeseburger fatty. My only advisory is that beef dries out easier than pork. Just keep a close eye on your internal temp and you’ll be just fine.

@John – Nice mod to the frozen pizza!!! I’ll be trying that one.

yacman January 7, 2009

Do you have a vegeterian version? Vegan, maybe? Is it kosher?

Just wondering. - - Ultimate Guy’s Guide » Blog Archive » The Ultimate Guy’s Guide To Bacon Part II: Electric Boogaloo January 7, 2009

[...] days searching through the intertubes to find the perfect bacon receipe, we’ve stumbled upon: Bacon Wrapped With Sausage, that’s Wrapped in Bacon… then BBQ’ed.  Now all you’ll need to find is a bowl of ranch dressing & a [...]

Someone January 7, 2009

In reply to:
“For those that are “disgusted” and prefer Tofu and such…perhaps you should go suck a fat baby’s dick?
I will never understand a life eating horrible food, just to make it last longer?
Perhaps this is what was meant by heaven on Earth?”
Some people, believe it or not, don’t like bacon at all.

I’m a vegetarian, who was sent the link to this recipe by a non-vegetarian friend for discussion purposes.
I was raised in a poor southern family who cooked all the normal things, including lots of fried meats. I never liked them. The smell makes me sick.

I am not a vegetarian for health reasons and almost never eat any soy product or tofu. I think my food tastes great as I generally make my own food at home from scratch.

Why are you the slightest bit concerned with whether anyone else does or does not like bacon? If you like it, then eat it…but not everyone else is going to think it’s all that great.

- Someone

sid January 7, 2009

Oh yay! Could you perhaps weave me a bacon blanket as part of my trousseau? Wait, I have to provide the trousseau, don’t I? Drat.

I have to stay away from this blog. Seriously, every time I so much as look, I crave pork products. Eesh.

I have GOT to try this. « Happycrow’s Eyeball Factory January 8, 2009

[...] have GOT to try this. Meet America’s answer to turostyusza.  I mean, serious Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man-type [...]

Bacon Addicts » Pure Genius January 8, 2009

[...] Check out this little tasty morsel of happiness: [...]

Aaron January 8, 2009


My sentiments exactly…if you don’t like it, don’t eat it. However, it doesn’t make it bad. Unhealthy…? Probably. So is 90% of the food everyone eats. Might as well make it taste good.

Wildcat January 8, 2009

‘I think, therefore I don’t eat this shit.’ -anonymous

If this isn’t attempted/assisted suicide than bleach is the new salt for your barbeque sauce. ;) I could only expect such greatness from our Southern lying states for coming up with better ways to enjoy a beer, your cousins close company, and a new way to increase obesity. Get em’ while it’s hot cowboys.(if Brokeback Mountain is your thing)

Bahoosky January 8, 2009

WTF! no cheese. maybe a cheese dipping sauce

a primitive conversion - you are not a prisoner « A Secret Map to the End of the World January 8, 2009

[...] something sensual [...]

bungslap January 8, 2009

Is there a light version for muslims?

Jason January 8, 2009


Eating Bacon Explosion in moderation is no different than having a sausage patty and a couple slices of bacon at breakfast. Eating the whole thing in one sitting…well that’s a different story.

Marc January 8, 2009

Are you saying, Jason, that this isn’t a single serving? Shoot!

Jason January 8, 2009


I’d hate to endorse overeating or obesity, so the Bacon Explosion pictured above is offically listed as 1.25 servings.

You're kidding January 8, 2009

No Cheese?


The (Un)official write anything you want page - Page 545 - Ultimate Metal Forum January 8, 2009

[...] the lord!!! I’m just sayin’…. Bacon Explosion __________________ [...]

YardBoy January 8, 2009

I’m pitching a tent ;^)

Infovore » links for January 8th January 8, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes "I have plenty of great uses for bacon in a barbecue pit, but the longer I thought about it, the more I wanted to step it up a notch and clog a few arteries for those guys. Behold, BACON EXPLOSION!!!" Oh sweet jesus. (tags: bacon recipes bbq coronary ) [...]

Muhammed K. January 8, 2009

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

GTA: Weekly meAts! - Page 47 - 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum January 8, 2009

[...] We need to make one of these for that big meet Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

F Puppy January 9, 2009

That’s a spicy a meat a ball

The Bacon Explosion: Mother of all things bacon at January 9, 2009

[...] Father Spoon from “Should I Drink That” recently sent me a link that I know you will enjoy. It’s about the ultimate bacon barbeque recipe called The Bacon Explosion. [...]

Lora January 9, 2009

I’m going to the jewelry store and buying myself a whole lot of something!

Then I’m going to stop at the grocery store then head home to make one of these.

I’ll hand hubby the jewelry bill. Then I’ll lead him to the kitchen and give him a fork and a plate. (sorry, too early for a knife – the baconator may not distract him just yet!).

Wives the world over, rejoice!!!!

Ooops, might want to check up on his life insurance!!!

Melissa January 9, 2009

This log-o-pork was worth the years it took off my life. great recipe!

jbolty January 9, 2009

I plan to build a copy of this masterpiece but I think I will replace or add to the center layer some pulled pork dipped in hot wing sauce. Or shrimp.

Jason January 9, 2009

@Lora – You are banned from talking with my wife.

@Melissa – Glad you enjoyed the Explosion and survived the Fallout!!!!

BillyPickle January 9, 2009

You, sir, are what every growing child and struggling man should strive to become.

I believe that everyone needs to breed with your family exclusively as the entire world population must make sure your that culinary genius never dies off … BRAVO, good sir, BRAVO !

Moma January 9, 2009

the only thing (besides cheese) that would make this better….bacon flavored sausage! I found such a thing at a local grocery store and it is WONDERFUL!!!!! Bring on the coronary!

Bacon Explosion on – HotSauceDaily January 9, 2009
El Chucko January 10, 2009

And give me one good reason why this hasn’t been battered and deep fried…..Shame on you….

VBCRAVEN January 10, 2009

Dear Someone,
My comments were not a Nazi inspired ploy to force someone to eat food they don’t want is directed to those that come to a site called bbqaddicts and read about a bacon masterpiece..and begin to preach and bitch. Eat whatever you like, just save the preaching for someone interested in your same tastes.
It makes no sense to go to a “fan” site of anything…to talk about how stupid or wrong it is for them to be fans.
I am so sick of people who find it necessary to direct others on diet and morality..or a combination of both.
I happen to like Bacon, meat in general, my very hot young wife, boating, and football..I have now added this fine meal right between meat in general and my hot young wife…that being said…if you don’t like the idea, don’t eat it, and preach to someone that agrees with you. The bitching I have seen here has inspired me to make sure that all my carnivorous friends will not only see this recipe, but taste it frequently, and I am quite certain you won’t be joining us.
Perhaps the whole baby thing excited you?

Melissa January 10, 2009

seriously. as much as i am open to other peoples opinions, i can not fucking tolerate people who judge me for eating meat. I AM THE SKINNY HOTT WIFE, and i would make this for my man any fucking day. if you dont like meat, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU FREQUENT B_B_Q_A_D_D_I_C_T_S??? its easy to judge people when you are on a site dedicated to roasting, seasoning, killing and eating dead things. you want to criticize someone for eating meat, go bitch at some “vegetarians” who eat fish. if its dead, i will eat it. when i die, make MEEEE a fucking bacon explosion…a big fatty fat MELISSA BACON EXPLOSION. i WILL clog the arteries of people who dont know they are eatting me!!! bwahahahaha! WEAVE ME INTO A BASKET OF GREASY FATTY DEAD GOODNESS…AFTER THAT…if you are a vegetarian, maybe, just maybe, i wont judge you for being a doucher. i….am drunk. and FULL OF BACON. ahahahahahahaahahahahhaahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

Melissa January 10, 2009

you cant smoke cheese. you can…but it probably wouldnt be so good. if you want cheese, find a recipe that doesn’t cook for almost 3 hours….unless its cheeese log. which log-o-pork and log-o-cheese….oh god. you’re right. im not worthy….

Furious Diaper · Season with Lipator January 10, 2009

[...] Bacon explosion. They had me with the words “bacon weave.” [...]

More Bacon goodness! - FreddysHouse January 10, 2009

[...] Bacon goodness! Following on from the bacon weave is the BBQ Bacon Finger! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Check out the full post, it has some good pictures of the design and cooking process. [...]

Tracy January 10, 2009


Prepare to drool – Politics Unlimited | UK politics news January 10, 2009

[...] to drool Jan 10th, 2009 by Blaney’s Blarney. Get ready for the Bacon Explosion – the Barbecue Sausage Recipe of all [...]

VBCRAVEN January 10, 2009

LOL…awesome Melissa! You sound hot…another thing..its a known fact that vegetarians suck in bed! No wonder you are all so cranky

Jordan January 10, 2009

We decided to give this a shot ourselves. Here’s pictures from the event last night:

Aaron January 10, 2009


Nice work! Was it as tasty as anticipated? Glad to see some others trying it. Nice pics!

Marc January 10, 2009

@ Jordan

Love the photo of the grease!

Jason January 10, 2009


Fantastic recreation of Bacon Explosion!!! I hope you guys enjoyed the meats of your labor.

Someone January 10, 2009


For one, I am not as half as cranky as you seem to be about this. I happened to run into this site because a friend showed it to me. Said friend likes bacon but thought that this recipe was amusing in a decadent way and wanted to show it to me.

I said nothing about Nazi’s…or your wife for that matter.

To be fair, even for those who like bacon…that does not automatically mean they will like this recipe.

Calmly and peacefully,


Dave January 10, 2009

You magnificent bastard.

I read this while drinking a V8 as I’m on day 7 of my ‘Eat Better, Stupid!’(tm) diet. Honestly, you made my teeth hurt with hunger. This looks incredible. It does scream for jalapenos and onions, tho. And beer. Lots, and lots of beer. When I get down under 200lbs, I’m going to celebrate with one of these. And then, I’m going to have to get under 200lbs again.

Coop January 10, 2009

Holy. Freaking. Crap. This is amazing. I have found heaven on earth, and it involves bacon! I am so buying a smoker JUST so I can make one of these. And I’m going to use Nueske’s bacon! Excuse me, I need to go collapse now from the sheer joy of the thought of this.

Brian Meagher January 11, 2009

@Dave – great idea! I think jalapenos and onions would be good.

@Coop – Don’t get one of those dinky electric smokers. Go for the Weber Smokey Mountain.
You won’t be sorry. I got mine from for $199 plus shipping. It’s tight and maintains temp well. Nueske’s bacon… yum!

Seth Tompkins January 11, 2009

My friend and I made this last night and it is truly something thought of by a mad genius. I had a brainstorm to make it EVEN BETTER!!! After the Bacon Explosion is complete, cut your slabs a little thicker. Then insert a chopstick into each slab before dipping in cornmeal batter and deepfrying!!! Serve with a side of sausage gravy! Enjoy.

JDM January 11, 2009

Needs butter.

Dirkasaurus January 11, 2009

We made this without the BBQ sauce, and the seasonings. It was still delicious! We sliced it up, and took half the slices and lined the bottom of a 13×9 pyrex dish. Covered the whole thing with eggs, and cheese, rebaked it. It is the best breakfast casserole dish!

pork with your pork? « willworkforsoup [dot] com January 11, 2009

[...] found via Stumbled Upon @ [...]

BFS (BIG FAT SO...) January 11, 2009

i ate it all and i suffered cardiac arrest.

the doctor told me that the big bacon explosion had nearly exploded me! HAHAHAHAHA

Bacon Explosion - Southern Maryland Community Forums January 11, 2009

[...] Explosion Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Talk about a heart attack, but oh so good. BaconDance_small.gif __________________ [...]

Recent Links: January 04 to January 11 » Alex Jones January 12, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes — BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog The other day the guys from contacted me in search for some barbecue bacon recipes.  Of course I have plenty o… [...]

Bacon Explosion on Monday - funeral by Wednesday | Almost Daily January 12, 2009

[...] if the Bacon Explosion doesn’t kill you, it will only make you [...]

Jeff Hoogland January 12, 2009

I’m a big eater, and it doesn’t get any bigger than this…. I think I’m going to eat my monitor!

New Recipe for Doophus - Chevy SSR Forum January 12, 2009

[...] New Recipe for Doophus The Bacon Explosion! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Heath Joplin January 12, 2009

I made this for rone, and he said it was too much pork.

MB January 12, 2009

We are going to do this camping. Some small changes planned: we will add Jalepenos and Shredded Sharp Cheese to the mix and use a deepfryer. If we survive the night, breakfast the next day will be leftover bacon explosion sitting on top of hashbrowns with a fried egg on top.

Michael J January 12, 2009

Angioplasty waiting to happen!! OK so I made it this weekend and I tried to be somewhat careful of the fat content so I used Jimmy Dean lo-fat pork sausage. It turned out to be slightly dry! Long live PORK FAT!!!

WunderKraut » Blog Archive » I Think I’m In Love… January 12, 2009

[...] here is another addition to my love of all things [...]

Jason January 12, 2009

@Dirkasaurus – Bacon Explosion can now be eaten for every meal of the day!!!

@MD – Jalapenos and cheese go great in a fatty! If you want to kick the heat up even more, try using spicy Italian sausage. Are you planning on beer battering it before frying?

@Michael J – The fat is what keeps Bacon Explosion moist. Next time try cooking to a lower internal temp. That should keep the fat from rendering out of the meat (unless that’s what you want).

Aaron January 12, 2009

I’m liking all the variations people are coming up with here, especially some of the breakfast things. I’d like to try out some bacon explosion fried egg casserole!

leni January 12, 2009

What a creation, this will be the hit at the superbowl party and tailgates next summer.
How about eating it like sushi and dipping it in melted garlic butter?

Gunblogger Conspiracy » Recipe Night! January 12, 2009

[...] the chicken is dead <Stingray> Oh, and since Breda wasn’t here for this link earlier: <JayG> She KILLED it! <TD> chicken necro-rape <pdb> that doesn’t mean [...]

Gadgetrain January 12, 2009

Can Somebody Get The EMTs Please? Bacon Explosion Will Steamroll Your Heart Into Oblivion…

Just by looking at those pictures will give you massive artery failure. But who cares? What’s life without this?Or this?……

TestECull January 12, 2009


DumbBastid January 12, 2009

This was the main dish for our tailgate party in Pittsburgh for the Divisional Playoff game yesterday. BTW – the Steelers were triumphant and my wager was paid off with a bottle of Johnny Walker Green label – but I degress…)
I loved this recipe but I opted for bit of a twist – 4 lbs. of bacon and 4lbs. of pork/venison sausage.
In case you are concerned that my arteries were deprived – I decided to smoke Camel non-filters for the 3.5 hours while this heavenly beast was smoldering in the smoker.
I must say, the Burnt Finger BBQ sauce was one of the best sauces that I had ever tasted – the rub I used was my own – and included a combination of homegrown scotch bonnet peppers and crushed red pepper. The sweet smoky flavor of the sauce and honey really complimented this arterial cork and with nearly 2 lbs. of leftovers, I plan on trying the deep-fried suggestion described earlier and perhaps I will use a hush puppy/beer batter… Kudos to the visionary who, like myself, obviously looks forward to our next coronary.

DumbBastid January 12, 2009

Forgot to add – I had a bit of trouble rolling this 4 pound monster so for an extra tight roll, I used a commercial sushi roll mat (bamboo weaved with string) lined with a couple of layers of plastic wrap to avoid cross contamination…

Fexie January 12, 2009

So… what was that about an obesity epidemic?

Jason January 12, 2009

@DumbBastid – I hold Bacon Explosion soley responsible for the Steeler victory. I also expect you to be at Arrowhead Stadium next year if your team comes to town. The game might not be good, but the tailgate will be LEGENDARY!!!!

LarryG January 13, 2009

My buddy Danny made 2 for the Giant Eagle playoff game. …..he used his own brand of rub and his home made bacon apple onion BBQ sauce.

He also renamed it ” The Bacon Love Monster”

see photos

Bacon For The Win « The Squirrel Queen January 13, 2009

[...] an incredible heart-attack inducing BBQ bacon recipe that Lee over at Digital Nicotine linked to. It’s a step by step recipe with photos included. [...]

Bacon Stuffed Sausage « The Idaho Falls Peloton January 13, 2009

[...] Click Here for the “Bacon Explosion Sausage” recipe. [...]

Mmmmmm… bacon. | AdamBlog January 13, 2009

[...] Click [...]

PorkGasmo January 13, 2009

Bacon Explosion?

It should be “Bacon SEXplosion”…

I just had a Porkgasm.

LarryG January 13, 2009
Jason January 13, 2009

@LarryG – Nice work. I just ate lunch, but now I’m hungry again!!!

ishy January 13, 2009

that’s a whole lotta piggy

Michael J January 13, 2009

Jason – Thanks for the tip on the use of sausage with the pork fat. I used the ” Big Green Egg ” BBQ/smoker. It does have a tendency to cook slightly hot. I cried when my Chargers lost to the Steelers and maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention to this creation. I think I will make this next time Southern California style and roll the center with a prosciutto/asparagus/jalepeno combo. Lots of good ideas from the people on this site. Gotta try ‘em all!! » Blog Archive » Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes January 13, 2009

[...] via Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes. [...]

Jason January 13, 2009

@Michael J – Big Green Eggs are very versatile cookers. You get a smoker, grill, and outdoor oven all in one package. But in order to use it to it’s full potential, you’ll want to have good control of your fire. In my experience, even a millimeters difference in the vent openings can make a big difference with the Egg. Next time you fire that bad boy up, pay close attention to your settings and how it effects your temp. You may even try measuring the openings and keeping a log of your results for future reference. Once you get your temps under control, you’ll notice a sizable difference in the quality of meat you produce.

amanda January 13, 2009

the cross-section view is what your arteries look like after eating this

J.R. January 14, 2009

A buddy told me about this at a new years party and he remembered to send me the link when he sobered up a few days later. I started a thread about this here…

…and one of the guys made it and posted some pics on page 3. I have been waiting for the snow to melt and the weather to clear up around here before I dive in!

I am Not Invincible » hrrf January 14, 2009

[...] Although, I hear now that this is when your metabolism starts to slow down and the unhealthy effects of food can hit you.  This means  that I am no longer invincible to what happens when I would eat something like this. [...]

Donovan January 14, 2009

Great recipe but what a waste of time and smoke. to make the recipe simpler and better, make the sausage roll separatly on a sheet of plastic wrap and roll very tight (like a sushi roll) and then wrap in the bacon weave. Microwave for about 3 minutes per pound to an internal temp of 140F before smoking. finish as directed but only smoke for about 30 minutes or until browned.

Aaron January 14, 2009

Microwave??? Seriously? First, the proteins in the meats will bind around 140 degrees, so putting it on the smoker after that is pointless as it won’t absorb any smoke flavor. That generally defeats the purpose.

This requires patience and some attention. It’s not McDonald’s.

Jason January 14, 2009

@JR An open face Bacon Explosion!!! No matter what it looks like, it’s still delicious.

@Donovan Microwave + Meat = FAIL

JD Cowles January 14, 2009

Wow, looks amazing! Now just add a little hot sauce . . .

The Leisure Man January 14, 2009

That is truly amazing! Pork lovers unite! Now is the time!

William Neverhool January 14, 2009

That right there is all man, only real men can eat that. But really and truly, it is a heart attack in a plate. Only the brave should even attempt to try and eat this.

David January 14, 2009

just had a heart attack watching it

I am Bryan » Blog Archive » OMG: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes - Bits from an internet junkie January 15, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes. [...]

peter January 15, 2009

Halleluja! Halleluja!Halleeeelllluuujaaaa!

Timbit’s Black Box » Blog Archive » Do You Like Bacon? January 15, 2009
Gunner réh January 15, 2009

Skals betaband salutes the mighty heart attack!!

Heywood Jablowme January 15, 2009

i don’t know whether to eat it or smear it around inside my aorta. i could see whipping one up with, say, a bratwurst stuffed inside and feeding it to a large crowd of carnivores. It would make for a real steatoganza.

Johnny Ancich January 15, 2009

I think I’m in love!

Want me to come over? Make Bacon Explosion! | The Adventures of a Couch Surfer January 15, 2009

[...] You can find the recipe at BbqAddicts [...]

leslie January 16, 2009

Atkins would approve! lol!!

Bob January 16, 2009

. . . and then add jalapenos and shredded sharp cheddar before you roll up the sausage . . .

Bacon Explosion!! - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums January 16, 2009

[...] sorry, but this looks delicious: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes I’ve got to try [...]

MiniChef January 16, 2009

Holy Shit! I need to go and take a cold shower

Snapped Shot January 16, 2009

Where’s My Tums….?…

As I am one who is in the know, and I have certain contacts within the military industrial complex….

I present you with the latest weapon on the war against Islamic Terror.

If we can mass produce these and carpet bomb them en-mass from B-2′s…

Alexis January 16, 2009

I think i’ll kill myself with that! I think i’ll record a video of everything i did to make that suicide Roll. I’ll let you know when it’s over. It may take a while cause it’s winter and we never use our charcoil in winter. But anyways i’ll try to convince my father to buy every ingredients and i’ll try to make it in the oven, even though i don’t know how to see internal temperature… see ya!

Spongebobross January 17, 2009

I wish I could quit you, bacon.

Somebody should send a couple of these to Randy Taylor and his family.

Food of the Gods - Page 25 - INGunOwners January 17, 2009

[...] for the bacon lovers Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ 9 out of 10 voices in my head say I should have stayed home and cleaned my guns [...]

Damnitkage » Blog Archive » Heart attack anyone? January 18, 2009

[...] Here’s a recipe for bacon wrapped sausage roll thing.  Just typing this I think  that I’m going to have to go to they gym or take some digitalis or something. [...]

Bacon Explosion - Nebraska Fish and Game Association January 18, 2009

[...] But OH MY GOD does this look and sound incredible If any tries this, please post a report! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ Did I say that [...]

butch81385 January 18, 2009

I made a Fiery Explosion which included hot sausage, Stubbs spicy bbq sauce, and some mozzarella cheese…. It was/is incredible….

Lela January 18, 2009

Today (1-19-09) I made the Bacon Explosion. WOW! First of all, the Italian sausage available here (South Texas mid-coast area) was so bland. I used half hot and half regular. It was fun to make but the taste was missing. My guess is, it was the Italian sausage. Next time I’ll use Owens Hot sausage. Makes an impressive presentation though.

PAT January 19, 2009

Perfect for the Aikin Diet (no carbs if not in rub or sauce). Since I’m now on that diet, there’s a BARBECUE EXPLOSION in the making as I write !

fortheloveofbacon January 19, 2009

Oh man. It’s so much pork, it has come full circle. It is now a vegetable.

Food Not for the Fainthearted. « Red Wolf’s Den January 19, 2009

[...] tonight is inspired by two things.  The first is the bacon roll found here.  The second is the bacon roll found here.  Now, I’m not cheap (just ask my wife), but we had ground beef and some spices, so I made [...]

Ben January 19, 2009

Now all it needs is to be dipped in batter and deep fried.

Bacon. - Kawasaki Motorcycle Forums January 19, 2009

[...] I did make a bacon blanket once, it hurt to eat. and how to make the super bacon log. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

LiberalsSUCK January 19, 2009

I would force Muslims to eat this as a form of torture. Too bad they would enjoy it and Convert! PS, SCREW OBAMA

Aaron January 19, 2009

LOL. Not exactly a political statement, but glad you liked it nonetheless!

Christine January 19, 2009

Ok.. did it was a little tricky to roll but i also did add a bag of shredded cheddar and then slice up two jalepanos and mixed that in the meat. So dont know how the spiral will be but as for the sausage i used hot sausage too! Amazing!!!

John McLearran January 20, 2009

I tried your recipe over the weekend and it is AWESOME!

Aaron January 20, 2009

@John Great! if you took pics, send them over, we’re doing a follow up post on everyone else soon.

Tweak and Geek » Blog Archive » TG #20: Powerpoint and Scifi January 20, 2009

[...]    Tweak and Geek 020 – 20090121 – Powerpoint and Scifi [47:00m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download The Bacon Explosion [...]

Big W00t for a Bacon Valentine | Quote Snack January 20, 2009

[...] Addicts – The Bacon Explosion recipe page sports illustrated directions, resplendent with pictures of bacon in slabs and woven sheets. Not [...]

KellleyD January 20, 2009

Instead of BBQ rub, I used Baconsalt ( and it was DIVINE. Now, if you will excuse me, The ambulance is here to take me to the hospital to clear out my arteries ;-)

Recipe: Bacon Explosion | January 20, 2009

[...] seen this recipe from BBQAddicts floating around the interwebs over the past couple of weeks and hadn’t gotten around to [...]

Jason January 20, 2009

@kellleyD – The grocery store near my house just started carrying Bacon Salt. I picked up a bottle of it the other day, but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Next time I whip up a couple Bacon Explosions I’ll put it to good use!

Ali January 21, 2009

I can’t wait to make this!!! We are going to make it for Super Bowl. I have taken the Monday off work just in case I don’t make it. If I do make through the night and the next day I will be talking about it on my morning show, everyone on our show loves bacon as well, they will be so jealous.
Thank you sooooooo much for this! Again, I can’t wait to make it!!

Aaron January 21, 2009

@Ali Great! Let us know how it turns out!

Jason January 21, 2009

@Ali – Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! I’m sure your listeners will thank you as well. :)

jeffrey January 22, 2009

After reading all these statements and testimonials I am truly in awe! I believe god made bacon as a sign that he loves us and that it should be wrapped around everything that is edible. I am a member of a motley crew known of as “camp Sausage” We go to bluegrass festivals and eat sausage with every meal (along with most other pork products) I’ve gotten the technique for wrapping bacon around marshmallows down tight… I cannot wait to throw a few of these slabs into the smoke chamber, burn a few fatties, and pass the whiskey ’round!!! The Amish make some wicked bacon and sausage down here in south eastern Pa. I hope they will profit greatly from my efforts to spread the gospel!!!

Dave January 22, 2009

My arm went numb reading that.

Gonna make at least one of these for Super Bowl

Dear January 22, 2009

To Laura who commented 12/28/3008 at 8:25 pm. A plant is a living thing, a bacteria is a living thing, a virus is a living thing. You are an idiot.

Dear January 22, 2009

I am going to make mine with venison sausage just as soon as I can dig my smoker out of the snow. If I have a heart attack after eathing this, so be it. Who wants to live forever? At least I will die with a great big greasy smile on my face.

ATTN: Bacon Lovers - Forums January 22, 2009

[...] ATTN: Bacon Lovers Someone needs to try this. You need a grill which is something my apartment complex won’t let us have. I could use my buddys grill but then he would want some of the delectable treat. Here is the link to the recipe [...]

Michael January 22, 2009

Ugh..that definitely looks like….. something lol

Bacon Explosion - Southern Maryland Community Forums January 23, 2009

[...] Explosion Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Talk about a heart attack, but oh so good. BaconDance_small.gif [...]

Friday Funk: Favorite Stumbles of the Week - Upright Communications January 23, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion This has to be the top Stumble of the century. Get ready to throw that New Year’s resolution [...]

Max Pictures’ Blather » Blog Archive » Bacon, bacon, bacon… January 23, 2009

[...] Next time, I’m convening a group to try this: Bacon Explosion. [...]

The Stout Beaver » Blog Archive » BBQ Bacon Explosion January 23, 2009

[...] via Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes. [...]

L January 24, 2009

Only in America. wow.

Bacon Weave « The Kevlar Beard January 24, 2009

[...] between pork and beef. In an effort to persuade you towards pork, I wanted to divert your eyes to THIS little [...]

PJ January 25, 2009

Wow. My lowcarb is usually a lot more boring than this. My eyeballs nearly fell out of my head. And don’t start me on how it’s a phallic object to boot. Some foods are frighteningly perfect.

I’m seriously wondering about 101 variants on this. Like small-cubed pork with chili verde sauce in the middle. Or shredded bbq pork in the middle (both could be partly-cooked first). Or actually, three thin layers: bacon, canadian bacon, and pepperoni, maybe partly-cooked first so they were each more crispy, THEN something in the middle. Or, if you gotta make a meatloaf, why not make it like this? Or . . . my god. My house is going to smell like bacon for weeks but I’ve gotta try it!

Jason January 26, 2009

PJ – I don’t consider a house smelling like bacon to be a bad thing. Good luck on your fatty experiments!!! Sounds like you’ve got enough ideas to keep you busy for awhile. :)

Shaun January 26, 2009

This is going to be the masterpiece of my Superbowl Sunday. I cannot wait to prepare, cook, and eat this!!

Know Your Pig: The All-Meat Burrito of Destiny « CHOMPOSAURUS ( the meat blog ) January 26, 2009

[...] Your Pig: The All-Meat Burrito of Destiny BBQ Addicts brings you the Bacon Explosion, a creation that makes Chipotle look like a haven for vegans and children. [...]

Mmm… Bacon!!! | No Excuses BBQ January 26, 2009

[...] I gotta try a bacon explosion the next time my arteries unclog a bit.  Picture this: bacon wrapped in sausage wrapped in bacon [...]

Notional Slurry » links for 2009-01-26 January 27, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes (tags: via:dunrie bacon baconbaconbacon recipe admirable-excess) [...]

theculinaryaddict January 27, 2009

BA, you had me after the bacon weave. You are the first to be added to my blogroll…Very inspiring on many levels. From one addict to another, Push On Chef! theculinaryaddict

Christian January 27, 2009

Shaun (2 posts above me), make sure to have 911 on speed dial at your SuperBowl party, bud.

The Super Bowl Means Super Eating January 27, 2009

[...] for your Super Bowl party needs, check out the BBQ Addicts’ ridiculously awesome Bacon Explosion. If you are a bacon fan, it is an absolute must. I mean, any dish that calls for a 5×5 bacon [...]

wolfy January 27, 2009

DO U deliver? :}~ rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr where’s my BIB?

TomS January 27, 2009

I’m going to become vegan 28 days a month so I can have one of these — the whole thing — every other Sunday …

Theo January 27, 2009

Congrats on the NYT article, guys! You’ve made a lot of us Baconites pretty happy. And a lot of pigs very, very sad.

kerry January 27, 2009

Daddy likey.

Jason January 27, 2009

@Theo – Thanks for the support!!! Bacon Explosion now has a Facebook fan page as well. Now you can publicly declare your love for pork to all your friends and family.

Howard January 28, 2009

True genius! I can’t wait to try this recipe. If you have to die, you might as well die happy.

Eric January 28, 2009

Unfortunately, I currently live on a heavily guarded compound in Baghdad. It’s just a tad difficult to get bacon and pork sausage here. I’ll be back stateside around Easter and this will be the first thing I will smoke. What a way to get back into pork, the missing ingredient in this current life….

Aaron January 28, 2009


The Bacon Explosion awaits your safe return!

The GF Recipe Thread - Page 12 - The Liverpool Way January 28, 2009

[...] Re: The GF Recipe Thread i’m torn between introducing this with a reference to homer simpson or to ‘pulp fiction’. either way, it looks like porcine goodness…. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Mind-NOX · Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes January 28, 2009

[...] via Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes. [...]

Jon January 28, 2009

I don’t have a smoker.. how do you think I should cook this bit of luciousness on a Weber gas grill? Any suggestions would be great.

Jason January 28, 2009

@Jon – Indirect heat is the key to grilling this bad boy. Turn off at least half the burners and set it above those. You may even want to use a drip pan so catch the bacon grease. It that grease hits the flames, then you’ll get flare ups and catch the whole thing on fire. Very unsafe, plus an extreme waste of good pork!!!!

Sherrie & Jude January 28, 2009

Here’s the link to our ‘attempt’!

Bacon Explosion – A Love Story

Thank you BBQ Addicts – GREAT RECIPE!!

chris January 28, 2009

should this be put in an oven at 225 or 250? approx time to get to necessary internal temp of 165F?

Jason January 28, 2009

@ Chris – Smoking it at 250 took about 2 1/2 hours. Same temp should work just fine in an oven. ADVICE – place the Bacon Explosion on a rack to lift it out of the grease pool that will form. Enjoy!

The Bacon Explosion x Super Bowl = U.S. Americans are F-A-T!!! | January 28, 2009

[...] the This recipe is the Bacon Explosion, modestly called by its inventors “the BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes.” The instructions for [...]

marinade January 28, 2009

Add a slather of peanut butter between the cooked bacon and the sausage. Elvis woud be proud.

Joey Beans January 28, 2009

that is way more legal and tasty than taking recreational hydro. I actually bookmarked this.

marinade January 28, 2009

I have the perfect Maple Bourbon glaze to finish this porker off:
Maple Bourbon Glaze

1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1/2 cup bourbon or sour mash whiskey
1/2 cup cider vinegar
Grated peel and juice of 2 juice oranges (about 1/2 cup)
1 tablespoon dark brown sugar
1/4 cup brown or Creole mustard
1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce
1 tablespoon coarse grain or sea salt

In a heavy nonreactive pot, add the maple syrup, whiskey, vinegar, orange juice and peel, brown sugar, mustard, and soy. Bring to a simmer and reduce the mixture to 1 cup. If grilling or roasting meat or poultry turn and baste with the glaze during the last 10 minutes of cooking. If grilling or roasting seafood, turn and baste with the glaze during the last 5 minutes of cooking.

Yield: 1 cup

Ed Wolpin January 28, 2009

Its yummy!

Sir Porkalot January 28, 2009

As a representative of Swine Nation, I came here originally to protest the indiscriminate and reckless use of pork.

However, after viewing the photos, I cannot.

Well played, sir,well played.

Could This Be The Most Evil Bacon Thing Ever? « Miss Allen’s Knitting Compendium January 28, 2009

[...] get out to the market and get the ingredients needed.  But I do offer up the link to the website,,  which has many lovely pictures on how this simple simple meat roll is made and cooked.   I [...]

SideDish » Blog Archive » Makin’ Another Bacon Recipe January 28, 2009

[...] Here is a link to an insane, in a good way, bacon creation. Would somebody make this over the weekend and send a report with pictures? Thank you. (And PK.) Leave a Reply [...]

WLD TEXAS January 28, 2009

I own “BUCKAROO PIT BBQ WEST TEXAS COOKING” and the Bacon/Sausage Combo sounds good however, I have many Workin’ Ranch Hands that like the fat off the top of my Smoked Briskets and placed between two sticks of bread. That would exceed the fat content of the Sausage/Bacon Combo!!!!!!!!!. But they love it!!!!

Blake January 28, 2009

Once you finish this you could then the obvious next step would be to roll up a “cigarette” in a Bacon Flavored rolling paper :-)

Spliff McGee January 28, 2009

Actually, the obvious *first* step would be to roll up a “cigarette” in Bacon Flavored rolling paper.

Oink, oink, baby. « Get The Picture January 28, 2009

[...] like excess, ladies and gentlemen, I present the Bacon Explosion: … This recipe is the Bacon Explosion, modestly called by its inventors “the BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes.” The instructions for [...]

Laura January 28, 2009

As an American living in Egypt – a nation where pork is legal, but of poor quality – I am unhappily pork starved. Just browsing the pics and recipe instructions on this site has me smiling and drooling all over the place!!!!!! :) ,,,, Love it! Love it! Love it!

Ray January 28, 2009

If cooked in an oven, what temperature would you suggest to cook it at and for how long?

Julia January 28, 2009


Aaron January 28, 2009

@Ray – Although we recommend the smoker, you can cook it in the oven at 250 for around 2 1/2 hours (just make sure the internal temp reaches 165). After baking, you’ll need to crisp up the bacon either in a fry pan or in the broiler.

Karen January 28, 2009

You are truly gods among men.

Jim January 28, 2009

Extraordinary creation!

Goodbye Cruel World | The Rockstar Republican January 28, 2009
Super Bowl Super Food | The Good Badger January 28, 2009
Nick January 28, 2009

The Bacon Explosion: Each bite brings you closer to your maker!

Bacon Loin - INGunOwners January 28, 2009

[...] Bacon Loin I will be surprised if this hasn’t been posted yet, but this could very well be what kills me. Crubled bacon and sausage inside a casing of bacon. Recipe: Bacon Explosion [...]

spyguy January 28, 2009

Instead of serving it on a biscuit or roll, could you split a glazed donut in half and serve it in a sandwich like that?

Blake January 28, 2009

@Spliff McGee
You have a valid point there. This way you wouldn’t feel the heart attack

Roses Chatter » Bacon Explosion January 28, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion [...]

Wow BACON — Mindless Rambling January 28, 2009

[...] This is quite possibly the most amazing feat of bacon culinary skill I have ever seen. Note to self, buy a defibrulator and make this on Sunday for Super Bowl party. Share and Enjoy: [...]

Michael Hoffman January 28, 2009

spyguy: Why split a donut when you could just use two?

callie kimball January 28, 2009

Somewhere in a barn in Maine, a spider named Charlotte weeps.

Andy January 28, 2009

You could, of course, finish off the meal with some Bacon Mints, as well…

sleeper January 28, 2009


slightly HOT, slightly SWEET,

thanks for sharing your recipe and congrats on all the publicity!


The Foggy Monocle » A Gentleman Puts The Dupa in Supa Bowl January 28, 2009

[...] game isn’t until 7 or so. ConsummateHost: I’m serving this as an hors d’oeuvre: Bacon Explosion ConsummateHost: hmmm hmmmm my good man? Superfan: that looks incredible, I think my arteries just [...]

chascates January 28, 2009

God bless you for this fantastic work.
We live in a wonderful country, porcine-wise!

frank January 28, 2009

This is SOOOO getting made for tomorrow night’s poker game.

Meal Ticket :: Blog Archive :: The Week Without Meat Day 3: My own personal horror movie :: Philadelphia City Paper :: Philadelphia Arts, Restaurants, Music, Movies, Jobs, Classifieds, Blogs January 28, 2009

[...] with NATIONAL MEAT WEEK? God is so, so, so cruel. More on this soon.Valhalla, I’m I can’t even begin to count how many people have sent me a link to the Bacon Explosion [...]

Lelabelle January 28, 2009

I must pass on this hilarious true story to all you Bacon Explosion lovers. I printed a picture of the Bacon Explosion…the very last one where it is cut in half. Had it on my kitchen counter and a friend came over and looked at the picture and asked “whose guts are these???” I laughed so damn hard I could barely talk, but asked her “do you think that’s some kind of picture from a colonoscopy???” LMAO still!!!

Tony K. January 28, 2009

Finally, PORN you can actually eat.

ana January 28, 2009

I am going to try it!
Vou experimentar!

Brad January 28, 2009

Insane. There is also a derivation you should check out. Wow, my heart is exploding just thinking about it.

Chaos Motor January 28, 2009


This is the only post of yours I’ve read, but I can tell you’re from KC (or have excellent taste) due to your reference to Cowtown and Fiorella’s. If you’re in the area, you owe it to yourself to go to Danny Edward’s on SW Blvd for their brisket, the best in town, and to Snead’s at 171st and Holmes for their hot bbq sauce, also the best in town.

Bacon Explosion Poses the Question: Is There Such Thing as Too Much Bacon? « Bacon is the New Black January 28, 2009

[...] of the experiment are available on the BBQ Addicts website. Jason Day has provided all the information you need to create your own Bacon Explosion, [...]

chris peluso January 28, 2009

if you inject with it barbecue sauce you can make love to it and then eat it :)

charles January 28, 2009

When I die and they place me in the coffin, please also put the Bacon Explosion on my side so that I can take it with me!!!!!

professorX January 28, 2009

dude… the finished product looks like how my arteries would look after eating it! pure EVIL…

From the Internet: Bacon edition « HANNAH BW January 28, 2009

[...] Tags: bacon, charcuterie, sausage Okay, for one thing, I do not know how I missed this. Maybe it happened during the Christmas brain melt. But it was brought to my attention by none [...]

Kerry January 28, 2009

I DO want to make this in my FE100, but wonder if laying the sausage and other layers down on top of the bacon and then trying to separate the two isn’t overcomplicating things. Why not make the roll separately, seal it and lay it onto the weave for the first time as a log? Or why not just mix all ingredients, make a log and wrap it in the weave? I know the ‘pinwheel’ effect will be lost but how important is that? Won’t change the taste, as I see it. What do you think?

-dan January 28, 2009

they should have sent a poet

Homer January 28, 2009

Mmmmmmm….. pork fat.

Week 4 - day 28 « Failure = Success January 28, 2009

[...] too bad I don’t have access to a smoker … [...]

Eric January 28, 2009

Okay…for those of usthat live in cities…how about OVEN directions??


itwasmyideafirst January 28, 2009

Shut your pie hole Sam…this was my idea ten years ago! :)

“Seems like a layer of cheese between each of the layers would make this an even nicer loaf…not any “goormett cheese” either, just stick with generic american slices….meaty-cheesy-gooey heart attack bites of bliss!”

Kerry January 28, 2009

Eric: Oven directions were already given, above.

Heather January 28, 2009

Where can I find the video of the guy’s that catches on fire?

Bacon Explosion: 2 pounds of bacon wrapped around 2 pounds of sausage | January 28, 2009

[...] if you happen to LOVE bacon and want to get a heart attack sooner rather than later, feel free to follow the recipe here and start making your own Bacon Explosion at home. Ugh, [...]

Buddy, can you spare an artery? « B.D.’s Last Refuge January 28, 2009

[...] Okay, add one more. [...]

eric January 28, 2009

Kerry….you mean the 225deg in a smoker??

Surely there’s a different temp for an indoor oven that’s not producing hickory smoke…

The Bacon Explosion Exploded « hot potato hot January 28, 2009

[...] The fact that this was invented and furthermore that it got New York Times coverage just goes to show how trendy bacon is. Get the step-by-step from the creator here. [...]

Jason January 28, 2009

@Eric – Cooking in the oven is not a recommend method. I would suggest using a stovetop smoker if you don’t have access to a patio style smoker. You’ll be missing out on so much flavor if you cook it in the oven.

Kerry January 28, 2009

Jason: any comment on my rolling the sausage question a few comments up?

Kerry January 28, 2009

eric: check out Aaron’s comment, above. I didn’t count, but it’s not very far up. Maybe a couple dozen posts.

Jabari madden January 28, 2009

I’m in love, I found my true love. Bacon has officaly been stepped up a noch…how is that even possible? It’s baccon therefore, perfect.

Food Porn! « ColdHouse January 28, 2009

[...] BBQ Addict’s Bacon Explosion [...]

Jason January 28, 2009

@Kerry – I like to lay the sausage over the bacon because it helps with the sizing. I suggest doing whatever works best for you. While the pinwheel look good, is also creates little cavities that hold the sauce you drizzle over the top of the chopped bacon. If you mash all the ingredients together, then you’ll be missing out on that portion.

Amber M. McClellan January 28, 2009

Great site!! These recipes sound delicious. I will have to check back here right before game day. I found this on I’m gonna go ahead and give this one a bump up.

Whisky6 January 28, 2009

That’s too much pork for just one Spork!!!

VegasDude January 28, 2009

HOLY SPAWN OF SATAN !!!! Mmmmmm …. SINful….. =)

Took me years to “break down”, and just buy my deep fryer..
NOW, I MUST go buy a smoker !!!!!!……
BONUS – Now I got the deep fryer to batter a few slices up !!!!


jim January 28, 2009

solve the age old question sausage or bacon sauscon or bacage

Take Bacon. Add Sausage. Blog. « Is this thing on? January 28, 2009

[...] Be prepared to have your mind blown by the Bacon Explosion. [...]

Karin + Raoul » Blog Archive » BACON EXPLOSION {A DIFFERENT TAKE ON HIDE THE SAUSAGE} January 28, 2009

[...] has got to be some the of the best porn I’ve read in a long time.  If it weren’t for the weather, I’d be inviting myself [...]

Matt January 28, 2009

Great site! Now I am ready for a BBQ.

13 Super Bowl Links | Happy to be at Home January 28, 2009

[...] absolutely must stop whatever you are doing right now and check out the Bacon Explosion. [...] | Riding The Bacon Explosion Wave January 28, 2009

[...] This has been spreading like wildfire amongst the foodies and BBQ aficionados on the Internet. [...]

Take Bacon. Add Sausage. Blog. | Kill. Cook. Eat! January 28, 2009

[...] recipe is the Bacon Explosion, modestly called by its inventors “the BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes.” The instructions for [...]

The Bacon Explosion - Diesel Bombers January 28, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion This looks so good but it’ll probably kill you on the spot!! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – To Reply, Join Diesel Bombers Now Its FREE And Instant ! Johnny Cetane’s Sig:2005 Chev [...]

Roy January 28, 2009

congrats. looks like a heart attack.

The Bacon Explosion « Aide-mémoire January 28, 2009

[...] me this article from today’s NY Times…about an artery-clogging meat invention called The Bacon Explosion It’s woven bacon, wrapped around sausage, wrapped around cooked bacon…and then all [...]

DFord January 28, 2009

This is the king of all bacon foods. I can’t imagine how you would even begin to top this beyond adding more layers.

Massif Givswanathan January 28, 2009

Is there a halal version?

Food To Die For | AttentionMax January 28, 2009

[...] yet to arrive (and it will), I find it amusing that the NYTimes food department today featured the Bacon Explosion, a similar concoction which uses sausage filling instead of melted cheese. I think I’ll [...]

Allison January 28, 2009

Would this work in an oven?

Andrea Finefrock January 28, 2009

Hey, if you just can’t get enough recipes and you want to ‘see’ bacon on all of your websites just add this handy item to the beginning of all of your websites to superimpose a big fat juicy piece of bacon to remind you of your first love! (sans the health issues) Enjoy!

Mike January 28, 2009

my goodness I think my heart just skipped a beat. . . or is it trying to tell me something should I try to eat this?!

So what would you recommend for a side dish?

Bacon!!!!!!!!!! - SRT Forums - SRT4, SRT6, SRT8, SRT10 & Dodge Forum January 28, 2009

[...] my heart attack now please. Dedicated to the "Fitness people, need your help thread." Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ 2003 Red 10.5mm Wires, MP STS, MP Rice Plate Stage 1 AEM Intake 230HP [...]

Jason January 28, 2009

@Mike – One bite of the Bacon Explosion and you won’t be looking for side dishes!!!

Bacon Explosion - Perth Street Bikes January 29, 2009

[...] Explosion Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes So who’s organising the next [...]

1902 January 29, 2009

Oink Oink….boom…… Oink Oink….Boom

landoman » Movin’ On Up! January 29, 2009

[...] the meantime I’ll let a Bacon Explosion soothe my injuries! January 29, 2009 | In Muay Thai, Thailand [...]

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[...] The dish?: “Bacon Explosion.” [...]

Mein Leben als Kunde » Bacon Explosion: Fleisch mit Fleisch gefüllt January 29, 2009

[...] die Website der “New York Times” bin ich auf das Rezept für ein Gericht namens Bacon Explosion gestoßen. In den USA bereits ein Web-Phänomen. Hierzulande habe ich noch nichts darüber gelesen. [...]

Martin January 29, 2009

That is Bacon-tastic. Will have to try it.

Awesome Bacon | Super Awesome Guy January 29, 2009

[...] WOW! This makes me so hungry! I am going to have to make myself one of this as soon as I get the cholesterol clearance from my doctor. Check out the full recipe over at BBQ Addicts [...]

Larryo January 29, 2009

Ummmm…What if I use TURKEY BACON w/TURKEY ITALIAN SAUSAGE and make it a traditional holiday treat?

GAQT466 January 29, 2009

I have to try this! I don’t have the money for a smoker right now but I shall make do with the oven method for a month or two.

I’m thinking this would be great for Fat Tuesday or even a chic Sunday Brunch. I invision this pork delight atop a Belgiam waffle and served with maple syrup or perhaps a scoop or two of David Leibovitz’s Candied Bacon Ice cream.

Hackett January 29, 2009

This sounds amazing (although possibly fatal)! Does anyone have any tips for cooking it in something other than a smoker? All I have is a charcoal grill, a gas grill, and a convection oven, but would LOVE to give this recipe a shot. Any help would be much appreciated!

Veiðifélagið Motta » Blog Archive » Bacon January 29, 2009

[...] hlutir eigi jafn vel saman og Motta og karlmennska. Hann brá sér á veraldarvefinn og fann þessa glæsilegu bacon uppskrift sem ég held að sé skylda að við prófum næsta sumar. Held að ef við tökum þetta með okkur [...]

Bare Are - NRK P3 » Mmmm: bacon! January 29, 2009

[...] Sjekk denne her sier jeg bare jeg altså: bacon- explosion [...]

» The “Bacon Explosion”: 5000 Calories Of Bacon, Sausage & BBQ Sauce — Mmmmm… bacon…. Dvorak Uncensored: General interest observations and true web-log. January 29, 2009

[...] recipe is the Bacon Explosion, modestly called by its inventors “the BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes.” The instructions for [...]

Adam Weil January 29, 2009

No cheese?!?! Is it for girls?

Brian Meagher January 29, 2009

@Hackett – There’s no reason you can’t smoke this in a Weber Kettle charcoal grill.
Simply build the fire (low-med) off to one side of the kettle. Shoot for 225 degrees or so.
Don’t forget some hickory wood on the fire.
Place a drip pan on the other side, and place the bacon monster over that pan. Get the internal temp to 165 after a few hours and you’re good. Jason’s took 2.5 hours.

Good luck!

vern January 29, 2009

what…no cheese?

charlie podrebarac January 29, 2009

Hey Guys

Thanks for the Cowtown Barbecue Sauce mention.

Good luck on the show!

Jeff January 29, 2009

I have to try this. Just have to get approved for a loan first.

Anonymous January 29, 2009

[...] you like meat you should probably click HERE! « [...]

Sam January 29, 2009

Can you suggest an alternative way to make this if you don’t have a smoker? Can I alter it and do it on a BBQ over low heat, or, can I do it in the oven? Any suggestions on time and temperature?

proffate January 29, 2009

It’s just too bad that I had already planned my Super Bowl munchies (ribs, potato skins, stuffed jalapenos and nachos) before I read about this. I’ll definitely give it a try, probably with a pepper jack and grilled onion filling.

I have trouble keeping my smoker (a big ol’ boxy Brinkman) at a steady temperature. It tend to cool off to 180 degrees or so after an hour. Finishing it in the oven might be necesary.

Adam Wagner January 29, 2009

I have a torpedo smoker from Cabela’s. Would I need to use my water pan with this or just smoke it like I would jerky? I cannot wait to try this!!

Barry Wise January 29, 2009

I look forward to seeing it on the Superbowl Tailgate show and trying to make it on my own!

As 3 melhores do Paladar (29 01 09) « Armazém S.A. January 29, 2009

[...] mencionados, o Dining & Wine do New York Times e o Paladar do Estadão. O NYT fala sobre o Bacon Explosion, uma receita do blog BBQ Addicts  que virou mania nos outros blogs e sites de culinária. A [...]

Jaimo January 29, 2009

Looks great….Why isn’t there a print icon so I can print the recipe?….Come on guys work with me. Not everyone needs to ‘Dig It”, “Stumble on it”….I just want to print it.

Foobooz » Blog Archive » Bacon Explosion On Fox29 Friday AM January 29, 2009

[...] 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat that is known as the Bacon Explosion become an Internet phenomenon before Christmas and has now crossed into the main stream with its [...]

Marc - Austin January 29, 2009

I just came in my pants after reading this recipe.

JIm January 29, 2009

Have we not learned anything from our U.K. brethren. Try one like a Scotch Egg, run some hard boiled egg down the center then when your done building it, dip it in egg, roll it in breading and DEEP FRY! Of course they may have to be smaller to fry right. Doesnt really harmonize with the BBQ theme but what the hell. :) Put your Cardiologist on speed dial!

AWidow - Single women leading new lives January 29, 2009

[...] “This recipe is the Bacon Explosion, modestly called by its inventors ‘the BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes.’” [...]

Rick January 29, 2009

I am an animal rights person by nature, and I hate the killing of animals in the pursuit of glutiny like this recipe. However, I must admit I can be a hypocrite. Whenever I am at a friend’s house for a BBQ, the smell of meat cooking can drive me crazy. When I hear the meet sizzling, sometimes I go crazy and have to PIG OUT.

Mel C. January 29, 2009

Hey you awsome BBQ men of my dreams!!!
I made this for my nephew’s b-day party. One of my in-laws is JEWISH, so I made a change for them (my lovely cousin has made a culinary conversion for her jewish hubby) since they can not eat pork. I made the yummy yummy porky one for the rest of the family, but for them I exchanged the reg. italian sausage with italian TURKEY sausage, and the bacon for TURKEY bacon. I must say it turned out just as fingers biting good!!!!! It also cut down on some Cals, for those who count theirs… anyway…love you guys, keep up the AWSOME work!!!!!!

Jeremy January 29, 2009

omg i’m having a heartattack from just looking at this!

anyway, would it be possible to go one step further with this and batter it in corndog batter and deep fry? it seems like it would fall apart easily…unless you bake/broil it halfway through, take it out to cool, batter it up, and then deep fry. :)

A vegetarian’s worst nightmare. January 29, 2009

[...] feel like I don’t even need to explain. The makers call it the BBQ Sausage Recipe of All Recipes. The New York Times calls it the Bacon Explosion. I like to call it the Calorie [...]

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[...] For photos and detailed cooking instruction, check out the BBQaddicts website. [...]

Randomness » Blog Archive » A Natural Disaster of Culinary Proportions January 29, 2009

[...] if disastrous foods are out, that certainly eliminates the Bacon Explosion. Which would probably be eliminated by my cardiologist. If I had a cardiologist. Which I [...]

Web brings home the bacon (literally) - Click Here : Appeal-Democrat January 29, 2009

[...] it all together, and you get the Bacon Explosion. Oh, don’t be so health-conscious. It’s only about 5000 calories and 500 grams of [...]

Jason January 29, 2009

My boy from KC will kill me for this, and frankly I might have to help him..BUT….since I left my smoker in Arizona (to him) I suggest using a little liquid smoke in the bottom of your pan if you have to use an oven. I know, I know, its almost a mortal sin, but for those of us who are awaiting the stimulus package to afford a new smoker, the imitation will have to do…as for the cheese, smoked gouda and habeneros for those brave enough…


Leading Principles » Joys of Excess January 29, 2009

[...] sends me bacon related websites. Well, to Aaron and anyone else reading this post, try this bacon extravaganza on for size. This will be my contribution to the Superbowl party I am attending. This will be my [...]

bacon lover January 29, 2009

i betch a chuck norris created this

Hoopraker » Blog Archive » Hey Bacon Lovers! January 29, 2009

[...] contemplating making the Bacon Explosion for the Super Bowl. Tell me this doesn’t look [...]

GAQT466 January 29, 2009

Jaimo is correct. A print icon that just prints the recipe and not the 3,000 comments that follow would be a wonderful addition. :)

Shipping Off » Blog Archive » Another food experiment to try. January 29, 2009

[...] I don’t think I can say much else, other than to direct you to the BBQ Addicts website.  I’m doing a big event on the smoker on Saturday, so this about sums it up.  I give you the Bacon Explosion. [...]

MicroPhenom » Ummmmm…Bacon January 29, 2009

[...] And the proud inventors – who have never seen so much traffic at their site – can be found at [...]

JDS January 29, 2009

I can’t believe I have never seen this website before. A coworker of mine sent me this URL. I literally had a dream about the Bacosplosion and have started obsessing a little. Our deck (and grill) are covered in 3 inches of ice but I am sure they will melt off enough for Sunday and even if they don’t, screw it! I am making this thing for the super bowl!!! YEAH!

Go Stillers!

My wife is gonna kill me… But she’s gonna love this thing just the same. Thank you!!

Kerry January 29, 2009

Find the recipe without the comments here:

Dan January 29, 2009

@Kurt @Dan

We don’t claim to be the inventor of the fatty in any way. If you can provide me with the location of where we made this statement, then we’ll gladly remove it.

Yeah,,, go ahead and remove it dude.

From the NY Times:
The Bacon Explosion was born shortly before Christmas in Roeland Park, Kan., in Jason Day’s kitchen. He and Aaron Chronister, who anchor a barbecue team called Burnt Finger BBQ, were discussing a challenge from a bacon lover they received on their Twitter text-messaging service: What could the barbecuers do with bacon?

what a crock! The inventor previously invented of a bacon fatty.

Marc January 29, 2009

To Jaimo and GAQT :

Copy and print, my friends. I stumbled upon this site 3 days after it’s upload and it’s lit up my inbox every day since then. I hope the site owners make some money from the tremendous traffic they have allowed. It’s a wonderful thing.

The Unstoppable Meat & The Fats of Life | January 29, 2009

[...] I’m always in the market for sticking a clothespin on my aorta, the fattier the better. So it was to my great delight to discover this Beautiful Bacon Masterpiece. I’m making it for Super Bowl Sunday, here’s the lowdown and recipe. [...]

Cebu Pictures January 29, 2009

maybe you want to send some person in Hospital for high blood right?

Please Pass the Lipitor at Digital Chum January 29, 2009

[...] mix 2 pounds of thick-cut bacon, 2 pounds of Italian sausage, and some barbecue sauce? You get the Bacon Explosion… bacon and sausage wrapped up and barbecued for an artery-clogging feast fit for a 500-pound [...]

Josh January 29, 2009

ok. here’s a tip for all you poser fools who are trying to talk trash about this most delicious of the good lord’s creations.

get off your high horse, grow a pair, and eat some freaking bacon. real men enjoy bacon, or generally any pork product, without any thought of the physical harm that eating pork may cause and without any thoughts of remorse about how many pigs had to die in order to serve the greater purpose of man. those thoughts are harbored only by weaklings.

this recipe was designed by someone who obviously was blessed with divine influence. this might be the greatest invention of our time.

banquet manager January 29, 2009

I’m more impressed that someone thought-up this food mess than the fact it got so much traffic on the web. » Blog Archive » Bacon explosion January 29, 2009

[...] has the recipe and tutorial for this cholesterol bomb.  Two pounds of Italian sausage and two pounds of bacon, rolled up like a cinnamon roll and slow-cooked in a smoker.  It does sound tasty, and it’s not covered in French fries. [...]

BEERORKID » I am actually honored and absolutely ashamed to be notified so often January 29, 2009

[...] The bacon explosion [...]

Brian January 29, 2009

@ Jaimo – Looks great….Why isn’t there a print icon so I can print the recipe?….Come on guys work with me. Not everyone needs to ‘Dig It”, “Stumble on it”….I just want to print it.
“work with me”? Really? Do you run a blog? Do you know how hard it is just to get a great post like this together? Let alone having a CSS file that allows “printing”? Do you even know how much more work that is? “work with me”?? REALLY?

@GAQT466 – ditto!

@Kerry – why would you suggest readers go to a site that requires a login to view this recipe? (my_dot_huddle_dot_net)
Have you people not heard of copy/paste?

@Dan 01.29.09 at 7:52 pm – you don’t make any sense. Learn to quote and type.

@Marc – Kudos, my friend. It’s a no brainer. Thank you!

@ everyone else… I’m sorry, but I had to call out the guys above that just don’t get it.

This post is one of the most popular that I’ve ever seen since blogging about food and bbq.
Thank you Jason and Aaron!

Jamaal January 29, 2009

I am crying right now at this beautiful spectacle of swine. bravo bacon explosion, bravo!!!! i say!!!!!

Munchcast » Blog Archive » WHOA! Hold the presses! January 29, 2009

[...] BBQ addicts are [...]

sherifffruitfly January 29, 2009

I wants one!

Random Thoughts - Links to me January 29, 2009

[...] I love to push the limits with food.  With that, I get the opportunity to be extremely creative and channel my tastes and my passion for food into new and amazing dishes.  I also have an extreme respect for others who do the same.  Today I got sent two articles.  One was just released in the NYTimes about The Bacon Explosion.  I would link to the NY Times but I love where this article first came from.  I heard about this over month ago from BBQ Addicts.  [...]

Bacon Explosion: The Ultimate in Indulgence | Car Club Blog January 29, 2009

[...] despite the health concerns it raises, the Bacon Explosion might be just what the doctor [...]

Paul January 29, 2009

I feel sorry for the Jews and the Moslems and the Vegetarians.

They shall never know the true blessing of such a pork overload.

Delix January 29, 2009

I think I just gained 10 pounds just looking at these pictures. What kind of sick person came up with this recipe? Whoever did needs to be arrested for all the people they killed from this horrible, horrific, sickening recipe.

Kris January 30, 2009

Oh my god are you people insane! I think that I just had 3 heart attacks from looking at this picture. If you eat this you will die a horrible death, it might look tempting now, but you will never be able to get the fat and lard out of your hardend arteries, which will in turn lead to your ultimate demise.

petrer January 30, 2009


Heart attack on a plate « The Words on What… January 30, 2009

[...] by Rob on January 29, 2009 It’s called the “Bacon Explosion” and it’s the latest meme bumping its way through the food corners of the internet. [...]

Morgan Noland January 30, 2009

Jason, I’m very impressed with your creation, but I’m not suprised at all. I remember you making some good stuff on the smoker at Dad’s way in CoMO. Congrats on all the success! I can’t wait to make one of these.

Bacon² | Dan Wilson's Blog January 30, 2009

[...] by dwilson on Jan.29, 2009, under The Funny Web A new height in man’s accomplishment with bacon. [...]

Lesssss January 30, 2009

Death row here I come!!!

Bacon, Sausage and More Bacon - The Bacon Explosion | Bacon Today January 30, 2009

[...] a quick trip over to BBQ Addicts and check out the Bacon Explosion. This thing has been getting mad press coverage, too. The Kansas City Star gave this creation an [...]

The Bacon Explosion!! - January 30, 2009

[...] killer in many ways… umm umm good… I’m going to try this..anyone else like to smoke and bbq? Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ Take me to your leader my cat will know what to do from there. MCB Feedback. CC [...]

Bacon Explosion Top 2009 Superbowl Recipe | Chiropractic San Diego January 30, 2009

[...] a rolling of the whole concoction that can be cooked in a smoker, on a barbecue, or in the oven.The Bacon Explosion blog has detailed photos and instructions for preparation. Check it out. Take photos if you make [...]

BBQ Bacon Explosion Again | Stout Beaver January 30, 2009

[...] via Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes. [...]

Los Cuatro Ojos » Commit Mass Murder… Make The Bacon Explosion For All Your Friends… January 31, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion Is The Hottest Recipe Out There Thanks To These Guys And The New York [...]

Friday Memos | Create a company online January 31, 2009

[...] How a mouth-watering (or stomach-churning?) recipe – the Bacon Explosion – and Web 2.0 brought quick fame to two Kansas City barbecue experts. [US [...]

Another James January 31, 2009

This was a great reason to buy a smoker. We had to get an indoor smoker to and the recipe works great but did not take 2.5 hours. Is that a typo? Seems like a long time unless indoor smokers do it quicker at the same temps…

But had to test it out on some chicken and veggies and found a new love: the indoor smoker. Only 28 minutes for three huge marinated chicken breasts. I know it may be sacrilege for hardcore BBQ’ers but it’s winter, we have no backyard, and for $40 it replaced the George Foreman. Buh-bye.

Let’s get the ball rolling | Gold Standard Catering February 3, 2009

[...] to start out, let me talk about the Bacon Explosion. This is a new internet pheonomenon that was started by a couple of guys from a BBQ team. It has [...]

I'm Comin' Lizibeth February 4, 2009

After eating this and having my heart attack, I want to be rolled in bacon and sausage (flavored to taste) and thrown in a six foot pit.

P.S. two hours before prep. Start hickory logs so there’s a nice bed of coals.
Upon completion, I want to be slather with my favorite barbeque sauce

JDS February 4, 2009

Alrighty, so, I made it, and videographized the result. You can see that here:

YUM! It was delicious. I did do a few things wrong, but that just leaves room for me to make it again:

* Bacon I bought was delicious but VERY salty. I needed to either omit all salt from all other portions of this recipe or find a less salty bacon
* Sausage I bought was more “country breakfast” than “zesty italian” (which I would have preferred) but it was still good.
* I really shouldda used a sweeter BBQ sauce or cut the one I used with honey or similar.

Minor things. Seeyalls!

(I hope I’m allowed to post utube links here…)

Andy February 4, 2009

Finally a dish worthy of the pig!

Food of the Gods - Page 27 - INGunOwners February 4, 2009

[...] Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes This is an enormous slab! TK __________________ There are three kinds of men: The ones [...]

Barbecue is good for us. » Blog Archive » Enough Exploding Bacon! February 5, 2009

[...] stop sending me links to articles about the Bacon Explosion. It’s not like it wasn’t covered in the NY Times, for [...]

Bacon Explosion - - The Thailand Forum February 7, 2009

[...] Explosion This recipe is the Bacon Explosion, modestly called by its inventors

Tweak and Geek » Blog Archive » TG #22.5 You Can Never Get Too Much Bacon! February 7, 2009

[...] a technology related post, I learned about the most innovative thing man has ever created, the bacon sausage roll! This is the ultimate perfect food for people. [...]

The Good Wifey February 11, 2009

I made two of these beautiful beauties for my hubby to take to work on a Friday, it was a smash hit with everybody on his team save the vegan, who was disgusted. Anywhoooo, this comment goes out to all the people that needed an oven recipe…DUH! Use your heads people! Just put it in the oven at the temp stated for the smoker and cook it until the internal temp read 165 or so….then slather it with the rest of the sauce and stick it back in the oven until it’s all burned and yummy lookin….I followed the destructions as stated in the recipe and used the oven in the above mentioned fashion, and it turned out perfect!!! The bacon was wonderfully crispy crunchy and oh my yes, it was a little slice of heaven, right here in my dinky little apartment kitchen (hence I have no smoker, cuz I’m not allowed to have one on the deck, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave a good, nice smoker just sitting around down on the ground below my deck, so that one of my dipshit neighbors can steal it!) Thanks for the great recipe!

jesse February 11, 2009

just for fun, i calculated the nutritional information base upon the labels of the ingredients i used.

made with 2 pounds of thick sliced bacon, 2 lbs of spicy iltalian sausage, and grands butter milk biscuits. the final log was massive and cut into 1/16 thick slices for a burger patty. roughly a 1/4 lbs precooked patty. then placed on a buttermilk flakey biscuit.

calories 477.5
fat 30.75 (keep in mind 190 cal and 9 fat are from the biscuit)

not as bad as you’d think. so just get 16 people together, because if you don’t, you’ll have seconds, and it gets worse from there.

Aaron February 11, 2009

@Jesse – Yea, we weren’t quite sure where the NY Times came up with the calorie count, but once they printed it that’s what everyone picked up.

Another website did an official count of some sort and came to around the same count. Besides, if you eat a whole one anyway you’ve got a lot more things to worry about!

The Eclectic Mix » Blog Archive » Random linkage and other useless stuff February 11, 2009

[...] of fat…Have any of you seen the Bacon Explosion? Bacon wrapped in sausage wrapped in bacon. Then barbecued. Outside of the fact that I think I have [...]

Lisa February 11, 2009

Hey all. My crazy friend Billy Bob sent us a photo of his “Love Log” (ooh, that doesn’t sound good – that’s his term for the Bacon Explosion). It inspired me to create a VERY short tribute to the B.Ex. You can check it out at my Vimeo webpage:

Hope you enjoy it!

purposeinc February 12, 2009

I need to get myself a decent BBQ so I can make one of these dam things.

You have to be a genius to figure out how to wrap meat around meat around meat. #TWSS

I am so thrilled that everyone is talking about this, and honestly I heard about it before I knew who made it and ever since then I have wanted one.

Maybe you guys can ship these at Christmas instead of fruit cake? I’d buy one!

Keep smokin!


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Jonny Dangerously February 12, 2009

I just downloaded in my pants

The Solexist » Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes February 12, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes. [...]

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Heroes of Bacon: Burnt Finger BBQ « Everything is Better Wrapped in Bacon February 12, 2009

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Lando February 13, 2009

THIS WAS AMAZING… one thing I would advise is if you plan on eating more than one serving per night, be very light or make sure you don’t use a salty rub. When I made it I found that even if we removed the rub it would make it way better and over all you could eat more of it.

Lentils - Page 2 - YD Scuba Diving Forums February 13, 2009

[...] treat yourself to one of these instead: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Jason __________________ See for diving trip reports and the UK [...]

Bacon Explosion February 13, 2009

[...] go to [...]

Dan February 13, 2009

You make this seem like a fetish site…

Still intresting tho.

GAQT466 February 13, 2009

What do you mean make it seem like a fetish site, Dan? Just because I have this recipe listed under Porkgasm in my recipe file doesn’t mean it’s a fetish. I prefer to thinkof my love of meat, and pork in particular as more of a predilection. :D

Dan February 13, 2009

Well I didn’t know it was possible to love meat this much lol!

But I will most certainly try this recipe one day. Preferably in summer when the snow is gone. Looking forward to it!

Candace February 13, 2009

I just made this for my husband for his valentines day dinner. Yes you heard me. I am a pretty good cook so when my husband asked me to make this bacon explosion thing I was floored. However, I did what he asked and prepared it. Its a very simple recipe and I was afraid it would fall apart but it didn’t the weave kept the roll and all of its greasy goodness inside. We took pictures to of the event (for some reason he became obsessed with the bacon explosion after hearing about its popularity) and after his first bite he was in love. Not exactly the most healthy recipe i’ve tried but it did make him happy. Happy valentines day all and thanks for the great recipe.

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Brad February 14, 2009

In honor of the bicentenial of the birth of our 16th president…I give you:


We’re taking this thing to the next level! We’ll be seeing Uncle Ham come this 4th of July!

Brad February 14, 2009

Sorry the html weblink failed.

The bicentennial of our 16th President gives us:


pictures @

Guy February 15, 2009

That’s nasty.

Sammy February 15, 2009

I’ve just place one on my smoker. I’ll let you know what I think in about 3 hours.

Chris February 15, 2009

Mine’s in the oven right now. I have to wait 3 hours to taste it. This is torture. Delicious, bacon-flavored torture. :)

iamfaster » They Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Arteries February 15, 2009

[...] Bowl Sunday, 2009. An explosion of bacon. Rather than using the sausage called for in the original recipe, I substituted a meatloaf mixture of ground beef. [...]

Sammy February 15, 2009

It was Awesome!!!

Ingredient: Pork « Excess Yourself February 15, 2009

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Kim February 16, 2009

First of all – Thank you for creating something fun and exciting.

I’ve made 4 of these now (and shared with many, many people) and so far the favorite has been a breakfasty version:

-Peppered Bacon
-Jimmy Dean sausage (accept NO substitutes)
-the addition of 1/2 pound of Velveeta Mexican Mild cheese in the middle (be sure to close up the end of the roll as much as possible to prevent the cheese from running out due the tightening of the roll). I just cut slices and layed them out along with the cooked bacon in the middle. Along with some Mary B’s Butter Flavor frozen biscuits this is pretty simple and a bit of heaven.

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[...] A PR person mentioned this in a press release and I had to check it out. It’s called “Bacon explosion” and from the looks of it, has to taste awesome. If you have the patience to try this, let me know. See photos and details at [...]

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iroccamaro9 February 18, 2009

Cooked this up with a side of baby back ribs. It was pretty good, probably would be amazing with cheddar cheese.


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Lexy February 18, 2009

I would be honored if you’d check out the Vegetable Explosion, inspired by your masterpiece:

Meata America » The Bacon Explosion February 18, 2009

[...] More can be read here from the New York Times, and you can get the full recipe at the official website: [...]

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[...] I’m making that this weekend. Oh mama! And when I get home I will be making this on my smoker: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ "Well Andy, I think I’m gonna head on up to Monte Pilot to worship [...]

e-rock February 19, 2009

Gorgeous….just gorgeous. I literally just started crying thinking about all the porky goodness…

jehan February 19, 2009

for the culinarily inclined- after making the roll, pan fry it on all sides, then wrap it in puff pastry
pop in the oven @ 350 until it’s cooked through

feeding // fashionistas February 19, 2009

[...] right, it’s the taste sensation that’s been sweeping the nation! No, it’s not the Bacon Explosion or the probably deadly Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger, the likes of which have been clogging your [...]

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eric : February 20, 2009

My Video Version of your excellent Bacon Explosion on Gardenfork . Its too cold out to run my smoker, so i had to use the oven, sorry.

But watch the fun of me and the Labs enjoying bacon.

thx, eric. http://www.gardenfork. tv

KitchenMaus February 20, 2009


You might enjoy this bacon post featuring the Bacon Explosion and bacon tweets:

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[...] might support the Google translator theory, because some research has turned up a website called BBQ Addicts which does feature a recipe called Bacon Explosion.  But somehow I like the idea of [...]

SourBlaze February 20, 2009

Instead of the fried bacon pieces, I’d put some Fritos in instead. That and I would add some some green chile.

Robert L. Weiner Consulting » Using Humiliation to Fundraise February 20, 2009

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Tom February 21, 2009

This thing is just amazing!!!! Thanks!! Making one for Mardi Gras right now.

Al February 21, 2009

Got one in the smoker right now.
Trying it with ground venison and italian seasoning along with a little cracked pepper.
Let you know tomorrow.

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[...] (maybe that goes too far – an argument perhaps) declaring why it’s okay to eat cheeseburgers or bacon may not always have pleased my father, but sometimes I would believe asking him these question was [...]

Dave February 23, 2009

Made it. Make it again, maybe, maybe not.

Bacon Explosion - Stupid Questions - RenewedReflections February 24, 2009

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Kate February 24, 2009

We were quite pleased with our Bacon Explosion! In order to lower the fat content, we combined half regular sausage and half turkey sausage. It has been our experience with turkey sausage that it’s all in the seasonings and with the Bacon Explosion our experience proved true. It was outstanding! My fiance is a master weaver and when he was finished the weave looked incredible. We can’t wait to try some of the other BBQ recipes.

Gregg Schaeffer February 24, 2009

Great success with the Bacon Explosion on my very first try! I used Famous Dave’s Rib Rub, which seemed a little bland. Next time, I’ll try something spicier. I also think I used too much sausage, I wasn’t able to get the “pinwheel” effect. Not having a smoker. I put the Explosion on the gas grill, on the upper rack, at the lowest heat. After an hour, the meat thermometer read 170 degrees. Check out my pics at;l=c15a8

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Leigh February 24, 2009

I haven’t been able to get this out of my mind. We’re having a Bacon Explosion Breakfast this Saturday to try it out – slice it up and put it on biscuits. Everyone’s been excited for weeks, as have I! Thanks for posting something that is so wrong and at the same time, so right!

Danny February 24, 2009

My roommates and I just made this for our Fat Tuesday dinner, except we added cheese to it. It was absolutely delicious.

We sell Pencils! February 25, 2009

We are going to make this in our parking lot at work. Actually, probably a few. We’re a bunch of fattys.

Cody February 25, 2009

DEEP FRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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eat.breathe.bacon. February 25, 2009

sweet fancy moses. should be bronzed and but in a museum.

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Mark February 26, 2009

10% less fat than a bowl of fat.

Jacob February 26, 2009

Holy…this was highly worth the ten pigs and lifespan-years I had to use to devour this masterpiece.

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Al February 28, 2009

Well, although I really like venison it just didn’t work for me.
Must be a pork fat thing.
Using as much pig as possible makes this recipe work better.

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[...] all up to you … Bacon Explosion is dam good [...]

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Joseph A. Nagy, Jr. February 28, 2009

I am so putting this down on 3×5 index cards and into my recipe box.

mmmmm, bacon.

Ameliorations 1.0 > Oh Ye of Little (Bad) Cholesterol February 28, 2009

[...] heart-attack inducing, yet deliciously delicious, recipe that I am going on about? Why it’s the Bacon Explosion, of course. You start with thick cut bacon, add loose pork sausage, add more bacon, roll once, then [...]

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[...] but I’m very, very intrigued by the Bacon Explosion recipe that was originally posted on  I mean, here are the ingredients: 2 pounds thick cut bacon 2 pounds Italian sausage 1 jar of [...]

Raul March 1, 2009

A Muslim’s nightmare!

Knit Squids » Blog Archive » and…. go! March 1, 2009

[...] Also, HOLY CRAP, BACON. [...]

Tony Velada March 3, 2009

I first saw this on a friend’s facebook (Greg Schaeffer) and had to try it. I used ground beef instead of sausage, only because that’s what I had in the fridge. Used Rex Foods Blackening Seasoning ( and Mama Sita’s BBQ Marinade mix. Baked it until cooked, then broiled it to crisp up the bacon. Broiled it a second time after brushing Sweet Baby Ray’s.

Can’t wait to fire up the charcoal and try this for real!

Tony Velada

Wurstblog » Blog Archiv » Kalorisch inkorrekt March 4, 2009

[...] oben gezeigte Bacon Explosion (Ein Speck-Geflecht, gefüllt mit Hackfleisch und Geschnetzeltem)  ist besonders populär, [...]

Reginal Murphy March 4, 2009

Great display of technique and desire, makes me hungry looking at it.

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Fulchalin March 4, 2009

how about a pan with rack, covered in foil in the oven with a small amount of wood chips for flavor . you should be able to cook 2 side by side that way.

Jason March 4, 2009

@Fulchalin You my friend are describing a stovetop smoker. They work great, and we even used one for our bread bowl soup recipe. Enjoy!

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dino March 7, 2009

Meatlight with BBQ lube…

Bacon Anyone? or Meatloaf Can Be Good « Eating In Dallas March 7, 2009

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Raventhird March 8, 2009

Who needs salad when you can add some bacon to your sausage :D ? Great stuff indeed. I’m gonna try to make a smaller version of this. 4×4 or 3×3 bacon weave should be perfect.

Bacon Explosion - OMG YUMMIE! | djWHEAT March 8, 2009

[...] the Pro-Gaming business said that if I come down and visit him in June… then we get to make THE BACON EXPLOSION!  Ticket booked brother.  I’m so [...]

Monday, March 9, 2009 « CrossFit Rx March 8, 2009

[...] polar opposite of the bacon explosion… the GORILLA SANDWICH! Published [...]

Carolyn March 9, 2009

You can attend a webinar with the BBQ Addicts guys coming Tuesday, April 7th 2009 11:00am (PT) and learn how they did this Social Marketing phenomenon. Hosted by Marketbright ( Marketing Automation Software)

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[...] Originally Posted by bluemoonlabel make them eat a baconlog Nah, they should eat this instead Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Pam March 10, 2009

I’m glad I took the time to read the posts because my questions were answered. This will be the main attraction at our next office party, attended by a bunch of hungry aircraft mechanics. Think it might violate the healthy concept for our Air Force? Ah…who cares. It’s BACON!!!

All Things Bacon.... - Page 7 - XDTalk Forums - Your HS2000/SA-XD Information Source! March 10, 2009

[...] Not sure if anyone has posted this, but… makes me hungry everytime I think of it. Must make one one day! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

I’m Peter Lyle» Blog Archive » Say no to bacon overdose March 10, 2009

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cat fud » the vegetarian answer to the Bacon Explosion March 10, 2009

[...] there was the Bacon and Cheese Roll. Then the Bacon Explosion swept the nation, and even the New York Times wrote about [...]

Dreamland March 11, 2009

This looks like something the Butcher from Word Girl would use in an attack. I can hear him now: “Bacon exPLOsion!” and hurling about 200 of these things at Word Girl and Captain Huggy Face (the latter would eat them).

Chicken March 11, 2009

I just made the bacon explosion. I don’t have a smoker so I made it in the oven… I know… blasphemy. I did, however, make my own Kansas City style bbq sauce for the center. Also, I added 5 cloves of diced jumbo garlic to my hot Italian sausage and ground pork mixture.

I’m going to slice and vacuum seal my leftovers to use as an ingredient. The possibilities are endless– on salads, baked potatoes, pizza etc.! Today, I’m using a slice of my bacon explosion in some homemade colby-jack mac and cheese. What a nice porky-carbohydrate bomb.

Bacon anyone.... - IH8MUD Forums March 11, 2009

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Werewolf Diet » Blog Archive » 101 Backfill March 11, 2009

[...] friend’s girlfriend crafted two delicious bacon explosions — bacon rolls stuffed with sausage meat and more bacon. I put thick slices of it on rolls and [...]

al_capone_junior March 12, 2009

This recipe has made it all the way to Merry old England! Although I admittedly am an American!! Seriously tho… I’ve got a hankerin’ for some PORK PRODUCTS!!

Great Recipe!


heather March 13, 2009

alright, so i am a lover of not only bacon, bu anything that won’t eat me before i can eat it…. most recipes i am skeptical, if i don’t dismiss them right away, but i can’t wait to try this one out! what a good and simple combo.

jtb March 13, 2009

I think I just found the official soundtrack to this recipe:

Mystery of the Irish cowboy at the United Nations March 13, 2009

[...] Such an atrocity deserves categorization with other “end is near” signs, such as the Bacon Explosion, batteries for batteries and [...]

Weekly favourites (#2) March 13, 2009

[...] Bacon explosion [...]

Brian Meagher March 13, 2009

@jtb: nice find. Good theme/soundtrack for this recipe. BUT!… it’s about 7(8, 9, 10…) minutes too long!
Jeeze… must be a “loop” cuz I never got to the end of it. Sheesh.

Odette March 14, 2009

What a wonderful idea…Im a bacon fancier and yes it works well with Atkins but you cant have bread with it LOL
Also I cant understand why it has to be yukkied up with cheese and/or anything else…
its perfect just the way it IS YUMMMMM

Sonntagslinks | kaliban March 15, 2009

[...] Die spinnen, die Amis. Wer will denn diese Schinkenexplosion essen? [...]

Meg March 15, 2009

I StumbleUpon’d this, and while I gave up red meat and haven’t eaten it in a good 5 years, I’ve got to admit that I can at least appreciate this.
I’d love to try it with turkey alternatives, but it just wouldn’t be the same… :P

Letty March 15, 2009

I would really love to try this one but I’m concerned about all that fat. Once my blood pressure’s gone down, this will be a great treat! :D

Gotta love all that meat. Thanks for sharing!

IF Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge March 16, 2009

[...] you have to fill out. But wait. There’s incentive: the winner receives an already-prepared Bacon Explosion from the guys at BBQ [...]

Ryan March 16, 2009

My friend and I made 2 attempts at this. The first time, we used italian sausage and doubled the recipe just to see how far we could go. It was huge and good, but the sausage was a bit overpowering.

Last weekend, we substituted the sausage for hamburger and added sharp cheddar and american cheese inside along with the crumbled bacon. It turned out great! Each bite was like the best part of a double bacon cheeseburger.

TechSoup Blog March 16, 2009

Using Humiliation to Fundraise …

Trend or coincidence? Twice in the past week I’ve come across online fundraising campaigns in which the fundraiser promises to do something embarrassing when the goal is met. 

Last week, Holly Ross, NTEN’s Executive Director, posted a video ap…

Link Love: BBQ Addicts | No Excuses BBQ March 16, 2009

[...] fellow BBQ-Brethren (more about them later), and previously mentioned here (most notably) for the Bacon Explosion.  You’ll find a lot of recipes, BBQ instruction, and plenty o’ bacon (seems to be a [...]

OakHillSmoke March 17, 2009

Finally took the plunge and made the Bacon Bomb this past weekend. Everything went according to the directions. I did use a bit less sausage, 1 1/2 lbs., which was plenty. I am a fan of Bryons Butt Rub so I used that. I did add a thin layer of shredded cheese. I did not have any problem seperating the sausage to make the roll. I do think if you can get the size right, you don’t need to spread the sausage on the bacon and it might roll a bit easier. Other than that, the bomb went in my CookShack Smoker along with a meatloaf. Smoked for just under 3hrs to get to 165 degrees. Everyone loved it so it’s a keeper. The next morning I used a slice of it on an english muffin with a fried egg. My new version of the Egg McMuffin. Delicious.

mr_melvis March 17, 2009

By the way – you can comfort your friends who need some kind of material other than meat/protein in this creation, by adding roasted Portabello mushrooms to the dish, in place of the crumbled bacon in step #4. Cut portabellos into slices, then toss lightly with olive oil, while lightly sprinkling sea salt over them. Roast the slices on a cookie sheet for 1 hour in a 350F degree oven, occasionally moving them around on the cookie sheet during the roasting. At the end of an hour (approx – based on your oven), they will look like cooked bacon pieces, and surprisingly enough – they taste almost EXACTLY like bacon…

Josh March 17, 2009

Could you just cook this inside a grill?? Or do you need a smoker?

Aaron March 17, 2009

@Josh – if you use a grill, turn off half the burners and keep the grease drippings away from the open flame, otherwise it will catch on fire.

@mr_melvis – cool idea on the portabellos, hadn’t thought of that. Adding salt might give it a little too much though, depending on what rub you’re using.

@jbt – man, that thing lasts forever…but cool

Glad everyone likes it! Stay tuned for more bacon explosion news soon!

Why You Hate That Website : Web Watch | Web Gangsta® takes on pop culture, the web, and other interesting things …since 1994. March 17, 2009

[...] with the hopes that one day it could be turned into a book?  Just ask the people behind the BACON EXPLOSION.  They just signed a book deal worth six [...]

Guest Post: Bacon Dinner Club « Stalking Sarah March 18, 2009

[...] came the NY Times article on the Bacon Explosion. It was fate. We had to try our hand at a bevy of bacon dishes. The only thing standing in our way [...]

A Little March Madness House Cleaning March 18, 2009

[...] As the name implies, the winner of this particular group gets one of these: [...]

Mike March 19, 2009

dangit, now i wish i had a smoker to make this in :( cause i want this sooo bad!!!!

HotSauceDaily March 19, 2009

@Mike: you don’t need a smoker.
Just fire up a grill, and slow cook the chub on indirect heat. Throw on some chips, and wait for the magic! Keep the kettle or lid closed for about 1 1/2 – 2 hours and you’ll be amazed at the results. Make sure you get the internal temp right. In the mean time, tell your wife/other/self, that you NEED a Weber Smokey Mountain cooker … deals for about $190 on the ‘net.

[Tur] Ducken « Laas in the Vineyard March 19, 2009

[...] are normally stuffed with forcemeat, but meat stuffed with meat stuffed with more meat sounded too bacon explosion for me. Duck is good with sweet and earthy flavors, so I chose a prune and apple stuffing for [...]

Jason March 21, 2009

@Mike – HotSauceDaily’s advice is spot on!!! Now start working on convincing the wife that you need the proper equipment!!!

Hook a Disco Up March 22, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion [...]

arielle March 22, 2009

mmmmmmm……. that looks goods

Will March 23, 2009

Not quite of an explosion, more of a soup, but here is what I did with bacon and milk the other day. Turns out it tastes REALLY good!!

Scott March 23, 2009

If you listen closely you can actually hear your arteries hardening.

William Price March 23, 2009

I made this up a few weeks ago with some freshly hunted venison and thick cut bacon. It was amazing. My roommates went nuts.
Well done, sirs.

Andrew K March 24, 2009

Just finished making it around 2:00AM last night. Took exactly 3 hours to cook after I put it in the oven at 225 degrees near the top rack.

When I rolled it, I don’t think I used enough bacon bits in the middle because it wound up being mostly sausage, and the bottom was flat instead of completely round all the way.

But hey, I can’t complain, $16 for sausage and bacon, $4 BBQ sauce/rub, and a couple bucks for the oven bill led to a dish that I sure couldn’t get in any restaurant that I know of! If you’ll excuse me, I’ve some snacking to do

Get Your BBQ ON: BBQ Addicts and Marketbright Team Up For Webinar | Marketbright Blog March 24, 2009

[...] probably remember the Bacon Explosion phenomenon that swept across the blogosphere late last year, touting the most outrageous bacon and [...]

Eddie March 25, 2009

My sister and I did the following:

For the bacon weave, we alternated regular center-cut bacon with turkey bacon. For the filling, we used chicken Italian sausage and crumbled beef bacon in the middle. Smoked/grilled it for two hours and wound up in Bacon Explosion heaven… and my co-workers have seen the pictures and can’t believe I’m still alive. It was awesome. Thank you for the inspiration!

Eddie March 25, 2009
Bacon Fizzle « Rhetorical Christian March 25, 2009

[...] is equally foodie/chef and has an even greater sense of whimsy than I do, so when he read about the Bacon Explosion, he was determined to make it.  Our meat eating, like our politics, is just right of center, and [...]

Get Your BBQ On: Bacon-Infused Webinar Sheds Light on Social Media Marketing | Marketbright Blog March 26, 2009

[...] BRUNO, CA–(Marketwire – March 24, 2009) – Hot on the heels of the now infamous Bacon Explosion comes a Webinar to explain how the BBQ Addicts were able to create such a social media phenomenon [...]

jan March 27, 2009

wow! very great recipes…

A Healthy Snack « Blogfwends March 27, 2009

[...] Recipe for The Bacon Explosion .gallery { margin: auto; } .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } .gallery img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } [...]

Comfort Food « Out and About March 28, 2009
Ratboy March 28, 2009

Here’s a Canadian take on the Bacon Explosion.

I included Sun Dried Tomatoes, Garlic Powder, Blue Cheese but am using a slow cooker to extract the fatty goodness and maintain moisture.

Will post the results in 8 hours.

Ratboy March 28, 2009
Fleischeslust - Citronengras March 29, 2009

[...] doppelt, also quasi eingefleischtes Einfleischfleisch. Es ist so abartig. Ladies and Gents: die Bacon Explosion! [natürlich dem Wurstblog [...]

Michael Rappa March 29, 2009

Thanks for this great invention! I made a one-pound version a couple of times and it has been a big hit. I tweaked it by adding pepperoni slices to the middle.

I also made a breakfast version:;ref=nf

Mike March 29, 2009

I cooked this tonight, I substituted regular mild sausage for Italian but everything else was as the recipe – unbelievably excellent!

mr_melvis March 30, 2009

Finally made my 1st one this weekend – as good as everyone says it is (great on the GRAND biscuits!). We are going to try several variations for the inside now (still with outside bacon weave wrap):

1. Hamburger, sharp cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon
2. Ground Turkey, sage stuffing, cranberries
3. Hamburger, roasted garlic mashed potato layer, corn
4. Hamburger mixed with taco seasoning, black refried beans, chopped tomatoes/onions
5. Ground pork, prosciutto, pine nuts, Boursin herb cheese

etc. etc. etc….


Quani Morelock March 31, 2009

We have been making these on a smaller scale for a few years now. I will definitely try your version if you’d like to try mine. Fill a clean poblano pepper with cream cheese, wrap it tightly with the sausage and then the bacon weave. It adds an incredible extra layer of flavor that you won’t regret trying. For individual size “armadillo eggs” fill a pickled jalapeno with cream cheese, wrap in sausage and then the bacon. Its usually the first thing to run out at my barbeques!

Jason March 31, 2009

@Quani – Sounds like a cross between buffalo turds and scotch eggs. We’ll be giving that one a try!

HotSauceDaily March 31, 2009

@Quani Morelock – That variation sounds awesome! I’ve made 6 or 7 of these suckers now. My last version was with breakfast sausage. Yawn. Don’t bother. Stick with the Italian.
Can’t wait to try the poblanos and the smaller jalapeno versions!

Quani, do you have a website for your recipes and bbq stuff? We’d love to see it.


I'll take the pork rolled in pork with a crunchy pork center please. | Pocket-Cheese April 1, 2009

[...] I made a Bacon Explosion this past weekend and it was a rousing success.  It took 3lbs of applewood bacon, 2lbs of sausage, [...]

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon - April 1, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion just wouldn’t be the same with Squeez [...]

Quani Morelock April 2, 2009

I just made one last night using the thick sliced bacon weave and bratwurst as the sausage. I was about 2 bacon strips shy for the size so I’ll be altering the 5×5 of bacon to fit the roll next time. I tried breakfast sausage once too. It was awful and I wont do that again. My advice on the jalapeno version is to use a “cage”. The kind you use to grill med/large fish so that you can flip them. I can fit about 9 in the one that I have and it prevents the slippery suckers from ending up down in the coals! It’s big enough to not squash them too. I don’t have a site for recipes and I got here via an email from my brother. Cooking bbq is my way of conserving my light bill..LOL I dont like to have all that heat in my house in the summertime. I’m glad the weather is clearing up down here so that we can spend more time outside!

Social Media 101: Where’s the Bacon? « RVMS Blog” Marketing, Bicycles, and Marketing Bicycles April 3, 2009

[...] some guys at Barbecue Addicts in Kansas City, KS got the idea to cook themselves up a big ol’ mess of bacon. Wrapped in [...]

Chefassassin April 4, 2009

I think that you sir are well on your way to Sainthood! This dish is certainly a miracle and if you die of a heart attack i would consider you a martyr… Really though this an amazing recipe,

I am a chef and have done this recipe a few times now and fed it to the staff at my restaurant. Most recently (for the customers of the restaurant) I used a mixture of lamb shoulder, pork butt and belly that i ground coarsely and seasoned with star anise, fennel seed, cayenne etc… Spread the meat over saran wrap layered thinly sliced cured/smoked veal tongue, then a thin layer of fig port jam. Rolled that up and cooked it in a vacuum sealed bag in a thermo-circulator (hot water bath where the temperature can be controlled to the 10th of a degree). then cooled it, cold smoked it, wrapped it up in Prosciutto and then sliced it up and served it as a terrine.
All this was inspired by by your amazing recipe! Thank you

Shane April 4, 2009

After Weeks of debate we had to try this. We had to use an oven but it came out excellent. . below is the link to my pics that I posted on myspace of the process and completed project. I realized the key here is patience and LOVE. You have to love your meat!! I love mine. and DAYUM!!!! My wife was so concerned! HEHE oh well I’ll die with a pained smile on my face. Mine wound up being 4 lbs of bacon and 2 lbs of sausage. I’m waiting for the morning to dip this bad boy with syrup and eat with scrambled eggs. Damn I might be able to wait!!

MiamiFoodie April 5, 2009

Bring on the lipitor! 2 thumbs up! Perfect recipe for the killer South Beach Bod!

mmm bacon - aberdeen-music April 5, 2009

[...] bacon Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Whos up for a [...]

D April 5, 2009

As if the thought of this wasn’t savory enough, the mention of this on warm, flaky Pillsbury Grands just sent my taste buds into orbit!! UGH!!!

EckerNet.Com » Blog Archive » Deep Thoughts With Kevin April 6, 2009

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[...] recipe is the Bacon Explosion, modestly called by its inventors “the BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes.” The instructions for [...]

What I Learned At IM Spring Break « Internet Marketing Blog April 6, 2009

[...] though the hotel didn’t cook the Explosion (@BBQAddicts) right, Brian Chappell (@brianchappell) still approves of its [...]

JP April 8, 2009

I tried the recipe and they turned out awesome! I made two with mild Italian sausage and two with a homemade sausage recipe that has a lot of garlic, ginger, pepper and fresh herbs. Most of our guests preferred the ones with the homemade sausage. Great job and kudos to the Bacon Explosion creator(s)! I will be looking for even more opportunities to use a bacon weave…


Jason April 8, 2009

@JP – We’d love to try your sausage if you don’t mind sharing the recipe.

Food Porn for the Chemically Imbalanced « Beer and Skittles April 9, 2009

[...] “Bacon Explosion.” Two words that should never, ever be that close to each other. [...]

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[...] Speaking of food, SEO Sumo & Todd Malicoat were the geniuses that sponsored and made fresh Sushi on the last night of IMSB. Don’t forget the homemade Chocolate Chip cookies that Alysson Fergison (SEOAly) brought for everyone to enjoy at the conference.  Thanks to Aaron Chronister (TheMadHat) for attempting to teach the staff of the Deerfield Beach Hilton how to make a perfect Bacon Explosion. [...]

JP April 13, 2009

When I make the next batch in a couple of weeks, I will take photos and post them, along with the recipe and any how to info, on my blog, and link it here. It’s the least I can do for the developer of the Bacon Explosion!!!

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[...] the explosives that should go with that bAKcon47: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ XD9 Service Black, XD9 Subcompact x 2 Kimber Tactical Custom II AR15 [...]

best AK-47 ever, new BA-K-47 - XDTalk Forums - Your HS2000/SA-XD Information Source! April 15, 2009

[...] the explosives that should go with a bAKon47 squad Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ XD9 Service Black, XD9 Subcompact x 2 Kimber Tactical Custom II AR15 [...]

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Jed- UK April 21, 2009

I’m going to make this on the weekend… In fact, I might just walk out of the office right now, go home, fire up the BBQ and get on this RIGHT NOW!

If only Jesus knew about this at his last supper……

WavyBrainy » Bang, Bang, it’s a Bacon Explosion April 21, 2009

[...] the recession, others are going hog wild. Witness the Bacon Explosion phenomenon featured on the BBQ Addicts web site. It’s like waiting for the bomb to drop during the cold war. You can put aluminum foil over [...]

What I Learned At IM Spring Break — Superstructure April 21, 2009

[...] though the hotel didn’t cook the Bacon Explosion (@BBQAddicts) correctly, Brian Chappell (@brianchappell) still approved of its [...]

a arpoadora sperry April 21, 2009

bacon is love! bacon is harmony! bacon is all things lovin the sweet beautiful life!

a arpoadora sperry April 21, 2009

supreme bacon significance!

a arpoadora sperry April 21, 2009


Steve O'Connell April 22, 2009

A Bacon Weave Song. Funny.

april April 22, 2009

would you like your ambulance before your meal or with your meal?

Jason April 22, 2009

@April – I’ve found that it’s best to have the ambulance deliver the Bacon Explosion. Two birds, one stone!!!! :)

a arpoadora sperry April 22, 2009

we don´t need water – there is bacon grease! we don´t need air – only bacon up our noses! bacon is the shining path that leaves us to the kingsom of happiness….

Tabi April 23, 2009

I have requested this to be my only present and cake for my 21st birthday when I go back to the states. haha I hope I get what I want!! I can not make it myself, for I live in japan and that much smoke would make the japanese think there is a house fire! haha

How To Easily Create Your Own URL Shortener With WordPress April 23, 2009

[...] Chronister of Bacon Explosion and BBQ Addicts fame wrote us a kick ass function to update our tweet this button to use the [...]

Bacon Arms War Heating Up | No Excuses BBQ April 24, 2009

[...] when you thought your arteries were beginning to clear from the Bacon Explosion created by our friends over at The BBQAddicts, Smoke In Da Eye over at A BBQ Nation ups the ante [...]

eseibel April 26, 2009

I have dreamt of the ultimate bacon dish since childhood, but could never conceptualize the details to make it a reality.

Finally, thanks to the BBQ Addicts, the Bacon Explosion made last night’s dinner a dream come true. I have seen Utopia, and it is good.

Even better: Warmed up leftover BE slices for breakfast this morning. Surreal compliment to eggs over-easy and toasted french stick.

The bar has been set for all subsequest recipies.

Thanks guys.

All-Time Favorite Food! « The Gun-Carryin’ Librarian April 27, 2009

[...] Some general recipe sites: or [...]

The Daily Procrastinator » Blog Archive » Bacon, Revisited April 28, 2009

[...] that it’s my patriotic duty to remind us all that bacon is safe to eat.  And I do this with Bacon Explosion.  Go ahead, click the link.  I’ll wait. Behold, a pork [...]

Bacon Explosion April 29, 2009

Tolles Rezept!

Wir haben uns bereits auch eine Variation von Bacon Explosion erstellt, das Rezept kann gut Variert werden.

Tip top snack for all you tip top chaps. - Page 3 - Martial Arts Forums April 29, 2009

[...] Welcome the Bacon Explosion! Check out this site that explains what this is and how to make it: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ And who knows, he might could tap me. BUT I have enough confidence in my game [...]

Dave April 29, 2009

My brother, son and I made our first Bacon Explosion last Saturday for the NFL Draft. Bacon smoked BBQ heaven!!! We smoked with hickory. Never had anything like it, it’s now a tradition, thank you!

I’d like to make a Bacon Explosion using the spicy lamb sausage a local pizzeria uses as a topping, best sausage I’ve ever had, it’d be perfect.

Anyone have an idea for an alternative to the Johnsonville Mild Italian we used? A friend of mine thinks Mozzarella might be good as a bond to hold the spirals together on the plate. Anyone tried that?

Jason April 30, 2009

@Dave – Try finding a gourmet meat shop in your town. Chances are they carry some fantastic artisan sausage. In regards to cheese, just be prepared for it leak out. If you’re having trouble keep the rolling together, try to rolling as tight as possible and squeeze out all the air bubbles. A thinner layer of sausage that’s rolled over a couple times works better than a thick that’s only rolled once. Enjoy!

m1's status on Thursday, 30-Apr-09 19:27:29 UTC - April 30, 2009

[...] for #dinnerdiscussion. Hungry already? Eat this: Nice comments too [...]

Best online food recipes | A Guy In His Basement April 30, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion [...]

Dave April 30, 2009

Jason, good idea about finding a gourmet meat shop, I definitely want to make one with a spicy lamb sausage.

The roll was very tight, maybe too tight for Johnsonville sausage. The consistency of the sausage was just a little too firm which is probably why I thought of the lamb sausage which is coarser. It rolled beautifully – I meant the spiral came apart after it was cut and served. I did however mention trying Mozzarella to my brother and he said, “Don’t change a thing you idiot!” Or something to that effect. :-)

But definitely yes, a thinner layer of sausage which means either extra bacon weave, or cut the sausage down to 1 3/4 – 1 1/2 pounds.

I’ll report back after I find some lamb sausage. :-) Thanks.

Swine on the brain « May 1, 2009

[...] Onto other pork news. A friend reminded me today of the formerly-beloved Bacon Explosion. [...]

Suwat May 5, 2009

My god that looks epic! Bacon,Sausage, and BBQ sauce. What else could you ask for? My co-workers doing restaurant menu design will definitely appreciate this. Thanks!

in the summertime when … « die rektalrakete May 5, 2009
Explosión de Bacon « Ksawa May 6, 2009

[...] Receta traducida y reinventada a partir de lo catado en BBQAddicts [...]

headjoog May 6, 2009

Might as well add mine to list….wife went away for the weekend, so in the spirit of “Mythbusters” decided to give this a try. I grabbed a bag o’ hickory chips and 4 pounds of pork and went to work. This is no myth – this thing is awesome. A total surprise – great flavor and not as greasy as you might think. She won’t let me do this when she’s around because a) it fills the whole house with smoke and b) it corrupts the children. But hey – a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Check the pictures here if you like:

(Department of Child Services will likely be after me when they see my daughter giving me a hand with this.)

Joseph A Nagy Jr May 6, 2009

@headjoog: I can’t see the pictures.

Jason May 7, 2009

@headjoog – I’m having problems seeing the picture as well…but the motorcycle looks nice!

aaron c beals » Blog Archive » the state of the bacon May 7, 2009

[...] bacon explosion. Posted by aaron Filed in [...]

Ken Fisher May 7, 2009

Love the Fatty…

kj May 7, 2009

my friend stumbleuponed this and made it for a bbg. sooooooooo damn good!!!!!!!!!

Bacon Power! - May 8, 2009

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Observational Rants » New Friend for Bacon May 9, 2009

[...] but I’m sure that will change once sales take off.  This vodka would go really well with a “bacon explosion” sausage wrap.  Mmm….bacon. Author: Yeags Categories: Uncategorized Tags: Comments [...]

Sexiest tinfoil hat, ever! » BBQ Canadian Nuclear Bacon May 10, 2009

[...] by Jason over at BBQ Addicts who created the Bacon Explosion ™ (no, seriously, it’s trademarked!) – I made my own [...]

Ronsdrott May 10, 2009

Planning on vacation already? I punt no Mexico urban district looking for you? lol faith that Swine flu on be over straightway!

platdujour May 11, 2009

a contender for

PCPrays » Blog Archive » It’s About Time For A Party At My House May 11, 2009

[...] are going to have a BBQ and I’m going to make the Bacon Explosion.  I’m going to change it a little (I don’t like sausage, so I’m going to use a [...]

Hey, I could make that! - Discussion Forums US May 12, 2009

[...] you go Suzie Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

high blood May 12, 2009

Cebu Pictures you ignorant slant . learn the fine art of speaking English . As for “going to hospital for high blood” (pressure) , if you eat the whole thing or even touch it with BP issues you deserve to go to the hospital

Bacon up a storm May 12, 2009

dear god i ate two of them… am i going to die?

Jason May 12, 2009

@Bacon – No, but you might need a nap!

ImpactWatch » Blog Archive » A Scientific-ish Study of Bacon in Social Media May 12, 2009

[...] Bacon explosion – a heart-warming (burning?) recipe involving 2 pounds of bacon wrapped around 2 pounds of sausage. [...]

Meatasaurus Rex May 12, 2009

I recently lost my job thanks to this shitty economy, and I’ve been contemplating suicied. Thanks for providing me with the perfect means to end my time on this world ;-)

I have my 4 pounds of meat ready to go tomorrow, and a bag of Hickory chips for the smoker. I’ve got BBQ sauce to baste. I’m also considering a couple add ins too. I thought about Cheese, but wasnt sure how a cheese filled sausage and bacon log would do on the smoker… but I AM going to use my home made dry rub, AND, for extra baconey goodness, I am going to sprinkle the insides with some tasty Bacon Salt!

I plan on very slowly killing myself via meat overdose thanks to the Bacon Explosion, and the first item that sent me on this suicidal oddyssey, the Ham Dog. Oh yes, tomorrow will be a good day to die… errr, I mean, consume unhealthy quantities of smoked meat.

Actually, now that I think about it, being laid 0ff has given me more time to experiement with the smoker… I think it was getting lonely… I don’t want to die! NO, I must LIVE to eat, nay, to FEAST upon bacon filled smoked meaty goodness! I will consume this food of the gods and become immortal!

Thank you, That is all.

Dave May 13, 2009

I didn’t even get to see a motorcycle picture! So in the spirit of the guy that tried to post pictures, here’s our first Bacon Explosion from NFL draft day. As previously mentioned the next BE will be with lamb sausage. I decided to make the lamb sausage myself figuring on what it needs and I’ll post that sausage recipe and how it turned out after we embark on BE2.

Meanwhile, this is two weeks ago:

NileGuide: Meat Lover on a Business Trip…Well Done May 14, 2009

[...] Bob whips up a veggie omelet…Kidding!  Bob’s running late, so he grabs some left over Bacon Explosion from last nights barbecue to scarf in the car. Never leave home without [...]

One Penny Sheet » Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes May 15, 2009

[...] via Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes. [...]

aj May 15, 2009

Don’t tell me, you’ll then order a Diet Coke to ensure you dont over do it.

Whoever eats this was probably over qualified as a contestant for the “Biggest Loser”

This is the most offensive thing I’ve seen on a table.

Hogleg May 15, 2009

We made our first one the weekend of the NFL draft with italian sausage, Neuskes bacon, italian snausage and an italian 7 cheese blend in the middle. We used Bone Suckin’ rub and BBQ sauce. Placed it in the torpedo smoker for 3 hours and, after it cooled, we threw it in the fridge. The next morning with the 8 of us a little…umm..dehydrated, we sliced her up and fried it with eggs. Needless to say, it didn’t last for more than a tenth of the time it took to prepare, but it was so worth it. Not sure what to try next, but thanks to all who posted recipies. I’ll probably just pick one and try it. Hard to go wrong with bacon.

Hey aj, what possibly possessed you to post on this blog? I assume you’ve never had sausage and bacon for breakfast? There is no difference except that your breakfast meats are fried. I think I’ll make you one and send it to you.

Пресата» Blog Archive » "Nothing Good Has Come From the Internet, Period." [Overheard] May 15, 2009

[...] Period.” That bit of insight is from Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton, who clearly has not seen the Bacon Explosion. [WWD via [...]

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[...] Period.” That bit of insight is from Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton, who clearly has not seen the Bacon Explosion. [WWD via [...]

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[...] The day before Bay To Breakers,  Martin and Mary Ann had their joint birthday.  We took the “Green” theme to heart and dressed up as the Planeteers from the show Captain Planet.  I believe I was the Asian girl, power of…water! The Planeteers with the birthday boy and girl Just The Planeteers Martin’s favorite drink: The B-52 with Absinthe brought from the Czech republic (on fire of course) Unfortunately we were not able to cook Martin’s Bacon Explosion [...]

30th Birthday Barbeque | May 17, 2009

[...] kettle. After all, I bought 2 Boston Butts (totaling over 10 pounds), 2 chickens and was making a Bacon Explosion as well. Luckily, when I got home from work on Friday, my amazing wife surprised me with a [...]

PetePete May 18, 2009

First off this sounds unbelievably delicious. I can’t wait to try it out! I was wondering, could I cook this in my crockpot (slow-cooker)? I sometimes make pulled pork in the crockpot which turns out pretty well, but I wasn’t sure about this recipe. Thanks!

A Scientific-ish Study of Bacon in Social Media May 18, 2009

[...] Bacon explosion – a heart-warming (burning?) recipe involving 2 pounds of bacon wrapped around 2 pounds of sausage. [...]

Jason May 18, 2009

@PetePete – I wouldn’t recommend cooking in a crockpot because the rendered grease from the bacon will pool in the bottom and prevent the outside layer from crisping up. For now…your best best for indoor cooking is to use a stove top smoker, or bake it on a raised rack sitting on a cookie sheet.

what is your favorite food? - Page 2 - VolNation May 20, 2009

[...] Originally Posted by hmanvolfan How about a steak between two slabs of bacon, ie steak on bacon sandwich? how about the Bacon Explosion? Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Thoughts On Bacon « Rants of the Uninformed May 20, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion, the brainchild of the guys over at, is kind of like a lettuce wrap except with every single ingredient replaced with some sort of pork [...]

Mark M May 22, 2009

That is what i am going to have with me when I start the first tailgate of the year. I am not only going to do this wonderful recipe I am going to post about it on Sportsroids. This is the first time i have seen this site, and I can guarantee if you keep up work like this, it won’t be my last visit. Your like a bacon prophet! I LOVE BBQ!

Waltman May 22, 2009

Seeing as how it is the beginning of a long Memorial Day weekend here in the States, I hereby plan to serve one of these up w/ side of baked beans and a diet Coke to my guests! Long live the Pig- until he gets fat enough!

Pairing Beer with your Memorial Day BBQ | Top Fermented May 23, 2009

[...] A Bacon Explosion [...]

skipro3 May 23, 2009

My wife heard me oohing and ahhhing over my computer and came out to see what it was I was looking at. When she saw this temptress, she told me she preferred if I viewed porn than this little piggy. Ha!

Home Cookin’: The Burger Explosion « burgatory May 23, 2009

[...] Cookin’: The Burger Explosion More than a little hat tip to the gents over at BBQ Addicts whose invention, the “Bacon Explosion,” was the creative jumping off point for this [...]

Who doesn’t like the taste of bacon? « How delightful May 24, 2009

[...] I’ve been fascinated by the bacon renaissance of the last couple years – the classic cured pork product has inspired new creations by gourmets and doughnut makers alike. Possibly the most awful contemporary recipe I’ve found is this so-called ‘bacon explosion.’ [...]

Chris Jones May 25, 2009

In the making as we speak. Added a little cheese to the center. Ill let everyone know how it turns out!

Jenny May 25, 2009

My husband wanted to tell you how awesome this turned out, but after finishing half of it we had to rush him to ER due to heart stoppage. More for me!

PCPrays − Roger’s Bacon Explosion May 27, 2009

[...] we are having a girl.  And I made the Bacon Explosion.  But I did it a little differntly from how they had it.  I did not use Sausage as the filler.  Instead I used rib meat that we pulled apart.  So I [...]

Bacon Explosion. « The Hanging Pig May 27, 2009

[...] big media outlets, have been referenced on 16,000 blogs, and has 810 comments on the BBQ Addicts website. This is very simple to do, all you need is about 5lbs of pork in various states, some good BBQ [...]

Barefoot Barbecue in Seaside - SoWal Beaches Forum May 27, 2009

[...] is totally understandable. I plan on cooking this thing sometime soon. Anyone want to join me? Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes I’m thinking some Cream of Tums soup will probably be in order following this artery clogging [...]

Justin Sanderfer May 29, 2009

WE MADE THIS. Oh my goodness, if you just follow the steps above IN THEIR ENTIRETY you will be fine and this WILL be perfect! It was so freaking good, I made two versions: one with the BBQ sauce (and I kept brushing sauce on it as it cooked too, so it was agood thick layer ont he outside caramelizing) and one without sauce, insert cheese and onion in the middle. Both were fantastic, great all by themselves or in a sandwhich. Thanks for posting this, and try it with Bakon Vodka!!

terryinokc May 31, 2009

My grandad lived to be 98 and ate bacon his whole life, every day! grandma fried everything in good ole hog lard, and he would have LOVED this. I’ll make it in honor of him. thank you.

Ken C. May 31, 2009

Finally, I’ve had this recipe since Dec/08. For my 50th B-day I finally did it up. OUT

Charles June 3, 2009

*Tearing up* It’s the best of both worlds!

Episode #1: A heart attack waiting to happen, do you have to diet forever and a big weight loss lesson about Adaptive Thermogenesis | Fighting Fat For America June 4, 2009

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baconite June 5, 2009

made the explosion for super bowl sunday and it was a big hit! now i get request’s to make it every party i throw!

Jason June 5, 2009

@baconite – Once people have a taste of the explosion, they always come back for more!!! Glad to hear it’s made you the neighborhood hero!!! :)

Scary Combinations | No Excuses BBQ June 5, 2009

[...] mini bacon explosion knock off was inspired by both the original Bacon Explosion and some miniature versions that have shown up lately.   I didn’t feel like defrosting any [...]

Watch Free Movies June 7, 2009

Wow I must say this really is a Bacon Explosion of the highest kind! The finished product looks small enough to eat. Pure heart attack food but SO I don’t care, that’s what I’m having for my breakfast one day! Hahahaha

Beyond Linkbait: Getting Authoritative Online Mentions - SES Toronto Day 1 | Search Engine People | Toronto June 8, 2009

[...] emotions – humour, fear, lust (did you see that nude acai berry wrestling match video?) hunger (the Big Bacon Explosion phenomenon) and many others. The underlying principle of a linkbait is to provide really [...]

Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes :: The IndyScan Blog June 9, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Richard June 10, 2009

Truly inspirational, and my family thoroughly enjoyed it, next time I will add some more onion and cheese to the filling and add a slightly hotter sauce.

Lilguy June 10, 2009

I JUST TOOK ONE LOOK AND MY HEART SAID, “YOU GONNA DIE, FOOL”!! I told my heart “yeah, but what a way to go”. I am drooling on my key board, how embarrassing. I gotta try this just once, and needless to say, I may not share it. ;)

The Bacon Explosion « Larry Clow June 10, 2009

[...] Jump to Comments Yes, it’s true: I, along with my BBQ associate Mike, summoned The Bacon Explosion from beyond the realms of human understanding and lived to tell the entire greasy, smoky, delicious [...]

Jessica June 10, 2009

Maybe it is just my pregnancy hormones, but that made me sick on my stomach looking at it…

A Descriptive Record of the Tatar Invasion of Muslim lands - Ibn al-Atheer - LI Islamic Forum June 10, 2009

[...] Originally Posted by Gossamer skye I ask you then to join us unto Ramadan (month of fast) this year, you might like the show of togetherness which to me at least seems international — you can also sample (in pictures) how it is observed in various regions (get some good recipes too if we’re lucky).. all the best I have a great recipe here on this link, since I was asked for a recipe. Keep in mind that I know that pork is verboten–this man is using pork, but I make this with turkey bacon and turkey sausage, always bought kosher, which I understand is the same as halal. This is great stuff–again, I do not condone the eating of pork, which I refrain from not because of my religious convictions, but because the pig is a filthy animal. But this is simply decadent. [...]

gservan June 11, 2009

my goodness, I haven’t even read what this page is saying and my mouth is already watery from the pictures! man, it looks good!

Meat Dress « Jon and Alyssa are Awesome June 12, 2009

[...] the internet in the past year or so, you’ve heard of the cult of bacon.  There’s the bacon explosion, chicken fried bacon, bacon with chocolate in it, and even a bacon bra (you can Google that one [...]

Gourmet, I always forget the U « Throwing Cake Around June 12, 2009

[...] article of the moment: The Gross Food Movement. A few months back the Bacon Explosion took the nation by storm, and I loved being on the early end of discovery. One friends BBQ love [...]

The Infamous Bacon Cheese Roll June 13, 2009

[...] recipe: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes I have yet to make this one but my teens want me to. __________________ Rich Brown [...]

Bacon Explosion – 12 Essential Tips | Scott "Social Media" Allen June 13, 2009

[...] I finally made the infamous Bacon Explosion, and it was excellent. I pretty much followed the original recipe, but in the process I learned a few things that aren’t covered in the original post, and that I [...]

Internet Marketing Guru June 14, 2009

WOW, I’ve been thinking about this recipe for several months now. Today I have the time and I’m going for it!

I saw a couple of other posts that had cheese in the center of it and a bit of veggies, I may try that.

anyhow, it’s cooking today and I’ll post with some pictures in about 5 hours! CYA

What I Learned At IM Spring Break | June 14, 2009

[...] though the hotel didn’t cook the Bacon Explosion (@BBQAddicts) correctly, Brian Chappell (@brianchappell) still approved of its [...]

Beyond Linkbait: Getting Authoritative Online Mentions - SES Toronto Day 1 | June 14, 2009

[...] emotions – humour, fear, lust (did you see that nude acai berry wrestling match video?) hunger (the Big Bacon Explosion phenomenon) and many others. The underlying principle of a linkbait is to provide really [...]

Jody June 15, 2009

So full of win and pork I’m just not sure what to do with myself….

Mark Pearson June 15, 2009

Cooked this up a few weeks back in a smoker for about 4 hours on a visit to Texas. A little disappointed with the BBQ sauce addition at the end – would have been fun to have it a little crispy on the outside. Almost embarrassed to say that it was really, really, really good! A heart attack in every bite.

Rachel June 15, 2009

I have to make this in advance, is there a best way to re-heat it?

Jason June 15, 2009

@Rachel – I always prefer to reheat on a grill, but you could always pop in the oven until it reaches an internal temperature of 150 degrees. Just be sure to set it on a raised rack resting on a cookie sheet. That way the Bacon Explosion isn’t sitting in the extra grease that cooks out. | Fleischeslust #01 - Halber Hahn June 15, 2009

[...] Finale gedenke ich, die Grillsaison 2010 in einer handelsüblichen Berliner Grünanlage mit der Bacon Explosion [via] zu eröffnen. Anregungen und insbesondere Einladungen für weitere Episoden werden in den [...]

AG · June 15, 2009

[...] initial Bacon Explosion recipe set the standard – however as a “Wellington”, xenophobia got the better of us, [...]

optimering June 17, 2009

This looks awesome :D

:]ack June 17, 2009

You forgot to sprinkle the bacon bits… amateurs.

Aaron June 17, 2009

@jack – I guess you missed the part that said sprinkle the crumbled bacon….

Do You Cook for You or Your Girl? | Endless Simmer - A Food Blog June 18, 2009

[...] facade?  Is there something so gay about a couple of bros bonding over a bacon explosion? Or a pine nut crusted tomato tart, for that [...]

Bacon Hummus | WV Gourmet June 18, 2009

[...] sure that you’re thinking this is some sort of over the top, profane concoction where an excessive amount of bacon is thrown into the food processor with chickpeas to form some [...]

At LEast You'll Die With A Smile On Your Face - INGunOwners June 19, 2009

[...] Unforgiveable!!! __________________ "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear [...]

This year, make Father’s Day Porktastic « Welcome to Porktastic June 19, 2009

[...] Feed him this pork-on-pork masterpiece…a beautiful barbequed brick of bacon and Italian sausage known as “Bacon Explosion”. Need we say more? [...]

Tyeee June 20, 2009

Oh my gosh the drool is building up in my mouth i wish i could one day have this *drools*

Ceege June 20, 2009

I did up a Bacon Explosion for Father’s Day weekend and it was a smash hit. Following the advice on the message board, I added cheese to the middle. I used a chipotle BBQ sauce, Steve Raichlen’s all-purpose BBQ rub and mild Italian sausage. Next time I will probably switch to Camp 31 BBQ sauce and hot Italian sausage for some extra zing.

Awesome recipe! Keep up the franken-BBQing!

H-Man | Sammelsurium 21.6.09 June 21, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Nine Pounds of Death Sausage | NaughtySpawn June 21, 2009

[...] this is where the fun begins. Taking some inspiration from the infamous bacon explosion I spread out the ground beef, layered the country sausage on top, then made a bacon weave on top of [...]

bacon implosion | The Perfect Barbecue June 23, 2009

[...] Addicts have a huge hiton their hands. They did a fatty stuffed with bacon and called itthe “BaconExplosion“. Explode it did, getting [...]

JOSH June 23, 2009

We made one of these last weekend! It turned out great! I still feel my cholesterol rising!

Oh Baby! June 24, 2009

Oh…Yeah! Todd London’s gonna love this sucker on Friday June 26th!! I’ve got my defibulator on the deck and ready. It’s a byop…bring your own paddles event!

Mccomb June 24, 2009

Here’s what you do. Layer pepper jack cheese down over the weave, then stuff the sausauge with jalapenos and slather some southern style hot sauce on that. For the fried bacon in the middle, combine the bacon, some BBQ sauce, seasoning, and half the bacon fat from the pan. Then roll it up as follows and drizzle the other half of the bacon fat atop the ready-to-smoke meat brick and let ‘er ride. This came out excellent.

Jim June 25, 2009

Paging John Madden, paging John Madden. I believe we’ve found the missing ingredient for Turducken. Stuff this thing in the chicken and it’s a whole new game.

Bacon Explosion. | The Hanging Pig June 25, 2009

[...] big media outlets, have been referenced on 16,000 blogs, and has 810 comments on the BBQ Addicts website. This is very simple to do, all you need is about 5lbs of pork in various states, some good BBQ [...]

Grey Sells June 26, 2009

This is a fav recipe of politicians; it’s loaded with pork.

Bubba HoTep June 28, 2009

The link was sent to me, by a fellow bbq addict. I immediatly went to the local pork shop, Dubai has limited pig parts availble, and paid through my spinchter for the right to buy cook and eat pork in a muslim country. For what you could build and cook in the USA for about 15 to 20 dollars, I spent almost 200. But you know what? It was worth it. I of course had to buy italian sausages and de-case them, but soaking them in Gentlemen Jack for a day helped, and the healthy dose of cajun spices. The bacon roll was devoured, one hundred percent, and all the drippings were sopped up with anything edible and on hand..

Running Man Blog » Chub-off Day 13/14 Recap – Ted June 29, 2009

[...] Saturday was a complete wash out, since I spent the evening with a couple of friends eating Bacon Explosion and drinking beer. Sunday I redeemed myself as I rode my stationary bike 48 minutes and did a [...]

JCT Kitchen Goes Bacon On Food Network Tonight At 9:30 | Atlanta Restaurant Reviews | Atlanta Food Blogs | Dining in Atlanta June 30, 2009

[...] by meekly”]  While I’m not really a huge fan of JCT and yes, I’m over the whole bacon craze, it’s nice when any local restaurant gets national attention.  For all you homebodies, [...]

mike July 1, 2009

i’m using venison sausage and i’m going to add cheddar cheese to the sausage. i hope it’s going to be as magical as my dream

Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes - This Cat Can Cook! July 2, 2009

[...] – Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes. [...]

Bubba HoTep July 2, 2009

I have a new twist, some toasted provolone in the center… Oh My Gawd!!
Since you cant smoke cheeses outside of a smoke house, try making a little aluminium boat and put a small wheel of provolone in it. Be careful to not burn it on the grill, just get a good brown scab cover. Then finish off your explosion with some toasty prov in the middle..

Thanksgiving and Christmas in July : The Orange Room July 3, 2009

[...] concoction. We waited with baited breath for hours while this thing roasted away (a bacon explosion helped pass the time), and just before we left for Christmas in July Adam and I got the first bites [...]

My Summer Goal « The Life and Times of Art Factora July 3, 2009

[...] summer goal is to create the BBQ recipe that has taken the world by storm.  I first discovered the Bacon Explosion while prepping for the radio show back in March.  It was developed by a couple of BBQ enthusiasts [...]

El Supremo July 3, 2009

Right now, I have three trimmed brisket flats and four racks of baby backs in the smoker. When those are done in about 2.5 more hours, I am putting in four beer can chickens… and my first bacon explosion. Instead of Italian sausage, I am using some duck, goose and feral hog sausage that was made at Fischer’s Meat Market in Muenster, Texas.

This is going to be epic.

Carmen July 3, 2009

Haha, I’m making this right now. I hope the neighbors are jealous, because the breeze is carrying the most amazing delicious smell away from the BBQ. Happy 4th!

America! « The Echo Chamber Blog July 4, 2009

[...] super fly Kate Moss x Craig McDean snaps from the March ‘08 issue of Vogue UK, and a cot damn Bacon Explosion!  You can’t ask for much [...]

Captain Cardiac July 4, 2009

wow… this is like the second coming of the aporkalypse. love it!

Tiffany July 5, 2009

Thanks so much guys! Your easy to follow recipe was a hit this 4th of July! We made our own sesoning and used organic bbq sauce and it was fabulous! It is a lot better if you use sausage and bacon without MSG or nitrates or nitrites! As natural and bacony as it could get!

NorthBayBill July 5, 2009

I made this today and the outside bacon weave turned out fantastic. I think the Italian Sausage overwhelmed the inner bacon though. So next time, I’m going to use breakfast sausage and use another 1/2 pound of bacon, crumble it up and mix it together like a meat loaf.

I’m going to eating this bad boy all week. And hey, why does my left arm hurt all of a sudden?

arielle July 5, 2009

My brother-in-law made it tonight…
it made my lungs collapse.

but seriously, it was crazy. Tasted great, but never again.

Bubba HoTep July 6, 2009

I have purchased a whole tube bologna. I am going to hollow out the center 2 inches. Into this void I will put toasted provolone and cripsy smoked bacon soaken in Tennessee Whiskey BBQ sauce. Then I am going to put the magic bacon weave to it and make it squeal until it is cripsy on the outside. I have had Oklahoma style BBQ’ed bologna before and I am betting this will be a step up…

crodog23 July 6, 2009

Just stumbled upon this site. I am so amazed that this was created. I can’t wait to b part of this fine fraternity. Long live the bacon prince

GAQT466 July 6, 2009

Bubba HoTep Please do not desecrate the natural pork goodnesss of the Bacon Explosion by adding Bologna!!

Fkrny July 7, 2009

wow greats

Sommer, Sonne, Bacon Explosion! - R-Blog July 7, 2009

[...] das ganze von Statten geht, kann mit dieserAnleitung nachgemacht und genossen [...]

R.B. Jenkins July 7, 2009

Just made this for the 4th of July celebration in Texas!!! Amazing dish; take care not to let the health department know you’re building this and keep your distance during the actual cooking process. You can actually feel your arteries clog! My next attempt will be a healthy version, I’ll add mushrooms and onopns in the middle.
This will surely become a great weapon against muslim extremist after they finish outlawing our guns and ammo.

Ed Hurley July 9, 2009

Does this come Kosher? - Corvette Z06 Forum - Junkman's "Dagwood Pizza" Mod! July 9, 2009

[...] to make one of these. I wish we had a Bob Evans around here. I want to make one of these too : Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ 2002 EB Z06, NCM Member, LTPWS, K&N, CAGS eliminator, CLB, DRM brake [...] - Corvette Z06 Forum - Junkman's "Dagwood Pizza" Mod! July 9, 2009

[...] to make one of these. I wish we had a Bob Evans around here. I want to make one of these too : Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Damn, that don’t look have bad either [...]

DJ July 10, 2009

Lol..this is delish…love bacon! Oddly enough, my daughter sliced some a little thinner and put it on a pizza she made…and it was YUMMY too….Thanks so much for this recipe.

Kim Randall July 10, 2009

ummm this is what people eat for their last meal. It doesnt even look good

Gary Otterson MSTR BBQR July 10, 2009

Wow, it’s the best. with just the right amount of bacon, we all think so anyway. We took pictures and fully documented the process, and just looking at the pics makes me hungry all over again. My mind is working on all sorts of variations using Elk, Venison, Bison, and other meats of less then normal use. Cheers to clogged arteries.

Valerie July 11, 2009

Some layered onions would make this double heavenly.

Mark July 11, 2009

WOW!!! Don’t look wifey, but I’m goin’ for this!!!

The Marocharim Experiment » Blog Archive » Lenten Bacon July 12, 2009

[...] sexy beast above is the Bacon Explosion: 5000 heart attack-inducing calories of pure, unadulterated delicious.  Two pounds of bacon, two [...]

Mark Stanley July 12, 2009

looks awesome, I’ll have to try it…..although it also looks like a heart attack waiting to happen

Grant July 12, 2009

i feel bad for all the jews, muslums, and vegeterirans who can’t taste this beef masterpeice.

Grant July 12, 2009

my tastebuds have exploded when i tasted this pork masterpiece

Rezept Bacon Explosion: Fleisch-Torpedo mit Fleisch gefüllt « Stefan Winterbauer July 13, 2009

[...] die Website der “New York Times” bin ich auf das Rezept für ein Gericht namens Bacon Explosion gestoßen. In den USA bereits ein Web’n’Grill-Phänomen. Hierzulande habe ich noch nichts [...]

Sad Face July 13, 2009

Not that great. And DEFINITELY not worth the clogged arteries and crappy feeling you get after eating it.

Marc July 13, 2009

“Sad Face” obviously did not make or eat this. I made one for the Fourth and it was heavenly. Served it on a Kaiser Roll with marinated, grilled peppers and onions. Better than I had imagined.

chris obrien July 13, 2009


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This is Why You’re Fat: The Original Bacon Explosion July 15, 2009

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dave July 15, 2009

it is very good. made a couple for the Super Bowl. It was a sinful pleasure for all who attended. Now this weekend I return to the smoker, pork woven tight, some with jalopeno’s some with cheese. For the non pork inclined we’ll be smoking up salmon as well. keep up the good work…erp…

Ryan Vanlooy July 16, 2009

Thank god for the bacon exsplosion and swine flu scare we now have to share less bacon

SB Quotes - Page 40 - Zune Boards July 17, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Good grief… __________________ [...]

Bacon Beginnings « The Baconchef Blog July 17, 2009

[...] Is this normal, or is that just what happens when you end up owning a half-dozen bacon-related shirts, own and enjoy baconaisse or constantly subjecting your friends to internet recipes like a take on the now-infamous Bacon Explosion? [...]

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[...] instant heart attack: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes  function fbs_click() [...]

Ben July 17, 2009


It is a widely known fact that vegetarian is an old Native American word for “Poor Hunter”! You dumb fucking vegans, don’t you realize that humans eating meat is what helped us evolved from living in trees, to the infancy of space exploration. Why, because the fat from the meat they were eating made human brains grow bigger. Notice there were no Vegans on Star Trek, that’s because 400 years from now, us meat eaters will be exploring the galaxy, and your dumb asses will have died off, God I love evolution.

@the greater of this recipe.

I am going to try this soon, cuz it sounds fucking awesome. I am willing to bet the smell of this on the grill is just too much. With any luck, this is what we’ll be cooking the day humans make first contact. Till then it’ll satiate that need, that primal desire for pork. The hamburger idea sounded good too, maybe one could bast it with beef stock while it’s in the smoker, so the beef doesn’t dry out. You could use a turkey baster for this I’m willing to bet.

Ben July 17, 2009

Or maybe an injector syringe to inject the beef stock into the beef.

Hogleg July 18, 2009

OMG! Didn’t you know that advanced societies are all veggies? They are so evolved they don’t need protein. They also listen to michael jackson every day.

The Bacon Vodka Experiment « Refractional Darkness July 19, 2009

[...] been going around over the last year or two. (with the possible exception of Contagion’s Bacon Explosion… damn that thing was good), and I wasn’t real sure about bacon flavored alcohol… [...]

The Bacon Explosion is Amazing! - ShoeMoney® July 19, 2009

[...] you have not heard of the Bacon Explosion by now you must be on another planet. The recipe has been featured on CNN and Good Morning America [...]

Juxtaposed July 19, 2009

Tube of love.

The Bacon Explosion is Amazing! | July 19, 2009

[...] you have not heard of the Bacon Explosion by now you must be on another planet. The recipe has been featured on CNN and Good Morning America [...]

More bacon! | Gazette Online July 20, 2009

[...] of http://www.bbqaddicts.comToday, on the food page of GazetteOnline is another story about the Bacon Explosion. It looks delicious, but this part of the story is what scares me away from trying to make [...]

Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Preview « The Unfiltered Ramblings of a DVR Addict July 21, 2009

[...] Tek (New York, 27, Line Cook) thinks every dish should include bacon.  I wonder if she has ever had a Bacon Explosion. [...]

Michael Hopkins July 21, 2009

Hey Guy’s it’s on the grill right now. I will let you know tonight.
Mike H.
Kokomo, Indiana

The Bacon Explosion | The Captains Memos July 24, 2009

[...] If you’re a true grill master, try this out. var addthis_pub = ‘Sulley’; var addthis_language = ‘en’;var addthis_options = ‘email, favorites, digg, delicious, myspace, google, facebook, twitter, live, stumbleupon, more’; You might like these related memos:The 4889 Calorie Burger [...]

BACON! « Grins, grunts…and the occasional rant July 24, 2009 - Just some internet site » Review of the Bacon Explosion July 24, 2009
Grotesk mat 2 « Link-helvete July 26, 2009

[...] , Mat/Matlaging Legg igjen en kommentar Mange har kanskje hørt om The Bacon Explosion: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes (Man fletter sammen baconstrimler og lager et flatt “teppe”, og tar kjøttdeig/pølse [...]

Diet_Man July 26, 2009

Looks like someone here earlier stated, “a wrapped in heartattack”. looks tasty but I couldn’t possibly try it.
since I eat to little and suddenly eat that ><

oldfolkie July 26, 2009

Can you get this with cheese,,,,,
and a side order of sour cream and butter?

Leon July 26, 2009

The vegans will not admit to this but: Vegetarin diets from birth produce shorter adult heights and boys with smaller penuis. Please pass the Bacon. You can share the fatty with your friends and not eat the whole thing. A little of everything is good for you. We enjoy the Bacon Explosoin for what it is, would eat it every day if we could, but lets get real this is treat food to be used at celebrations.

QuestionDude July 27, 2009

Michael Hopkins July 21, 2009

Hey Guy’s it’s on the grill right now. I will let you know tonight.
Mike H.
Kokomo, Indiana
Never got answer from that guy, I suppose he suffered a heartattack after all ><

ode to bacon « divulgences from the depths of new york July 27, 2009

[...] My favorite part is the weaving of the bacon. Now this glorious substance is a craft project. [...]

Frenchy July 27, 2009

what on earth….. all that bacon can not be physicaly good for the body…all that could clog your ateries and end up killing you…dont get me wrong bacon is good, but to much of anything is very bad….if you order that you should order for like 2-3 people with healthier food on the side. That is just a axadent waiting to happen…… Just keep that in mind.

kittyOnDreams July 27, 2009

I dont think that it could be that bad for you! it looks good and might be the most delicious thing you have ever eaten. And besides if it was bad for you there would be a giant worning “DO NOT EAT FOOD, CAUSES PROBLEMS!” so i dont think we have anything to really worry about.

Jason July 27, 2009

@Frenchy – A full Bacon Explosion actually contains 10-12 servings, so you can invite over a whole horde of friends to enjoy it with!!!

Fatpickle: Football Makes Everything Better | General Sports Blog July 27, 2009

[...] season. I think Velveeta was invented specifically for the NFL season. It gives us all a reason to eat bad foods because that’s what you do during football games. It just [...]

Randomness July 28, 2009

There’s no warning sign on many food products since it’s food. I mean u can eat 20 packages of butter but I aint saying that’s a good idea. unless u want a heartattack ofc.

That thing looks big enough for a whole family (around 4ppl).
I mean sure something can be good for u in reasonable amounts. but that one is a ticking bomb.

Randomness July 28, 2009

oh forgot to add: I’d go with what Jason just said when I think about it. better with some veggies on the side along with it than taking the risk. that’s my advice.

Ben July 30, 2009

Made this, don’t think I put enough sauce in the middle, but it still tasted awesome.

Dominic DeStefano July 30, 2009

I’ve made this on 4 separate occasions!
Frigin’ delicious!
The last time I went ahead and added cheddar cheese to the center spiral.
This little ingredient addition is also a wonderful WONDERFUL change.
Be careful what cheese you use, as cheddar tends to sweat ALOT!

David August 2, 2009

death in a roll. must be american. no wonder they have one of, if not the highest obesity rate in the world.. =.=”

Bubba HoTep August 2, 2009

David, basically fuck off and die, slowly and painfully.. when this culinary delight is done right, most of the killer grease has dripped away, leaving behind the best tasting dead pig you will ever put through your pie hole.

Bubba HoTep August 2, 2009

I made two new ones when I was at home in the States a week ago. While shopping in Wally Martinez (Wal-Mart) I stumbles across prepared Red Chorizo in the meat case. Replacing the Italian with Chorizo was a stroke of genius.. I always cook two, so the second experiment was mild (not the sweet) Italian stuffed with boiled and deveined shrimp coated in Tony’s.. Can you spell YUMMY?

David August 3, 2009

Haha, I knew I was going to see some sort of reaction like Bubba’s one coming.. You see Bubba, I would fuck off and die, but I would have to eat that death in a roll thing in order to do so. May I ask, how big are you Bubba? As big as the artist Bubba Sparxx? Because if you are then damn, the whole world has an earthquake coming their way. Oh yeah, i can spell YUMMY. However, I’m surprised that YOU can. Anyway, everybody check this out, it shows what all that fat does to your head..

Bubba HoTep August 3, 2009

David, are you asking my size or my weight, this depending on your slant, in either case you are still repectfully requested to FOAD. One would be stupid to eat something like this everyday. However, the equation Food=Life and Good Food = Grease still holds true.

David August 3, 2009

Im just responding the same way people would respond to me, but yeah nothing personal so no disrespect. The last two sentences of your comment, I fully agree on and respect.. Its just comments from other people saying that they “will eat this bad boy all week,” which really made me say what I said the first time round. But yeah, we all good Bubba?

Bubba HoTep August 3, 2009

David, I live and work in the Middle East. I would love to cook one every week, but with the price of Pork in muslim countries, and the quantity of nitrates used to preserve it, restricts the urge to smoke and eat. What I bought for 21 dollars at Wally Martinez and made two, I pay 70 US dollars for the ingredients for one here. And they have never heard of Chorizo….or Rub..or the parts to put one together..

Fresch Fisch August 3, 2009

I’m making one this weekend.

One bacon explosion is equal to smoking a carton of cigarettes.

Jason Katzwinkel August 3, 2009

I’ve tried my own version of this. It wasn’t nearly as elegant as the article above, but it was damn fine. I encourage anybody to give this recipe a try with any number of liberal interpretations. It seems you can’t go wrong.

Anybody who is unwilling to bring a Bacon Explosion into his or her life is robbing themselves of a sublime experience.

SK_eye August 5, 2009

Hahaha this stuff is way good but its like solidified fat. Eat it and weep. We made and ate for my human bio class. My teacher figured it out and if you cut it into about ten pieces i think it was, its 10,000 calories a slice! Excellent… You do that math. What is the whole log worth?

Wagtube August 5, 2009

SK, you are way off. the Explosion is 5000 calories. So cut into 10 peices you are off by 9500 calories/slice. 500 calories a slice is nothing to worry about. If you’re worried, you could put some lettuce on it, and use wheat bread. 10,000 calrories! That’s an entire meal for Michael Phelps which includes…well, a TON of food. LMAO!

Aaron August 6, 2009

@SK – LOL. You need to stop paying attention to your bio teacher. It’s more like this:

506 calories
43.5 g fat
15 g saturated fat
82 mg cholesterol
15 g protein
13 g carbohydrate
1263 mg sodium

Source WebMD:

Here is a list of things that contain more calories than 2 or 3 slices of a Bacon Explosion:

White Castle Chocolate Shake – Large (Louisville region): 1680
Nathan’s Fish N Chips: 1537
Carl’s Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger: 1520
Hardee’s Monster Thickburger: 1420
Dairy Queen Large Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard: 1320
Hardee’s Double Bacon Cheese Thickburger: 1300
Dairy Queen Large Chocolate Malt: 1300
Nathan’s Chicken Tender Platter: 1300
Jack In The Box OREO Cookie Ice Cream Shake (24oz): 1290
Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket (6 piece): 1270
Hardee’s Double Thickburger: 1250
Burger King Triple Whopper Sandwich With Cheese: 1230
Jack In The Box Chocolate Ice Cream Shake (24oz): 1230
White Castle Chocolate Shake – Large (New Jersey region): 1230
Hardee’s Big Country Breakfast Platter – Breaded Pork Chop: 1220
Jack In The Box Strawberry Ice Cream Shake (24oz): 1220
Jack In The Box Egg Nog Shake (24oz): 1210
Nathan’s French Fries (Super Size): 1188
White Castle Vanilla Shake – Large (New Jersey region): 1180
Del Taco Macho Beef Burrito: 1170

Not that it’s completely healthy, but it’s an Atkins diet miracle. And live a little or something. If it’s good then it’s good for you :)

Maryanne August 6, 2009

I only read about 1/2 the comments on this, so forgive me if this has already been mentioned. I am thinking that this would be a great breakfast food too. Instead of the rub & bbq sauce use a little maple syrup drizzled in the middle. Use Maple bacon and breakfast sausage. My mouth is watering just thinking about that! YUM!

Wagtube August 6, 2009

If you get that to work, make sure you post your masterpiece here. It sounds amazing. Make sure you use some maple or apple wood,that is, if you smoke or grill it. I’m thinking a honey, syrup, cinnamon “BBQ” with the ingredients you mentioned would be unreal. Nice work. Has anyone tried this?
4 timer at this writing.

Bearings - A Southern Lifestyle Brief August 7, 2009

[...] Quickly becoming an internet sensation, you can find the recipe details and glorious photos on the creator’s website, appropriately named BBQ Addicts. We will forewarn you, this creation is not for the weak of heart. [...]

Matt August 9, 2009

Polished one off with honey. Came out great. Syrup was actually mentioned as alternative in between chewing and wiping delicious grease off our chins with our forearms. Syrup would be a great opposite to the saltiness (think chocolate & pretzels).

Didn’t have a smoker for this. Top grill rack, aluminum foil shield at 225 for 1 hour, (2) 15 minute sessions on bottom rack with basting and honey drizzle.

Strongly suggest proper placement of the torpedo on the correct bacon seam. Otherwise, butcher string is needed as I discovered about 30 minutes in.

Delicious. Has already been requested to become a staple at all tailgates.

heart2heart August 10, 2009

Tasty and also helping to fund advanced degrees for cardiologist’s kids.

GOOD_AND_BAD August 10, 2009

I think yr both right and wrong.

it can be good for an example as breakfast as one said. since u’ll burn it off all day and wont get that hungry for long afterwards either cuz of the amount of fat. and I’m not talking about eating the whole fucking things as breakfast more like 1/5 at most. and that is if U are fucking starving.
otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it at all. cuz it’s not the kinda food u eat a few hours b4 u go to bed really unless u wanna go up in weight or want a weaker heart. but most of u are smart enough to realize that one :D

Reverand Dave August 10, 2009

Blessings on you my child, For you have brought to this man a gift greater than untold wealth. I am a devout porkaholic. I can now die in peace with the knowledge that porkalogy has grown to great heights.

Bubba HoTep August 11, 2009

Last weekend, I made some homemade pork chorizo, stuffed it with homemade beef chorizo, marinated in Jack Daniels. Woven bacon and Grub Rubbed. For the girls I made one a little less sporty, lamb mince mixed with ground pork loin and a center made of portobello shrooms sauteed in semsame oil and filled with motzorella and cheddar.

Sweet William August 11, 2009

For all you real players out there this needs a healthy helping of extra sharp cheddar and then cooked on a Smoker type BBQ (I use a traeger) then and only then can you truly appreciate the caveman in yourself GROINK……

Daniel August 12, 2009

Can’t wait to try it!!!! Yummmmmmyy! Must go good with Wine or beer !

David August 14, 2009

Tried this a couple weeks ago, took about 2 hours and 15 minutes on medium low on the BBQ, it turned out amazing. I’ll definitely building another. I am just trying to figure out what other spices I can put in the roll now.

Viva La Bacon!!!

News Notebook » Blog Archive » Drool alert: Smoking bacon explosion on the grill (video) August 15, 2009

[...] learn more about the bacon explosion, and for tips and variations, see the BBQ Addicts site. var addthis_pub = ‘siouxcityjournal’; var addthis_brand = ‘News Notebook’;var [...]

This is why you're fat! - Gamingforce Interactive Forums August 15, 2009

[...] (permalink) of 3 Bacon Explosion I dunno if it would cause me to be fat or dead… or both but I would sure love to find out. (I’d [...]

Jon August 16, 2009

Making this for the third time this weekend… came across another recipe for this and am planning to add onions, green peppers and a bit of cheese. I will report back with the results.

bobby August 17, 2009

hey,i just found this bbq-site today and i feld in love with that bacon-explosion.i will starting to make one very,very soon.but:
question 1:do i putt the coat of sauce on the entire surface before i putt it on the bbq or when it come off and still hot as hell?
question 2:is honey a good idea for a coating or is this over the top?
p.s.:nice looking site,great foto’s,well done 10/10
greetings from Belgium,Europe.

Jason August 17, 2009

@bobby – Glaze the Bacon Explosion with sauce after you take it off the grill, or during the last 5-10 minutes of cooking. Honey works great as well, especially if you’re serving on warm biscuits!!!

bobby August 17, 2009

@jason-thank you for the quick respons & tip!!
bless you :)

DORK August 18, 2009


100 Ways to Use a Stick of Bacon | Endless Simmer - A Food Blog August 18, 2009

[...] [...]

Charlie August 18, 2009

Mine is on the grill as I write this. Am taking it to work to test on the crew.

Monet' August 18, 2009

These are awesome.. I have made a few.. I also made one with scrambeled eggs and cheese in the middle.. and one with a meatlof mixture.. you could even make a taco meat and taco stuffings inside.. :) ..

Have fun with them.. !

Margaret August 19, 2009

Now, with banner sausage for breakfast…there you might have something.

Janice August 21, 2009

I would recommend checking into the hospital, climbing into a hospital bed and having an IV already started BEFORE eating this.

Y’a de ces dimanches… « La belle et le bête August 23, 2009

[...] pis le Ramadan a débuté hier. J’vais en profiter pour faire ça pour souper ce soir en pensant au chauffeur de tapis volant de mon école et tous les autres [...]

Mike Grant August 23, 2009

Mmmmm maybe I’ll give this a drive!! Moving this week and will be having BBQ capability!

Karen August 23, 2009

We made this last night for the end of summer bash. In our version, though we used pretty hefty bacon slices, the 2 lbs of sausage was just too much and completely overwhelmed the the bacon flavor. We’ll use less next time. And since this was a huge hit, it will be made again. Serve the sliced piece in between toasted hamburger buns, better than hamburgers any day!

Glamis...*The Official MEET*!!! - Page 56 - Polaris RZR Forum - RZR August 23, 2009

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Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes « Technoprimitive 3 August 23, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Donna aka MOM August 24, 2009

I am making this next weekend ohhhhhh Ilike the idea of making it in a hamburger bun mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…
Thank The Lord For Bacon

g3n's status on Monday, 24-Aug-09 22:06:06 UTC - August 24, 2009

[...] really want to try this though .. its potentially Disgusting [...]

Recipe: The Bacon Explosion | Southern Food Guy August 25, 2009

[...] that involves 2 pounds of bacon, a grill, and BBQ sauce can’t be bad. Head on over to the Recipe at BBQ Addicts to learn how to make your own bacon explosion. Tags: [...]

alan August 25, 2009

yes but is it kosher?

Curt August 25, 2009

BACONNNNNNNNNNNNNN That just looks incredible, just sign me up and get my hospital room ready.

dannyjames_1 August 26, 2009

This preparation is strictly reserved for a tailgate party in the parking lot at the cardiology wing of THE MAYO CLINIC!!! MMMMMM — GOOOD!!!!!!

The “Pork Explosion”, Traeger style | Cory Pratt's Blog August 27, 2009

[...] for a going away surprise, a couple of us guys at work decided to make the famed Bacon Explosion, but with pulled pork inside rather than the bacon.  Jesse smoked up some pork tenderloin for 6 [...]

Leonk August 27, 2009

Am I in Eden?? this seems heavenly!! oh man so much Bacon…..

Jacob Cloer August 28, 2009

I will be making my first Bacon Explosion tomorrow. I have noticed that mostly women and effeminate men do not think that they would like this. That’s fine. Let them eat their salads and quiches. We may die before them, but at least we will die happy.

Dilbert Dilweg August 28, 2009

This is the bomb! Incredible!

August Cookout : The Orange Room August 30, 2009

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Tactical Bacon? - INGunOwners August 31, 2009

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In Love August 31, 2009

Where have you been all my life?

Erin August 31, 2009

Oh god.

I just got my tongue pierced the other day and for the next couple weeks can’t really eat any solid foods. I plan on making this THE SECOND I am okay with eating solids again! Yummmm.

Glamis...*The Official MEET*!!! - Page 100 - Polaris RZR Forum - RZR September 1, 2009

[...] Glamis…*The Official MEET*!!! Quote: Originally Posted by 1slomofo Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Whos in?!? Quote: Originally Posted by friedman72 Who was the member that was posting [...]

Beth September 1, 2009

I don’t have a smoker … what’s the best way to cook this on a gas grill? I’m assuming indirect heat until internal temp is over 150. Can’t wait to make this for a Labor Day bbq! bacon …. yummmmmmmm

Aaron September 2, 2009

Hi Beth. You can cook it on the grill. Keep the temp low until it hits 160 internal. Make sure it’s indirect heat and I would advise putting a pan to catch the grease drippings or you might end up with an explosion on fire!

Bacon Explosion - Scuba Forum - Scuba Diving Forums and Discussion Board September 2, 2009

[...] 2 pounds Italian sausage 1 jar of your favorite barbeque sauce 1 jar of your favorite barbeque rub Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Attached [...]

Calsascerne September 3, 2009

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Eric September 3, 2009

The thing about bacon is that it just makes you thirsty……….for more bacon.

Bill September 3, 2009

My girlfriend told me she was going to leave me if I made this. I’m gonna miss her….

Talk about Whatever Thread - Page 297 - 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum September 3, 2009

[...] i want one of those if you guys dont know what that is then you guys need read this Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

BBurton September 4, 2009

I say wrap it in a tortilla with some lettuce, sour cream, and cheese and chow down… maybe some chipotle tabasco.

Brian September 4, 2009

I heard you guys on the Johnny Dare show and I think he summed it up the best…Bacon the porn of meat.

Rico September 4, 2009

Sinful! Very sinful!
But very, very delicious!

Turnabout is Fair Play September 6, 2009

Ah sweet goodness.. I WILL be ordering a full log on 9/11 quite literally. I WILL make sure I have a Lipitor IV going before I start eating this.. If I must die, I will die happy. I can’t help but tear up in anticipation.. :-)

Turnabout is Fair Play September 6, 2009

Replace one pound of the sausage with a pound of shredded cheddar cheese..oh sweet Lord.. :-)

Mike September 8, 2009

I made this on Sunday and it was a huge success. No casualties to report either. We added Jalapeno’s and generous portions of blue cheese to the sausage before rolling it up and basted it with Jamaica Hell Fire Sauce before the final layer of BBQ sauce. It was outrageously good.

i bring to you BACON lovers... - Tampa Forums September 10, 2009

[...] and man oh man its a heart attack waiting to happen with 8000 calories… but its worth it… Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes i bring to you the bacon explosion… 2 lbs of bacon 2lbs of sausage what could be better!? if [...]

Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale by Curt « GamedayEats Blog September 11, 2009

[...] was the first Gameday Saturday for College Football, we were smoking up the Bacon Explosion and watching some football.  It was time for a beer, I slowly opened the fridge and checked out a [...]

Sundark September 11, 2009

How many people died from eating that?

Gabe September 12, 2009

I think my mind just blew its load. I bookmarked this bacon madness so I can show off this delicious morsel during football season. My smoker is already licking its chops. Well done Jason, I can’t wait for your next concoction.

Louise Scofield September 12, 2009

Finally the perfect breakfast cereal!!!!!

lolwut September 14, 2009

HAHAHA that is the coolest thing EVER

Turnabout is Fair Play September 14, 2009

Mike September 8, 2009
I made this on Sunday and it was a huge success. No casualties to report either. We added Jalapeno’s and generous portions of blue cheese to the sausage before rolling it up and basted it with Jamaica Hell Fire Sauce before the final layer of BBQ sauce. It was outrageously good.

Mike, what kind of blue cheese did you use, what brand and with or without blue cheese chunks? I might have to do that with my next one. :-)

FermatsEnigma September 16, 2009

I added Red Yeast Rice to the rub. Cuts cholesterol as you eat. :)

Imalmraiple September 16, 2009

compose more!

Cowcharge September 16, 2009

Seems to cry out for some sort of maple syrup coating…

Overheard conversation between two young Jewish ladies:
Lady #1: You know, it’s not hard to stay away from pork, except for bacon.
Lady #2: Is it as good as it smells?
Lady #1: OMG, it’s better!

Homer: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Lisa, honey, are you saying you’re never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
Lisa: No. Homer: Ham? Lisa: No. Homer: Pork chops?
Lisa: Dad! Those all come from the same animal!
Homer: [Chuckles] Yeah, right Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.

Cyberman September 17, 2009

Have you ever seen somebody lick the chutney spoon in an Indian Restaurant and put it back? This would never have happened under the Tories.

manyote September 17, 2009

Do you think it’d be ok to crush up a few lipitors and sprinkle them on the inside? Ouch! I believe I just felt a little bit of a chest pain coming on. But that’s ok because there ain’t no round trips and I haven’t lived yet until I try one of these bad boys on my smoker. Great that the NFL just started the new season. Thanx!

alwayscookin September 18, 2009

I made this for my hubby who is a meat and meat kinda man, I used a pork tenderloin, then added the sausage and bacon OMG was it good, I don’t care for bacon but I have to tell you I went back for seconds and starved myself for the rest of the week due to the calorie in take :)

ramon September 20, 2009

this is evil, i like!

Was RP hated before WoW came out? - Page 4 - September 23, 2009

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Thread successfully derailed. The above is a link to a recipe of a bacon sausage loaf. Try it…it may make your heart stop…but what a way to go. [...]

PETA September 23, 2009

You have won…we will pack up and go home

Peanut September 23, 2009

this bacon rap thing has got to have like…..20,000
calories in it :( but it looks so good and maybe 1,000
cals. per serving. Am i right

peeter September 23, 2009

i no im on a diet & want 2 eat it so bad
:( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Aaron September 23, 2009

More like 400 per serving. It’s not as bad as half the stuff on any fast food menu

the south September 24, 2009

I deep fry mine

William Johnson September 25, 2009

Of course the danger here is why stop at sausage and bacon. Why not throw in some pepperoni? Or how about a bit of swiss cheese? Or go a little Elvis and instead of pork sausage, use ground beef, then add a layer of spiced peanut butter to the beef before rolling it up. The possibilities are endless!

perry September 27, 2009

The bacon explosion looks absolutely wonderful. Sad thing is my wife put me on a diet and now I may never know.

Houston September 27, 2009

Has anyone tried stringing the BE with butcher string and deep frying like a fried turkey?

Tanya September 29, 2009

I made this over the weekend for Football Sunday. The guys loved it. I agree with previous comment on the sausage overwhelming the bacon flavor. Maybe 1.5 lbs of sausage next time and some nice cheese in with the crumbled bacon. Id say TRY IT if only to discover the beauty of the “bacon weave” for other recipes…maybe pork tenderloin wrapped in the weave. YUMMY!!

Jim CT September 29, 2009

I am testing my variation on this recipe, code-named the “Ahmadinejad”. Replacing crisp bacon inside with crisp thin sliced beef and adding smoked cheddar to melt and smother. It makes it the second-least kosher thing on the planet, under Iran’s dope of a leader.

JR September 29, 2009

I made one of these, hollowed out the middle. It’s now my new girlfriend. SOOOOOO yummy.

JR September 29, 2009

If your tongue has healed from the piercing, respond to me with your number. You can be my new girlfriend and we can share the bacon explosion together ;-)

Tdawg September 29, 2009

Theres only 1 thing that can make this nearly perfect meal better………CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! And lots of it.

BaconMan September 30, 2009

There is far too much complaining about the quantity of sausage used…Come on people! I made one and minced up some garlic and fresh green onions and put it in the sausage roll along with some sharp cheddar! Delicious all the way to the end! Enjoy fellow Bacon-ites!

paul September 30, 2009

can not be sold or consumed in minnesota

Mick October 6, 2009

I just saw a TV programme about the bacon explosion and I had too google it. OMG! This is meat eater’s paradise! ;)

sof October 6, 2009

yummy! at first, i thought: “hmmm… bit greasy isn’t it?” but then i realized it’s grilled, so that a lot of fat goes away while cooking… now i realised that, i just hate the fact i’m living in a small appartement without BBQ… :S life’s hard :D i’d love to try it!

half dead guy October 6, 2009

I think I’m now 3/4 dead guy.

Juli October 6, 2009

Tried to put hubby where he belongs with this recipe, but didn’t work. and I still love him. Still the end product was FANTISTIC. It has become a twice monthly fix. Thank you

frank October 7, 2009

I have made at least 10 of these on the smoker for our football Sunday parties. I use my own rubs and sauce mixes. We like our food spicy so these mixes do add another dimension to the recipe. The key is in the rolling. Have used both hot and mild sausage meat. I remember the first time we had these at our Sunday party, made two and were gone in less than an hour.

ShyGuy October 7, 2009

I really like how crusty the bacon looks after cooking on the grill. Someday I will make one of these for myself.

bajakelly October 8, 2009

Waiting for the defibrillater to come in the mail before I try this. But going to try it nonetheless. Me like piggy. mmm

SLW4REW October 11, 2009

OMG!!! i am going to have to give birth to one of those monsters very soon i thinks.

Jocko October 12, 2009

What a marvelous piece of meat. Looked like a rubic’s’ cube, but tasty nonetheless. However, the meal was not complete until I topped it off with a piece of chocolate coconut cream cheesecake – with sprinkles of grated lipitor.

SassaFrass88 October 13, 2009

You all need to do your homework on animal fat. It does not clog arteries. This is an old ‘wives-tale’ generated in the late 70′s, early 80′s. One that the USDA is not willing to spend money on properly researching and applying to changing their beloved food pyramid.

Eat animal fat. It’s the sugar that calcifies the plaque in your arteries!

Eat bacon and all the red meat you want! Down with the low-fat craze!

Mike Greer October 14, 2009

This is an amazing treat. You think it will taste really, really good -and it actually tastes even better than you imagine. My buddies and I have nicknamed it “A Synergy of Pork.”

Michael October 15, 2009

Three slices later I feel like a million bucks!!!!

Streaks October 15, 2009

This looks great! Get me some beer and I’m good to go. Tho, please don’t disgrace this wonderment with stinky cheese!!

Oliver October 15, 2009

i bite my monitor x.x

Alfred October 16, 2009

Cooked one for a bachelor party last month. Had to buy a coal-water smoker. Never owned/operated a smoker before and I overdid the research and overthought all the complications that could arise. Ultimately I went to Home Depot bought the cheapest smoker they had, the Brinkmann smoke and grill free standing R2D2 looking thing. Bought hickory chunks and kingsford coals. You can pour a little marinade into the water tray that sits above the coals for a little extra kick to the explosion. This project had an added difficulty rating because the bachelor party began in the morning, and I had a midnight Moby concert the night before. I actually did not light the smoker until 3AM. So I drank and smoked, tended the coals and water dish, read neomarxist texts, and drank and continued to smoke, from 3 to 6:30 AM. I had to go a little longer because you have to really fight to keep the heat up on a Brinkmann, but it is worth the results… when done right you get the product as pictured or better.

Rick October 17, 2009

Friend turned me onto this (Ryan). Keeps asking when I’m going to make it. Well today I made it and now I’m not sure if I can share it Too damn good!!

Wagtube October 17, 2009

I’m thinking using ground beef mixed with habaneros and a good mexican cheese mix served with sour cream and salsa. I’ve made 4 of the original recipie, and I’d like something new. Don’t get me wrong, the 4 that I’ve made have been devoured with extreme prejudice, but deer camp is coming up, so I’d like to try a second flavor. Any advice?

Andre October 18, 2009

Wagtube, you’re right on track. Was at TX-OU game and this guy took this but stuffed it with cheese, onions, and jalapenos. After slicing it, he corn tortillas on one rack of the smoker and would put a slice on the tortilla along with a dab of sour cream and salsa. I quit at 5 because I didn’t want to appear a hog! Ridiculous how good it was for breakfast!

Emilie October 19, 2009

It’s on the BBQ! I’m so excited! I’m using Memphis Blue’s BBQ (Vancouver/Kelowna BC) rub and sauce so it’ll be more Canadian but I also used double smoked boar bacon and Spolumbo’s sausage so fingers crossed because it’s like twice as expensive as regular explosion. I’ll let you all know how it is in about two hours!

Emilie October 20, 2009

IT WAS SO AWESOME! use good shit when you make this! it’s worth the time and expense to gather the ingredients! I’m a chick who lives with 4 guys and we had 16 ppl for dinner. everyone who had some said it was awesome. I’m so proud of myself!

Vic October 22, 2009

Why is there NO CHEESE in this thing? WTF???!!!

The Bacon Explosion - INGunOwners October 27, 2009

[...] The Bacon Explosion 2 pounds thick cut bacon 2 pounds Italian sausage 1 jar of your favorite barbeque sauce 1 jar of your favorite barbeque rub The pics say it all. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Alex K October 28, 2009

For grins… I did a weight watchers add of points to this. The total (varies with what you use somewhat) was 240 points. That is a huge amount of calories. But… say server 20 pieces of it… only 12 points or 40 pieces… 6 points.

I went the extreme and plan to try a version of this using turkey bacon and Boca sasuage. That brings it down to 109 points total. 20 pieces = 5 points!

It would be an interesting taste test to do one of each and perhaps one made with 1 pound of each.

Awesome guys… I will grill/roast it sometime!

Mike October 30, 2009

WOW- might shove turkey in this and serv it for Thanksgiving

Am I Evil BCN October 30, 2009

This should be force fed to the Guantanamo detainees………..

V November 1, 2009

Forget turkey stuffing, this is what I’m stuffing inside that bird.

MIKE November 5, 2009

This is AWESOME!

I Cannot wait to try this – However, i have already begun to change this up a bit. This needs heat!

This Needs Peppers. Explosion? oh yes. How about a layer of blanched peeld pablano peppers in between the cooked bacon and the italain sausage layer and then on top of the cooked broken back thin sliced jalapeno’s ( I have dried seasoned habanero dust that I make that I could put on mine.

This BBQ chef has seen the light and your awesome recipie has given me great ideas.

If I wore a hat I’d take it off for you sir!!!

Marc November 6, 2009

Mike, you might share the recipe for seasoned habanero dust. That sounds like it has my name written on it.

tailgater November 7, 2009

I’m gonna make this for a tailgate party tomorrow. Good thing I work in a cardiac cath lab so I’ll know right where to go for my angioplasty. i think one of the cardiologists is stopping by so i’m all set. Cant wait!!!

Deana November 9, 2009

Heaven on earth. I could NEVER have a pig as a pet.

MN Chat Thread.... - Page 161 - 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum November 11, 2009

[...] for the holidays.. bacon recipies bacon explosion Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes turbacducken Turbaconducken (Turducken Wrapped in Bacon)|Bacon [...]

Zetti November 12, 2009

As a licensed Food Sanitation Manager, I need to weigh-in on the proper internal temperatures for cooking meat. The FDA recommends a minimum internal temperature of 145 for all whole cuts of meat (beef, lamb, pork, veal, fish) with the exception of poultry. Since most food borne illness is transferred by bacteria on the surface of meat, when the interior reaches 145, the exterior is probably more than 200 degrees, so any bacteria on the surface is killed. This is not true for ground meat, such as sausage. Because the grinding process transfers the exterior to the interior, any bacteria that was on the surface would then be incorporated in the interior, requiring a higher recommended cooking temperature. That’s why people are dying on a regular basis from eating improperly cooked hamburgers. The recommended minimum internal temperature for ground meat is 155. BTW- Trichinosis is extremely rare in 2009 with about a dozen cases reported in the U.S. each year as compared to 80 million cases of food borne illness. Most of these are from farm raised or wild pigs. Reason for that is, in 2009 the life expectancy of your average pig is about 9 months, which is not enough time for the Trichina worm to make its way from the pig’s hoof to the internal flesh. BTW- the Trichina worm is actually killed at 132 or -35. Aside from all that- what a fuckin’ recipe! I’ve had constant wood since viewing it. Better than viagra. Can’t wait to spring this one on my unsuspecting Super Bowl crew.

MN Chat Thread.... - Page 162 - 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum November 12, 2009

[...] Posted by wannabfast just for the holidays.. bacon recipies bacon explosion Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes turbacducken Turbaconducken (Turducken Wrapped in Bacon)|Bacon Today [...]

Rosielu November 12, 2009

I have just put one of these together and it is cooking as I type. I made it for my husband to take to deer camp tomorrow. Wish I could be there to see the response when they all dig in. I guess I should have made a miniature one for myself, as the aroma is filling the air as it cooks, and is making my mouth water. I think I may just do that as I bought extra ingredients. Gotta go make it, which my husband will most likely help me eat it.(He won’t be able to wait until camp)

Jason November 12, 2009

@Rosielu – We’ve had lots of reports of people taking Bacon Explosion on hunting trips. Now we’ll just have to try the venison version once the trips are done!!!

baconkiller November 13, 2009

Bacon Artery Explosion. At least you’ll go with a smile on your face.

T man hutch November 17, 2009

R u serious? This is the greatest invention since……..f$#@%n ever!!!! I am making some tomorrow. Then maybe a cardiologist appt.

Karen November 18, 2009

As soon as we get our house finished, I will make this bad boy for our house warming…..Yummmmmmmmmm

Armand November 20, 2009

I don’t know why… but my muslim friends didn’t appreciate this wonderful delicacy ?_!

Off Topic Thread - Page 6622 - Honda Forum / Acura Forum - November 20, 2009

[...] daily breakfast Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ What kind of Work Wheel is this?!?! Original Pencil Pusher Thread.. never [...]

Brady November 20, 2009

Love the recipe, have one on the smoker now. I’m drooling waiting for it to get done. I read the majority of the messages, and I’m dying to try some of the breakfast recipes.
I ended up switching the Italian sausage out for ground pork. I also use onions, garlic, sharp cheddar, and KC masterpiece bbq sauce in the roll. I’ll add jalapenos next time!

Here are a few pics from my first attempt:

The small roll had a pound of mild Italian sausage, and the bigger roll had a pound of mild and a pound of hot Italian sausage… These are great on a Kaiser roll.

Nate November 20, 2009

Is this Kosher approved?

SCHITTY November 22, 2009

OMG….i just got done rolling my first BACON EXPLOSION !!!! I of course did not use the same meats… I added ‘ PEPPERONNI ; HAM ; MONTERY JACK CHEESE ; AND CHEEDAR .. 5 lbs bacon 4 lbs of itailian sausage .. had to roll it length ways cuz it would of been way to big. About 5 inches tall. I had to make an addition of woven bacon to the original to make it perfect.Im using a TREAGOR grill. Love my treagor. Im expecting it to take 5 or 6 hours at 225. Im going to sit here and drink until its done , then give my liver a break and work on my heart to explode. gonna be a good weekend. i will post pics later.

Ron November 23, 2009

Forget GITMO and water boarding … feed them this!!!

Jen November 24, 2009

OMG!!!….I am so gonna make this. BACON should a it’s own food group….it’s so DELICIOUS!!!

Jackie November 28, 2009

OMG that looks sooooooo yummy!!!!!

i cant wait to try it this weekend!

Wagtube November 29, 2009

Deer camp ’09. I made two of these for my hunting buddies on a torpedo smoker. One of them was the classic Eyetalian snausage recipie. The second was with ground beef filled with habaneros and thai peppers, crushed red pepper and cayanne. They were both brilliant and fit the different tastes of my boys. I used hardwood charcoal, and one packet of hickory. I used a healthy helping of cheeses in each, but I think smoking kills it. Any advice on that? I’d be happy to swap recipies.

Justice Pie November 29, 2009

I made one of these for our Thanksgiving and it was a hit! I’ve got requests for Christmas now. I definitely learned a few things about rolling the sausage and baking it in the oven, hopefully the next time I’ll make it better. Awesome, awesome treat! I’ll send the photos!

Jason November 30, 2009

@Wagtube – What do you mean by “smoking kills it”? Are you referring to overwhelming the flavor with smoke, or just having all of your cheese melt out during the cooking process?

Pat November 30, 2009

I found this website via Stumble! a couple of months ago. I have been waiting with anticipation to actually make this thing and finally over Thanksgiving I made one with my buddies. It was AMAZING! We already decided that we’re going to have a cookoff over Christmas to see who can construct the tastiest Bacon Explosion! Thanks for this wonderful gift you’ve given to the world!!

Jason December 1, 2009

@Pat – I’ll give you a hint. Jalapenos and provel cheese!!! :)

McBacon December 2, 2009

dude i made this thing literally 5+ years ago.. i am way ahead of the curve when it comes to bacon.. it was the same thing, down to the uncased sausage and the precooked bacon in the middle, except i added a pork loin (soaked in jack daniels, brown sugar, soy sauce, and garlic for 2 days) however it was not a big hunk of pork loin through the center… I spiral cut the pork loin so that it unrolled like a roll of paper towels to lay flat in a big square and used that as my base to build upon. rolled it all up, wrapped it in bacon and tressed it.. and then screw the bbq sauce, I took the drippings from the pan (essentially bacon and pork grease) and made gravy. Cut off big disc slices and put it on scali bread with a gravy drizzle.. why? because I’m a visionary. I have the pics with the time stamps to prove it. I brought it to a Patriots game and 10 guys who had been fired up and energetic up to that point got knocked on their ass by the ensuing food coma. The bacon and garlic burps in the stands were smelled by the people around us all game long. GLORIOUS DAY…

John December 4, 2009

This recipe worked very well. No fear about the fat and cholesterol. Obesity and heart issues weren’t a problem until processed foods (grain, dairy) came along. I eat a Paleo diet (caveman foods…meat, fish, veggies, fruit), I eat all the time, and I’m amazed at how lean I can remain.

This bacon explosion is well within my diet, and it’s one of my son’s favorites!

max December 8, 2009

A buddy of mine made this, but excluded the crumbled bacon and added scallops, chives, and a sharp white cheese. Smoked for about 3 hours.

It came out pretty well. It was VERY salty however, even for me, and I enjoy the salt. I do remember the sausage being the main flavor profile.

So maybe it should be called the Sausage Explosion (non-porn edition). :)

Vassmaster December 8, 2009

Was it me or did I see a PETA post that said…”you have won… we will pack up and go home.” I believe I did and I believe victory can be declared – Thank you Bacon Explosion, your are the bomb!

Ben December 9, 2009

It needs cheese!

Rob December 9, 2009

I tried this recipe over the summer. It was amazing. I’d forgotten about it until now, and if my fridge hadn’t died last week I’d be running out to get the ingredients to make another right now. I will be having another one of these in the next week.

John (JNL) December 10, 2009

Just finished my second try at this a week or so ago. Just as good (maybe a little bit better) the second time. Lessons learned: 1) I took sweet onion, sliced and carmalized it then let cool. Added to inner crumble. 2) From Jan 2, 2009 comment, did all layers but first on parchment. So much easier to roll very tight and then placed onto the first bacon layer.

Awesome. I would never have made the initial without your great pictorial layout. Would you mind if I added (with many proper links back) at my pages?

Slim December 11, 2009

I will be making about 5 of these this weekend. I will smoke them, then freeze them and give them as Christmas gifts. Can you think of a better gift, than the gift of meat?

Jan December 11, 2009

I want this for Christmas dinner. The only way to improve it would be to add cheese, lots of it!

FB December 13, 2009

I made one of these with grated mozzarella rolled inside. I brought it to an office party and it was gone in minutes, finished before any other appetizer. Excellent!

Jeff December 16, 2009

I had my first B.E. this past weekend at a party. Delicious! I had it plain and made a sandwich with some. The sandwich rocked. The first thing I thought it needed was something else in the middle like cheese. Guess I’m not alone. I will be trying this myself.

Jack December 16, 2009

I’m making one for a company party tomorrow. Massive coronary’s for all!

Wagtube December 16, 2009

I’ve made a half dozen of these beauties. The most recent was with ground beef, carmelized onions, habeneros, and thai peppers. I also used an entire bag of cheese in the middle. Everytime I’ve used cheese, it seems to just dissappear in the smoking process. Has anyone had any luck with cheese additions? Now that I have my new Traeger, I will be making some for Christmas. Merry Christmas bacon lovers!

Jeff December 16, 2009

Anybody up for a piggyback ride?

Lozzy December 16, 2009

YHou guys are all idiots, seriously. GO FLAMES GO@!!!

Bubba HoTep December 17, 2009

WAGTUBE, try using provalone cheese, seems to have a higher melting point.

Bubba HoTep December 17, 2009

I now live in Kuwait, so I had to substitute beef bacon for pork and make some chorizo from lamb mince.. it turned out really goood, but PIG BACON RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barry December 17, 2009

I guess you are not expecting too many jewish friends at your BBQ. lol

Barry December 17, 2009

Another use for that pork would be to make your own sausages. Check this out:

We should attempt this... - Edmonton Paintball Forums December 17, 2009

[...] should attempt this… Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ Vibe [...]

THIS is why you're fat. - Page 6 - Forum December 17, 2009

[...] anything with that title MUST be amazing… yeahhhhhhhh WHO ELSE LOVES FATTY FOODS?! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes i love fatty foods, but i limit myself to only drunk times bad food eating. i figure if im going [...]

Ranson E December 17, 2009

Has anyone tried the recipe using turkey bacon and turkey sausage yet? …Just wondering.

uncle togey December 18, 2009

Already done one.

Sean December 19, 2009

I just tried my first Bacon Explosion at Jamie Jones surprise party last night in Salt Lake. it was fantastic. thanks to Brad the chef. i enjoy reading these posts. i like the ideas of adding more garlic and onions. Merry Christmas! Happy Twenty Ten!

Jeffrey December 19, 2009

OK – we added some BW3 spicy garlic sauce in the middle and gave it a real nice kick.
Hail to the Bacon explosion ( aka the pork-n-ator )

Anyone ever make a Bacon Explosion? - INGunOwners December 23, 2009

[...] ever make a Bacon Explosion? BACON EXPLOSION While I would like to make one of these, I am not prepared for the consequences. [...]

Clayton December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Bacon Explosion!

Andre December 23, 2009

I put a layer af onions and quartered a brick of velveeta and rolled up the goodness around it. Absolute heaven!!!! December 24, 2009 December 24, 2009

Hi Everyone,
I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Your Christmas gift is before and after pics of my first bacon explosion.

It’s the bacon bomb!


LawrenceBaker December 26, 2009

Awesome recipe – definitely a crowd-pleaser! There are not too many main dishes that illicit the response you get when you bring one of these fatties to the table. I did a variation of the recipe using hamburger instead of sausage, and added a little blue cheese to one of the fatties, Both were awesome! Even my health-conscious wife was like, “Damn!”

Baklavas December 29, 2009

Whoever thought of it should be declared a worldwide hero and celebrate and honour his invention every year. AWESOME!

Wikked clown January 1, 2010

I have so far made 5 of these. each one is better than the last. I’m not sure how many a person can actually consume in a year, but I’m thinking at the most 12. I figure it’ll take at least a month to process all that bacony goodness….

2nd Timer January 1, 2010

Making my second tomorrow…can’t wait!

ebgb January 2, 2010

why isn’t deep fried?

Motman January 3, 2010

Wow!!! Just had it and had to say thanks. Wow that was good. I am thinking that I should have taken the leftovers for breakfast.

Wow January 3, 2010

Just when I thought people couldnt get more pathetic. Get back on your diet people, stop killing yourself.

Bacon man January 4, 2010

Just when I thought people couldnt get more pathetic. Get back on your diet people, stop killing yourself.

Once in a while it’s okay to have but there’s no need to say how more pathefic this can be.

I made this and it was delicious. The Wendy’s Baconnaitor has nothing on that. Yummmmmm!!!

Armand January 5, 2010

“Just when I thought people couldnt get more pathetic. Get back on your diet people, stop killing yourself.”

Get over yourself, frickin’ muppet.

Shall I take a guess that you’re another one of those veggie sheeple that believes killing animals for food is wrong?

Or perhaps you’re just another grossly obese Yank who gets all pissy when he/she/it sees food that you can’t EAT!!

Steve January 6, 2010

Despite the fact that my wife will kill me, I will be trying this.

Swoff January 7, 2010

Why make one when you can make two? Will be making a few of these bad boys for a men’s gathering in a few weeks. Gonna try the suggestion of cheese in one….thinking a good smoked cheddar or similar. Can’t wait. And for all of you that think this is pathetic…..once you’re done hugging that tree, go back to your plate of tofu ;)

jeff January 7, 2010

The ambulance is here, they wont let me take the leftovers with me….THEY’LL HAVE TO WAIT !!!

It's Me again January 8, 2010

Oh Boy you’re going to love this!

I replaced the Bacon with Turkey Bacon – the second layer is Tofurkey and I layered a mixture of spinach/sea weed into a mash and let it dry to a sheet so I could slid it in…..

I am Just Messing with you, LOL I would not eat that Crap.

I just got a message that you should make two at a time. Hell yeah you should make two , hell make 4 … It’s like car pooling for goodness sakes. Think of all the saved heat and smoke you’re saving when you do big batches.

I am all for the pablano in between the sausage and the crunchy cooked bacon pieces But I would like to let you guys know that any sort of veggie added makes this more perishable.

I have a Habanero answer for this recipe, but It has been reduced to literal DUST. Making it not perishable and maximizing the heat.

As far as cheese goes , You guys that have been adding cheese directly in the roll before its cooked – I am sure you have had some problems with that. I mean when heat the food to proper levels your cheese will bleed through , grease up , leave pockets and what have you.

what i decided to do was to use a dehydrated cheese powder that i found in my grocery store bulk section. and really work it into the sausage. what this does is rehydrate while cooking but only with the meat juice that would have run right out. in short – it’s amaze.

Then if for some reason that’s not enough cheesy in you’re meat you should probably just slice that roll and lay the slices on the side and put a big ass slab a cheese on there ya greedy bastard. LOL pop them in the oven and broil the cheese.

Hey that’s not too bad of a idea come to think of it.

TXBREWER January 9, 2010

It looks like a TURD!!

Armand January 9, 2010

I’d love to make this badboy with some scotch bonnet in there.
See if I can kill anyone.. :P lol.

I’m actually wondering if anyone could be charged for man-slaughter if this monster sausage ever caused a heart-attack ?_?

Steph January 10, 2010

Just finished making this…wow…Iam in Bacon Nirvana!!!

James January 10, 2010

Ouch! My Aorta!

Stuart January 11, 2010

Made one of these jewels last weekend. Learned a lot from it:
1) Weave needs to be bigger. 2# of sausage makes a THICK patty.
2) Meat needs to be @ room temp when putting on the grill – Cook time was 4 hrs, 10 min.
3) Gonna try pepper bacon on the next attempt.
4) The act of cooking this bad boy promotes the consumption of WAY too much alcohol.
5) Cardiologist phone number is now on speed-dial.
6) Briquettes are my friend.
7) So ‘king good!!!!!

Cat January 12, 2010

For breakfast, lay a fried egg on top of a thick slice of this bad boy. Excellent!

Mike January 12, 2010

Cat – I would love to see a picture of you laying fried eggs.

even a regular ole uncooked one would be cool but a fried one – now that’s special.

sexyBACONlover January 13, 2010


Jesse January 13, 2010

Anybody have any suggestions on how to cook this in an oven? I don’t have access to a smoker or a grill. I’ve been drooling over this way too long. Please help.

Aaron January 14, 2010


Here is the oven recipe:

Or you can buy a fully smoked one, which you can heat up in your oven in about 40 minutes.

back again - January 14, 2010

I just wrapped it in aluminum and put it in a raster on a rack like i do when i make salami.

170 for 1 hour – turn it – then 170 for 2 more hours.

take the aluminum off and put back in for 30 minuts turning at 15.
worked excellently for slicing. or you can food saver it and toss it in the fridge. it will get hard like hard salami in three days.
awesome sandwich stuff!

John (JNL) January 14, 2010

A year ago I tried the oven when the winter weather here in Buffalo basically ruled out my smoker. I cooked similar to link above but only at 225 until it got to 160. Then pulled it out and cranked the oven to 450. While out I basted with home made BBQ sauce and then put back in until 170. Actually not that bad.

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Kristian Magnus January 19, 2010

I eat this on a daily basis. Tasty and not that unhealthy. I work out alot which helps. BACON IS GOOD FOR ME !

Food, Wine, Beer Combinations - - Conservative Forums January 19, 2010

[...] Re: Food, Wine, Beer Combinations You can listen to your arteries hardening [...]

Iron Cook Carl January 20, 2010

I don’t eat pork but that doesn’t stop me from admiring this and smelling the aroma in my mind. Looks great.

Hog January 23, 2010

MEAT IS MURDER!!!! Tasty, tasty murder.

Ghi Poppa January 23, 2010

What the Hell were you thinking!!!

Bobj January 25, 2010

There is no limit to what you can stuff inside, I have used jalapenos with cheddar cheese with the bacon bits and I have even done buffalo chicken with blue cheese. Who ever came up with this is a culinary god.

Appetizers and a Colts game! - My Les Paul Forums January 25, 2010

[...] Appetizers and a Colts game! For the Superbowl you should make this ; Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes It is a heart attack on a plate but it toasts so good! I do not use all Italian sausage because I [...]

Appetizers and a Colts game! - My Les Paul Forums January 25, 2010

[...] Appetizers and a Colts game! For the Superbowl you should make this ; Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes It is a heart attack on a plate but it tastes so good! I do not use all Italian sausage because I [...]

Val January 28, 2010

Brilliant idea… If you sub lean beef, turkey, or bison for the sausage and get really lean bacon it might almost not kill you. Needs good wild mushrooms inside too.

BaconFan January 28, 2010

can you buy this in germany somewhere???

Aaron January 28, 2010

Sorry BaconFan, we’re only allowed to ship in the US at this time. You’ll have to make one on your own!

JimmyG January 29, 2010

Pig, pig and more pig. Why would you want to RUIN it with lean beef, turkey, bison or VEGETABLES?! Another reason why those of a certain gender should be banned from BBQ… They just don’t get it.

Sorry Val, you’re probably a very, very nice woman indeed…

Armand January 29, 2010

I’ve decided.. anyone who refuses to eat bacon, pork or any other pig-derived meat should be charged with the High Crime of Heresy against the Lard.

AUSSIE THOMMO January 30, 2010

you got to try this with diced onion , garlic , a little chilli and cheese in the middle with the diced bacon . this now is the sunday roast.

R. King February 1, 2010

1 – Attempt to wake diner/guest/foolish person. If the victim does not wake, call 911 and proceed…
2 – Begin rescue breathing.
3 – Begin chest compressions.
4 – Repeat rescue breaths.
5 – Perform 30 more chest compressions.
6 – Stop compressions and recheck victim for breathing.
7 – Keep going until Emeril Lagasie arrives.

(Don’t confuse the above with actual CPR instructions, Emeril will NOT show up if you call 911!)

we are talking bacon! - Timeshare Forums February 1, 2010

[...] are talking bacon! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes and if that is not enough to clog your arteries Bacon Today|Daily News on the World of Sweet, [...]

Michelle February 2, 2010

Looks good but I can hear my arteries clogging just by looking at it.

Bob Smith February 3, 2010

I’ve tried the original version and was wondering if you guys have done any variations on it. I thought it was a little dry inside and needed more barbecue sauce, which is easy enough to fix. What about other filling additions such as a little grated pepper jack cheese or maybe chopped smoked jalapenos? Just wondering if anyone has expperimented

Kevin February 3, 2010

I came across this recipe just in time for a weekend with the guys. I’m thinking…breakfast Saturday…

Steve February 4, 2010

so you guys made a fatty and gave it a fancy name? what exactly did you invent that you are coppywriting? the fatty has been made for a long time befor this and people have used bacon for a stuffing befor.

but nice pictures of the process.

Aaron February 4, 2010


Yes, but since it’s so difficult to understand, we have our own sausage, our own sauce, and our own rub used exclusively in the recipe. Clearly the fatty has been around a long time, and we didn’t say we invented it. We did, however, invent this particular recipe (sausage, sauce, rub) and the name Bacon Explosion is Trademarked. We’re copyright the content on this blog (you can’t copyright a product).

So all the haters in smoking meat forums can reference this comment since my response over there went unanswered.

Aaron February 4, 2010


There are endless possibilities for breakfast ideas. They’re great on a biscuit with a bit of honey, or in a casserole!

Aaron February 4, 2010


We’ve made countless variations, some with pretty crazy concoctions in them. That’s the fun part!

Karen February 5, 2010

Since I found this recipe, we have made this several times, when we get together with friends. It is fantastic.

Sabrina February 5, 2010

My husband will be giving this recipe a “try” – right on time for Sunday’s Big Game! (notice the emphasis on the word try)

Happy grilling everyone!
Coleman RoadTrip Grill

Bob Smith February 5, 2010

I’m gonna try a variation for the SuperBowl. 1/2 breakfast sausage 1/2 italian sausage, smoked red onion minced up, smoked jalapeno minced up and some grated pepper jack cheese. Plus I think I needed more barbecue sauce than I used the first time. You see, the original recipe just wasn’t quite fattening enough :)

Wagtube February 6, 2010

Bob, Cheese is tricky when slow cooking. Try some high melt cheese. Hi Mountain has some good blends. Grated cheese will disappear. I’ve tried the cheese thing on a few of these bad boys with grated and other cheeses, but they never survive on my Traeger. The high melt cheese is key. Any other thoughts from fatty or PETA need not apply. BE peeps, let me know what you think.

Hugh February 6, 2010

I’m gonna do this with a meatloaf filling/w chopped onions and lather to top on the last turn with ketchup. Slice it and serve on white bread w/mayo!

WIN!!! February 7, 2010

Win… I’d cheat on my wife with this thing

LiguedesQuaranteCinq February 7, 2010

French canadians reporting for duty.
Epic Bacon Explosion for the Superbowl is Epic. We’re doomed now, we absolutely HAVE to do variations on that. Maybe a poutine/Bacon Explosion ?

Dan February 7, 2010

We are making this for a super bowl party today. I grew up eating bacon onion rolls, so we thought we would add onions. We put the onions in with the fried bacon. I will let you know how it turns out.
Your doing a good thing at this Website.
Thank You!

Andrew February 9, 2010

Would that thing help with a hangover?

I usually eat egg & bacon rolls for hangovers so I’m just wondering, either way I’m still gonna make one just for the hell of it since I’m aussie and the Superbowl isn’t that big of a deal over here.

James February 9, 2010

A carnivore’s paradise!!!!

Yago February 9, 2010

Thank you, God, for bacon.

Bob Smith February 9, 2010

Second year in a row I’ve made one of these for the Superbowl. I’m still having the same problem with mine being too dry. Is anyone else having a problem with dryness down through the middle? I used more barbecue sauce thinking that would help, but not much luck. Thought about using a fattier sausage but the sausages available in my stores are pretty much all the same as far as fat content. Any suggestions out there for a moister product?

Marc Honey February 9, 2010

So the only real changes that work for me are these: 1) pepper bacon in a bigger weave 6×7 or 7×8, 2) maple flavored Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage with a LITTLE sweet onion added, plus spreading the sausage mix out on a sprayed cookie sheet to roll, instead of on top of the weave. 3)baste last 30 min. with maple syrup cut 50% w/water. Dry inside…I don’t see how! Smoke mine 2 1/2 hr over mesquite at far end of a big ass smoker so it doesn’t “char”. Masterpiece every time.

Jason February 9, 2010

@Bob Smith – My suggestion is to cook your Bacon Explosion at a higher temperature, but don’t take the internal temperature of the meat quite as high. This will allow the outside bacon to crisp up, while still trapping all of the sausage juices inside. Try cooking at 300 degrees until the internal temp reaches 150 degrees. If that doesn’t work, then your next option is to inject the Bacon Explosion full of melted butter once it’s done cooking. That should add plenty of moisture back into the meat!!!! Enjoy!

Bret February 10, 2010

My friends whipped up this recipe last Sunday – OMG, it was Gooodd!!!

mushrome(Trevor) February 10, 2010

Great Stuff. I stopped adding mince when no more would fit.
Is not hard to work out. With the cheese thing>well I might try it but had to do as is 1st. Would you use low fat cheese? Bloody unlikely. .from Aust.

Ernie February 11, 2010

Excellent I can’t wait to make my second. I have already decided to make two next time to experiment a little. Great idea. Made me shit like a donkey. I baked in oven at 350 for about 2 hours or until all bacon was crisp. Spicy sausage is next.

Lynn February 11, 2010

Is there any way to bake this in the oven instead of a smoker/cooker??

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My New Favorite Thing – Bacon Weave « JUDGING BARBEQUE February 12, 2010


John (JNL) February 13, 2010


From Jan 14th Aaron posted this link:

and my response followed:
“A year ago I tried the oven when the winter weather here in Buffalo basically ruled out my smoker. I cooked similar to link above but only at 225 until it got to 160. Then pulled it out and cranked the oven to 450. While out I basted with home made BBQ sauce and then put back in until 170. Actually not that bad.”

Tragedy and bacon - ADISC February 13, 2010

[...] how could I have forgotten to post this: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes I get chest pains just LOOKING at that [...]

EboTebo February 14, 2010

I didn’t read all the comments, so I might be late in saying this. Bacon is meat candy!!

the guy who did yo momma February 15, 2010

my god my heart just exploded when i eat it it will erode the exploded heart chunks and clog whate ever was left open of my arteries

Tim J Kirby February 17, 2010

Absolutely heaven, and worth the airfare over from the UK. Would love to do this, but our bacon is so different, anyone in the UK have any ideas where we can get the right bacon for this?

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[...] the reason, bacon t-shirts are appearing on all the major online t-shirt websites lately. I know bacon is good, but this is ridiculous! I guess I just don’t understand “modern” culture [...]

Crazy Sunday | John C February 18, 2010

[...] am – Breakfast, yep a FULL breakfast of pancakes, eggs, fruit, and Bacon Explosion!  It was marvelous!  After we ate, I hit the road to be at church early, and I got out of doing [...]

hot enough to devour « hotinthebody February 19, 2010

[...] 19, 2010 My God…it’s full of bacon…. Posted by takotaco Filed in Uncategorized Leave a Comment [...]

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Smokey Mountain Cooker February 20, 2010

OMG…the perfect diet food! Wish I had the energy to prepare this Bacon Explosion…

BaconFreak February 21, 2010

Words cannot describe what I’m beholding on this page. I only have one complaint. There’s not a printer-friendly version of this page that I can see (but then, I’m probably blinded by the awesomeness of the Bacon Explosion’s picture. No computer in the kitchen means running back and forth from there to here to make sure I’m not screwing something up without a printout.

Brian February 21, 2010

I can only imagine the caloric intake of this…which is why I am going to pass on it at the St. Patrick’s day Kegs & Eggs I am going to…but good God it does look delicious. =/

In the Food Moment » Blog Archive » Posts of Interest—Week Ending February 21, 2010 February 21, 2010

[...] In a less scholarly post, BBQ Addicts has a recipe I’ve decided I’m going to make next time I have to bring food for a party. I’ll probably go with a spicy instead of sweet sauce, and I’m definitely going with the suggestions in the comments to add cheese. Allow me to present to you a dish you’ll never forget>: Bacon Explosion. [...]

Weekend Link Love | February 21, 2010

[...] of you probably remember the controversial bacon explosion. In a similar vein, the folks at Smoking Meat Forums just plain violated culinary etiquette with a [...]

Jenell February 21, 2010

PERFECT for Atkins!

Zane Prescott February 22, 2010

I am an hour into smoking the bacon explosion and amarillo has been hit by a blizzard do you think that will effect my cooking time much??? hahahaha well thank you for the recipe but i supplemented the bbq sauce with A1 and i think i hit it on the head with 4 bottle cap fulls of budlight marinating for 24 hours…. none the less may the grilling go on!

[MELBOURNE MEET] March 7th, 2010 - MacTalk Forums February 23, 2010

[...] look for the big group of fat dudes wearing mostly black. Exo and I may or may not make the Bacon Explosion we promised last year. Come along! __________________ | Flickr | blog | Name Already Taken [...]

Daily scoreboard « Don Surber February 23, 2010

[...] From a cajun: The best bacon barbecue ever. She said, ah guar-un-tee [...]

ausi February 25, 2010

as if u would it that one bite would kill u

big bacon thingy majig - Perth Street Bikes February 26, 2010

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ Need your suspension tuned? See Marty MOOSE! [...]

Storm Rebel February 27, 2010

I know this is a BBQ website…..but has anyone tried to deep-fry this? Im thinking about trying it in my turkey frier.

Meat Me In the Islands! « The Weekend Gourmet February 28, 2010

[...] The Bacon Explosion is one of the most decadent things I have seen since the Turducken. (See below.) The Bacon Explosion is a recipe made famous by a team of Kansas City BBQ experts called Burnt Finger BBQ. An interesting-looking meatloaf-type dish, it consists of strips of bacon tightly woven into a square mat, which is seasoned and then rolled around a filling of ground Italian sausage and cooked bacon pieces. The 4 pound loaf is then transferred to a backyard smoker, and cooked for 2-3 hours, slathered in BBQ sauce. It is said to contain at least 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat. This is a link to the original recipe. [...]

southernman March 1, 2010

This looks 2 good 2 eat I done somthing like this called smoking a “Fatty” same concept basketweave around a stuffed sausage roll like putting little smokies and cheddar cheese inside, green onions, pepperjack cheese ,green pepper, chopped bacon, shake on some rub put brown sugar on top of bacon and smoke for 3-4 hours @ 235DEG with hickory wood

Leah March 2, 2010

We made this at our annual bbq using home-made venison Italian sausage. It was incredible, and not greasy, like I expected. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Superbowl – Feb 7, 2010 « Photographic Evidence March 2, 2010

[...] 2, 2010 · Leave a Comment We watched the Superbowl at my place. Jay and I decided to make a Bacon Explosion on my BBQ, in honour of the spirit of the day. This was memorable as it was the first time we [...]

Fishmonger heaven (Bacon related) - Los Angeles Kings Hockey Fan Forum March 2, 2010

[...] the bacon explosion looks awesome too heres how to make it: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

theguardians March 5, 2010

realy realy realy important question…..

can you deep fat fry it??

Bacon Explosion: An Epic Food Adventure | Chris Bohnhoff's Photo World March 5, 2010

[...] in the giving-credit-where-credit-is-due department, check out the BBQ Addicts site for a look at the original [...]

Six Degrees of Snorting Bacon | Thighs Wide Shut March 5, 2010

[...] the bacon explosion [...]

Bacon Wrapped Sausage Wrapped Bacon? Giving Away Leftovers « LocalMN Blog March 6, 2010

[...] kudos to the originators at for what they call the BBQ sausage recipe of all recipes. They sell them fully smoked online as [...]

mike March 6, 2010

sounds like a heart attack just waiting to happen

Mike March 7, 2010

I ordered TWO of the things online and heated one up this morning. Complete and total TBO (taste bud orgasm). Can’t wait to try making one from scratch.

Jeff March 9, 2010

Looks dangerously delicious. I hope there will be more heart surgeons available in the future.

Hpgolfer86 March 11, 2010

Crestor… check
5000 napkins… check
hunting/camping clothes… check
massively massive knife… check
eat nothing 2 weeks prior to exploding with bacon… maybe
heart attack after half a bit… check

Bacon!! - Food and Drink -cooking, cuisine, meat, vegetables, restaurants, diet, prices, allergies... - Page 3 - City-Data Forum March 12, 2010

[...] Originally Posted by tookey Wrap bacon around a brick and I will eat it I loves me some bacon!! For a real cholesterol treat wrap bacon around jumbo shrimp and cook it on the BBQ! Or, try the Bacon Explosion (a local creation) ! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

CRichardson March 13, 2010

Oh my God! I just finished my first Bacon Explosion. Took a lot longer to cook that I expected, although mine was pretty big and thick…About 7 hours on the smoker. But 100% worth the time.
I have to say PURE PORK HEAVEN!

Wilbird March 14, 2010

Om nom nom..

And You Thought the Movie was Horrifying | Bloggle March 14, 2010

[...] dressing. A baked-potato smothered in sour cream. Or, for those who’ve given up altogether, the bacon explosion. “It found that a Regal medium popcorn — 20 cups — contains 1,200 calories, 60 [...]

Intentional Foul » The Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge Strikes Back March 15, 2010

[...] the tournament, and if you’re picks are worthy, you might find yourself as the new owner of a Bacon Explosion. In case you can’t smell what the guys at Burnt Finger BBQ are cooking, allow this [...]

Blinds Dallas March 16, 2010

I am literally drooling in my cubicle. Blog » Archive » I’ve Smoked a lot of stuff in my day but nothing like this! March 16, 2010

[...] a bacon wrapped roll of sausage that is stuffed with bacon.  Yes, you have to head on over to The BBQ Addicts site and see how this is [...]

Wil March 21, 2010

I can’t wait for Spring; I’m going to invite everyone over, fire up the grill, and share a Bacon Explosion!

geddy lee March 24, 2010

WARNING WARNING WARNING, Do Not, I repeat Do Not try to grill this on a gas grill. You will blow up your grill from the drippings. Also do not put directly over coals, same result, KABOOM.

Otherwise it is awesome and terrific conversation piece.

If you like pineapple put some slices or chunks in the middle before wrapping. Very tasty.


Aaron March 24, 2010

Yes, bacon grease tends to be a little flammable.

Swoff March 24, 2010

you’ve got to be kidding….you tried that? 1-800-darwin-awards….enter yourself lol.

Girl March 24, 2010

I didn’t realize that men blogged until now.

Geddy Lee March 25, 2010

I actually saw some guy on you tube try to grill it. Needless to say not pretty. DARWIN AWARD NOMINEE

Poltergiest March 25, 2010

Carrie Ann Walk away from the light! Yup bacon and grills do not mix! Grab your fire extinguisher! » Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes March 25, 2010

[...] Behold, BACON EXPLOSION!!! Here’s what you’ll need… [...]

Donkey Punch BBQ » Blog Archive » Kansas City BBQ Adventure March 28, 2010

[...] similar to Smoke n fire with two fantastic differences.  First they have cooked versions of the Bacon Explosion for sale.  Second, Oklahoma Joes BBQ is next door, can’t get too much better than that for an [...]

Rich March 29, 2010

Added it to for voting!

Custom Concessions March 29, 2010

Wow, I know everything is better with bacon, but this recipe is crazy! And that’s crazy in a good way, it sounds delicious.

Dale C March 29, 2010

I just created one of these but I decided to do my own version based on what I had in the fridge. I made a 8 by 6 rectangle, some leftover taco meat which I mixed in with some bbq sauce, mozzarella and cheddar jack cheese, and of course 2 strips of bacon which i crumbled on the inside. I have it on the counter and I’m about to bake and broil it. I sure hope this comes out good! Thanks for the inspiration!

Rick March 29, 2010

I made this and it is AMAZING! It looked just like the pictures and tasted better!

Jim March 31, 2010

I lost my BBQ Bacon Explosion virginity last weekend while watching the NCAA regional finals. Tweaked the recipe by using hot Italian sausage, onions, green peppers, red peppers and pepperjack cheese. It was AWESOME!! Word spread quickly and I’ve had a half dozen requests to make it again.

For those cooking on a gas grill, use a broiler pan to cath the drippings – no chance of flare up (or appearing on Darwin Awards).

vesti srbija April 1, 2010

Well. I never see so many bacon…

RasterMaster April 3, 2010

This was as cool as BBQ’ing a whole pig! This was a very simple process that was fun as hell. Lots of room for variation. I had 2 slices then went to bed. I wanted to wake up and have some for breakfast but my son and all of his buddies ate the rest! O’well, I’ll make another today but will add the cheese, onions/peppers! Off to the butcher I go!

The inventor of this needs an award of some sort, hell I’d vote him for president!

LanceThruster April 3, 2010

If god did not want us to eat meat, she wouldn’t have invented bacon.

If your first attempt at this recipe does not go as planned, you can always scoop the mixture into bacon cups.


It also mentions the “bacon placemat” which is essentially the “bacon weave” of this dish. I may just have to buy one of these mail order if I’m unable to handcraft it myself.


Mike April 4, 2010

LanceThruster <– If God was a Girl, There would be no bacon.

Bacon: Greased-Up Gateway to the Gods « The Junk Males April 5, 2010

[...] of New York’s famous Pig Candy, chocolate dipped bacon, to feasting on a slice of a Bacon Explosion, over four pounds of bacon barbecue goodness, any opportunity is a good opportunity to stuff our [...]

Middagstips « Keböl-crew April 5, 2010

[...] middagstips? Bacon Explosion! bara namnet säger att det är jävligt flötigt, recept finns här: [...]

LanceThruster April 5, 2010

Mike – I’m of the belief that any number of worthwhile things originate with women; why should a Goddess be any exception?

That being said, I’ll just thank the gods or goddesses for making me an atheist and leave it at that.



withanhdammit April 5, 2010

My masterpiece

The Breslin April 6, 2010

[...] boys shared what looked like a gourmet version of the infamous bacon explosion, made famous this past Super Bowl. I stole a small bite and it was the juiciest, most tender, [...]

DEE BEE April 6, 2010

When do we get to see some European Bacon, preferably D-A-N-I-S-H

Niki Tag April 7, 2010

Wow, I know everything is better with bacon, but this recipe is crazy! And that’s crazy in a good way, it sounds delicious.
This is a really good post and something I never thought about, but I do recall a few eatery charges on my credit card that seemed to be much higher than I recalled spending. Well I think I will make an effort to bring enuf cash for tipping from now on if possible!

Food Enthusiast April 9, 2010

SSSSSoooooooooo………yea, ahhhhh, apparently my wife will pretty much have to make this for me now…….soooooooo…..yep, let’s just go ahead and ahhhhh, pretty much go eat the shit out of this thing

Lingerie Perth April 11, 2010

Heart attack in every bite, love it! hehe. Seriously thought, looks irresistible Jason!

Fucking Metal Interviews: Tre Watson – Fucking Metal Interviews – Heavy Fucking Metal | The Number Of The Blog April 11, 2010

[...] sounds pretty tasty… kind of reminds me of the Bacon Explosion. I’ve always wanted to try that, but I fear for my [...]

AJ April 12, 2010

I thought a bacoturducken was GREAT! This recipe was sent to me last week and will be on the BBQ VERY Soon. OMG I am looking forward to this and the many variations available!

Tactical Bacon!!?? - Page 2 - KahrTalk Forums April 12, 2010

[...] King Of Meats has gone tactical!!! Fine, but the bacon man lives in a bacon house! Bacon Explosion Just the thing for those tactical implants! International Bacon Day is September 5th Bacon today [...]

YahtzeeNazi April 13, 2010

Holy crap a black hole just opened outside my house. something is officailly more awesome than Chuck Norris!

Sommet de la gastronomie américaine: The Bacon Explosion | April 14, 2010

[...] La recette originale de The Bacon Explosion [...]

Ulf April 14, 2010

Your recipe is awesome! I translated it in French and posted it on my blog so all the French BBQ Fans will also be able to eat pork! \o/

Here’s the link:

Ruth April 15, 2010

My husband found this recipe and emailed it to our kids, so they could have this cardio-catastrophe waiting on the table for me as my birthday meal last night. Oh. My. Goodness. It was fantastic! They used a regular pork rub on it, and we tried 2 different BBQ sauces before deciding that maple syrup was the best bet for this behemoth. DELISH!

The Sunday Roast - Best of the Rest... | Phuturelabs April 17, 2010

[...] Let’s face it- if you’re going to get a roast on it might as well be the meatiest of meaty roasts- and that can mean only one thing- The “Bacon Meat Explosion“. [...]

Jessica April 18, 2010

ewwww WTF is wrong with people…

The Dugs | Pablo Sandoval Finds True Love April 18, 2010

[...] The joke about a sandwich that is not a sandwich at all, but rather a meat on meat orgy. Ok, and I’m assuming that you, the reader has heard of the Double Down sandwich. I say 5-6 years ago, because I could tell we were headed in this direction slowly but surely. (What, with the deep fried oreos, Krispy Kreme burger, and the Bacon Explosion. [...]

Josh April 20, 2010

Wow, that’s impressive!

Padraig April 20, 2010

Made two of these (each double the recommended size) for a guys diaper party on Saturday night….I think I saw tears on the faces of a few of the men that queued up for a slice

It tasted fantastic

Spicy Tofu Burgers and Photography | Guilty Kitchen April 23, 2010

[...] I’m away (It’ll be my first away post!). There is some crazy talk of something called a “Bacon Explosion”, being consumed. God help us. If I survive, I will be blogging about it, don’t you [...]

Noch etwas Fleischi? « me is not you April 24, 2010

[...] Hier, bitte schön! [...]

Ultra Friends GO! Episode 1 « Ultra Friends GO! April 24, 2010

[...] Bacon Explosion [...]

Brendan Smith April 27, 2010

You’re a fucking GOD. I love you, forever.

Harley April 27, 2010

I have made these using a variety of ground meats, the best one I made used ground venison mixed 50-50 with some spicy pork sausage.

Holy shit, there is NOTHING better than bacon!!

Dan May 1, 2010

guess I’ll get a propane grill just for making this, my charcoal smoker won’t hold a steady 225 degrees, And being a maple fan will use maple smokin chips instead of hickory smoke

Mike Boysen - Gas Grill Review May 1, 2010

This reminds me of some old National Lampoon magazine features on Yule Logs and Carmelized Mellon Fudge Packs. At first you say yuck, and then you realize the true genius of it all

hurstyboy666 May 3, 2010

looks amazing!!

Karl May 3, 2010

As if there isn’t enough flavor happening for you with this recipe try putting some fresh pineapple slices on the side and see what happens. I think you’ll like it. Yeaaaaaaaah.

BBQ + bacon = big opportunities for Lee’s Summit resident May 5, 2010

[...] − there’s bacon-flavored salt and gourmet chocolate bars with bacon!) and branding it as The Original Bacon Explosion™, Jason and his partner, Aaron Chronister, have scored coverage by The New York Times, and [...]

Andy Scherer » Blog Archive » June 13th Mega Q – Part One May 6, 2010

[...] Lined up 6 racks of ribs, a pork shoulder, 4 turkey drumsticks, 2 chickens, 2 salmon fillets and made a Bacon Explosion: [...]

The Bacon Explosion! - SatelliteGuys.US May 6, 2010

[...] Bacon Explosion! Sponsored Links Holy hell, this looks amazing! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ "My motto is very simple: Win a ring for the king," Cavaliers center [...]

IRONMAN 2 - Yamaha Grizzly ATV Forum May 6, 2010

[...] now i gotta go back to making my bacon explosion! if you have never heard of it, here is a link>Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes enjoy! __________________ 2009 Grizzly 550 w/EPS: 28x12x12 zillas/SS108 rims, 26" [...]

Sara May 7, 2010

My arteries hurt from just reading this…
but damn it looks delicious.
And seriously un-healthy.
But mostly delicious.

Michelle May 8, 2010

That is amazing! I am going to make this (and schedule to have a pace-maker put in).

Rudy Kniola May 9, 2010

I came across this site from Google and found this entry quite yummy!

AC LaRocco May 10, 2010

WOW!!! my husband already decided this, with a beer backer, is the breakfast of champions!

BIG VIC May 11, 2010

A friend of mine made this at our hunting camp, AWSOME!!
We stuffed one with a deer roast too!!
Nothing but artery clogging goodness!!
They should serve this at the Heart Attack Cafe in Phoenix, AZ

Steve-O May 11, 2010

I love rediscovering this!

xbox 360 store May 13, 2010

That was a incredible blog post,You discover new things each day.

Jerome Bernard May 13, 2010

Thanks for taking the time on writing an article
about this information….excellent. I will make my own bacon explode :P
Just want to say thanks, for your hard work it is
very appreciated ….:-)

pepepr bottle tech May 13, 2010

Good article! I became amazed I was capable of read this in my google android mobile! Thanks again.

Bacon Explosion and MOINK Balls on NBC Today Show — May 13, 2010

[...] Day and Aaron Chronister of, creators of the famous “Bacon Explosion” were featured on the Today Show recently. They also bring on the MOINK Balls – MOO + [...]

You Wanted The Heff, You Got The Heff « Laugh Out Loud May 13, 2010


Brian May 14, 2010

This is next on my list. I love bacon and I’m not sure why I have not tried this out.

The Bacon Explosion: The Cure for the Healthy Heart May 15, 2010

[...] bacon” and the first result was one of the manliest food creations to ever grace a smoker.’s Bacon Explosion. A log of sausage stuffed with bacon and then wrapped with bacon. I don’t think it gets much [...]

Martin May 15, 2010

Greetings from Denmark.

We have just finished eating this bacon-monster, and it was AMAZING!!

The hole process was a joy.. but the taste was out of this world!


strongestfatburner May 15, 2010

I very like your blog

MIke May 16, 2010

I got me some prime cut peppered bacon today and I have tried many versions of this so far.

I have liked every single one but I prefer the Habanero one so far.
On this try I am going a whole new route. I have roasted a whole chicken, while it was still really warm i took all eh bones out – I have green Chilies frozen and vacuum packed from last years Garden harvest – i am going to do the chopped chicken green Chili Habanero bacon explosion this time. The chicken I plan to hammer out on a plastic dough sheet – white meat sheet – then dark meat sheet, layer of green chopped green chilies in between the two sheets with dried Habanero dust on the outside of the white meat sheet after both are rolled into a bacon explosion center and then do the wrap.

I am thinking this will be awesome – My Sunday project.

Shine May 17, 2010

I hate germany, we dont have all these nice sauces und seasonings :( i’d love to make a real american bbq but its hard to get good ingredients also we dont use a smoker at our bbq’s and that pretty much suck :(

I NEED the bacon explosion :(

Shine May 17, 2010

It’s me again, anyone might got a recipe to make ur own bbc sauce and stuff?

Ferret May 19, 2010

We finally made one of these bad boys at our annual cottage weekend.
Here’s the result:
Totally frakking awsome!

Mechaswool May 24, 2010

The Bacon Explosion is like eating 10 KFC drumsticks, fried, in one sitting.

Mechaswool May 24, 2010

Plus, it equals a heart attack, stroke, and/or diabetes.

Loonman May 25, 2010

The only food not made better by adding bacon is ice cream.

Bacon Is Health Food May 25, 2010

Lies and more lies. Bacon is the most healthy meat on Earth. Heart attacks and strokes are caused by stress, age, or physical damage. Diabetes is caused by genetics. Get over yourselves you dang anti-pork Nazis, let the bacon flow!

Derek May 26, 2010

Going to make two of them this weekend for BBQ party. Plan is to use the Italian sausage on one, chicken or beef on the other. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Mom's Menu Planner May 26, 2010

Oh Wow! Holy heart attack!

Knoxville CrossFit – Personal Training » BACON EXPLOSION!!!1111 May 26, 2010

[...] Paleo recipe comes from the guys over at BBQ Addicts (click the link to read the recipe, full of yummy pictures!).  It’s amazing.  I made it at [...]

joe May 27, 2010

This will pair well with lettuce and tomato swimming in bacon ranch&dressing, throw in a pan full of jalapeno bacon cornbread with a nice super cold ale, hot digity dawg… sum1 please call me a medic. unclogged my arteries so i can start all over again :o ) Oink freaking Oink

The Blue Wolf Tattoo - S-so delicious-looking May 29, 2010

[...] you can find this recipe at BBQ Addicts. For your convenience, I’m going to plop the recipe here, too.  (But keep in mind that, as [...]

Daniel B. Miles May 29, 2010

Man that thing is awesome. Made one last night. Did mine a little different. I dont like Italian sausage so I used good ol ground pork sausage. I also split open some links of pork boudin and mixed with the sausage before I put it in a gallon ziplock and rolled with a pin to make a sausage square. When I rolled it all up I almost cried. The last time I got that emotional was the day my daughter was born hahaha.

Keep the good recipes coming. Y’all are changing the world one stomach at a time.

Alice Simon May 30, 2010

Welcome to the world of fat

Linda June 1, 2010

Hmm…i don’t like it :(

That’s not bacon…THAT’s BACON! « Ramblings’ Journal is Still Sleeping June 1, 2010

[...] quickly reassembled the Double Down by capping the Bacon Explosion slice with the two bacon strips, the second fried chicken breast and eagerly took my first [...]

Steve June 2, 2010

Anyone add pineapple and Jalapeno’s? Hawaiian Bacon Explosion! Anyone know if the deliver in the Maryland area?

Jason June 2, 2010

@Steve – Pineapple and Jalapenos go great in the Bacon Explosion! We can deliver anywhere in the US. Please visit our Bacon Explosion order page for more details.

Christina June 3, 2010

This is beloved among firefighters.

Shawn June 3, 2010

Made it with 3 parts bratwurst, 1 part chorizo. Awesome.

CTK June 3, 2010

As a breakfast item, I wonder if you could substitute breakfast sausage for Italian, and crack some raw eggs in the middle (maybe with chunks of cheddar and/or sourdough)?


Kristi June 3, 2010

Was fortunate to try this after my brother made it last weekend. Yum!!

Jane June 4, 2010

wow, this thing looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. I can’t wait to try it though.

Food: Bacon Explosion | Chi Photography June 4, 2010

[...] you can read the instructions on how to make your own here. [...]

Laura June 4, 2010


If you are to cook this in an oven, how long and what temperature?

It looks amazing!!!!


Ibrahim | June 4, 2010

This is so gross looking/awesome!

Carl June 5, 2010

I am diabetic, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I am going to eat this and die happy.

Post your favorite recipe(s) of all time - INGunOwners June 5, 2010

[...] your favorite recipe(s) of all time Yo, Ima let you finish, but Bacon Explosion is one of the best recipes of all time! __________________ -The mind is a terrible thing to [...]

paris @ kitchen appliances June 5, 2010

Wow, this is nuts! I bet it’s awesome. Pass the BBQ sauce!

Scott June 6, 2010

Made it for breakfast the other day. Used lean ground turkey, maple bacon, sweet hickory sauce with a hint of maple syrup, and some smoky mesquite rub. Sandwich between a biscuit. Definitely the best way to start your day.

Mechaswool June 6, 2010

@ Bacon is Health Food

I know it is, but eating all that?! I had a friend eat one of those before and he felt pain in his heart after 7 bites. I’m all for bacon and all, but not that all at once.

P.S. Screw you.

Galopinades | le gourmet galopin June 7, 2010

[...] déjà vu à quoi peut ressembler une rafale de bacon [...]

Fantastic Fish! « Adventures in Food June 7, 2010

[...] We’ve topped cookies with it. We’ve done things to it that are too unholy to even name. And in doing all of this, we’ve diminished bacon, cheapened it and made it trendy. Yet [...]

aaronLchung June 8, 2010

THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you for giving us a recipe that justifies using 4lbs of great tasting meat! The recipe was easy and after each step it looked EXACTLY like your pics (will try to submit them).

Taste? Meh – I was anticipating more smoked bacon taste and found it was overpowered with the mild italian sausage, BBQ sauce/rubs, and hickory smoke. Will try it in the oven, sans hickory smoke – personal taste on this one. Would be cool to try with ground chicken or unseasoned pork. That’ll be next week’s heart clogger experiment!

Thanks again for the recipe – lots of fodder for this summer! …oh and to the naysayers: The roll is pretty lean – given that most of the beautifully tasting fat drips away…sigh :(

rc95 June 9, 2010

What’s better than a bacon cheeseburger? A Bacon Explosion cheeseburger!

Madman June 9, 2010


Jake June 10, 2010

Put it on Cheese bread, with baconaise!

Baconite June 13, 2010

Tried it, one suggestion.. it needs Bacon salt.

Pets Answers June 13, 2010

me, my cat, and my fish.. love this recipe

Whats grilling June 15, 2010

[...] Posted by Backlashed Ok, you have my ATTENTION…….What is it????? Here ya go, Ray Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Reply With Quote [...]

As a Thank You! June 16, 2010

[...] by the original creators, The BBQ Addicts.  I am going to give you multiple chances to win the BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes.  To enter you must live in the continental United States and perform at least one of these [...]

Charcoal BBQ Grills June 16, 2010

Hooooly crap. That meat looks stupendous. Granted, my arteries just clogged up thinking about eating it, but the smoker in me wants to take a stab in my bullet smoker

Ten Things « Vet Students by the Sea June 17, 2010

[...] study group to our friend Kevin’s house (since he had the same cold I did). Kevin made bacon explosion for [...]

Bacon for Father's Day - INGunOwners June 18, 2010

[...] want to try this: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ [...]

Chris D. June 18, 2010

Wow…Just wow.

I’ll win the 3rd annual family bacon bake-off again for sure with this recipe!!

Is there another way to cook this beast of bacon? I don’t have a smoker.

Jim June 18, 2010

I could never in my wildest fever dreams imagine a sight so overwhelmingly tasty that my mouth began watering so uncontrollably I had to hold my grill mitt against my pie-hole to stanch the flow. MY GOD, y’all are righteously out of your flame-broiled coconuts … and I have GOT to make this TO-DAY.

oink oink June 20, 2010

Made 2 of these a couple weekends ago, first one was literally gone in 60 seconds.. second one lasted all day! made our own sausage mix with about 3/4 pork mince, 1/4 beef, fresh herbs + garlic onion and plenty chili.. baked in the oven for no more than 2 hours, amazing result, next time i’ll be putting a lot more fried bacon in the middle. yahoo!

Robert Kurka June 20, 2010

OMFG… Found this recipe and literally went and made it. My only regret is only making one, it went incredibly fast. I’m also making another one right now. Im not sure if this much bacon in 2 days is very healthy, but damn is it good.

Weekend Before Last: Bringing Home the Bacon, and Catching Up « This Tastes Real June 20, 2010

[...] childhood memory of a toy that allowed you to make bacon out of play-dough.  I mean there’s this, and this … So yeah. [...]

Jon in WA June 21, 2010

Just a thought… would laying a bed of raw bacon on top of the sausage, then rolling it up work? I was thinking about that today when I smoked a fatty (that sounds SO wrong!) made up of maple flavored Jimmy Dean, the bacon weave, and stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese, onions, and bacon bits. It was my first fatty and DEElicious.

Just wondering if raw bacon in the middle would cook properly in the smoker.

Johnny June 21, 2010

I use Jack Daniels BBQ, and OMG! My Heart died and want to heaven. This is the greatest BBQ I ever had…

Aaron June 21, 2010


Not recommended. Raw bacon on the inside will not cook fully. You can fry the bacon to your liking however.

Rick June 21, 2010

This probably won’t go over well, but have made two variations of the “Bacon Explosion”. The first was with chicken(keep reading first). Took chicken strips,marinated over night in a zip lock bag with a variety of spices, choose your own. Next day, weaved the bacon( I used hickory smoked. I don’t own a smoker…yet!) Pounded the chicken down (gave it a good ole chicken “beat down”), laid out the chicken along with green peppers and onions. Then spread on BBQ sauce. Rolled the whole thing up and into the oven at 250 for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours or until you reach 165 with a temp probe. I was surprised at how good it really was. Did the same thing with a pork loin, but didn’t turn out as well. I have an idea for another version, but that will have to wait for another post.

Bacon Bomb « Wanderings June 21, 2010

[...] can check out the original experiment here and where we got our inspiration – lots of great [...]

Is there anything that we can agree upon? - Page 9 - U.S. Politics Online: A Political Discussion Forum June 22, 2010

[...] Blasphemer!!!! Bacon > all! (well, except maybe for garlic) Ha, Bacon indeed. This is the only way to eat bacon [...]

Bowl Covers June 24, 2010

Thanks for sharing the recipe it wouldn’t be as tempting without the pictures.

Holly June 24, 2010

Has anyone used turkey bacon and turkey sausage??? My bf asked me to make it…that’s how it’s getting made in our house!!!

Rick Biegler June 24, 2010

Finally, a proper tribute to Swine. I mean as good a the pig has been to us. This is glorious! I applaud you! This is Art!

Bacon + BBQ Makes the World a Better Place :: Bacon Unwrapped June 26, 2010

[...] and Jason Day.  So what makes these two guys so special?  They are the brains behind the Bacon Explosion which, if you haven’t heard about, apparently your Internets were broken for the better part [...]

Damn That Looks Good. Food you Love to Eat. June 27, 2010

[...] world famous bacon-stuffed, bacon-wrapped Italian sausage, is enhanced with classic Kansas City style barbecue sauce and rub, then smoked low and slow in a [...]

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[...] No, we’re not talking about the King of Pork who invented this gastrointestinal monstrosity. [...]

Bacon Lasagana June 28, 2010

[...] Inspired by the Bacon Explosion. [...]

Pork: formerly known as the other white meat « On the button June 28, 2010

[...] of bacon,” or “Pork. The mother of all bacon.” That’s why I say embrace the Bacon Explosions. Jump on the bacon train, and get on the ham wagon before the [...]

The Bacon Explosion | | Bacon & Scotch | Bacon | Scotch June 28, 2010

[...] this link to get the full details. I made one for the superbowl (with a few of my own little modifications [...]

RICK S. June 29, 2010

Hey guys just found your site and this recipe. Been making theses things for years as “The Ultimate Breakfast Roll”.
I use
1.5lb apple smoked bacon
2 lbs Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage
I weave the bacon as in yours,but I stretch the bacon alittle to include the entire 1.5 lbs. I use a flexible cutting board for the weave, use seasoned pepper on the top of the bacon, then flip the bacon so the seasoned pepper is now on the outside.
Then put down either wax or parchment paper over the bacon, evenly spread the sausage over the paper to the size of the bacon weave. Season with your favorite spice, I have been using “Prudhomme’s Magic Salt Free Seasoning” lately. Add any other meat you may want. For the world cup I made some “stuffed” with English bacon and Serrano ham. Roll tight using the wax/parchment paper as a sushi mat, transfer the sausage onto the bacon weave and roll again. Place the roll on a roasting rack in a cool oven (very important as the meat cooks very evenly and moister than if you put it in a hot pre-heated oven, we ALWAYS bake our unweaved bacon and start it in a cold oven @ 400 for about 45 minutes) and cook @ 350 for about 1.5hrs to an internal temp of 160.
I use my own recipe of apples, roasted jalapeno, maple syrup and beer finished with butter, reduced as a glaze and applied during the last 30 minutes.


I have also double matted (top and bottom)bacon and sausage as a large patty cooked on a rack as in the baked bacon above.


Mike June 30, 2010

I made one of these when they first published it. It was absolutely delicious. I did make one change. I added pepperjack cheese to the inside layer. YUMMMMMMMY.

Try this for your Super Bowl Party | Backup and Disaster Recovery Blog | AppAssure Software July 1, 2010

[...] Download the Bacon Explosion Recipe. [...]

Kerry July 1, 2010

If you eat the whole thing in one sitting do you get it for free?

Christie July 1, 2010

At first, I was repulsed, but my hubby made this on his Big Green Egg to be manly and oh my goodness, this was actually good. If you think about it, it is low carb and a low dose won’t hurt you. Better than meatloaf!

Bust Out the BBQ’s its the 4th of July! « Virtual Village Blog July 2, 2010

[...] time to kick back by the pool with a cold one, hot dogs, burgers, or the Bacon Explosion! After seeing that its a heart attack on a grille. Anyways, 4th of July is known for excessive [...]

Frodo Randins July 2, 2010

[...] just started to try and eat healthier foods, so that means none of these for me…Shame Click here to find out how to make your very own Bacon Explosion.Forget dogs or cats, I want a pet AT-AT.I [...]

Anyone up for a cocktail? - Page 2 - Scuba Forum - Scuba Diving Forums and Discussion Board July 3, 2010

[...] of bacon: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ jason ulichnie | quick, not [...]

Jill July 3, 2010

Some guy called my fav. radio show (The Love Doctors South Florida) yesterday & said he was making this for Independence day, so when I came home & told my boyfriend about it we decided to try it out. I’m on my way to the store to get the ingredients I can’t wait to see how it comes out. I’m thinking about adding onions & peppers to it … What do you guys think?

Elizabeth July 3, 2010

Looks like a reason for a BACON PARTY!!!

Who doesn’t like the taste of bacon? « favorite things July 4, 2010

[...] I’ve been fascinated by the bacon renaissance of the last couple years – the classic cured pork product has inspired new creations by gourmets and doughnut makers alike. Possibly the most awful contemporary recipe I’ve found is this so-called ‘bacon explosion.’ [...]

hammer July 6, 2010

This recipe must be handed down straight from heaven!!

Griddle Me This | Northern Virginia Magazine July 7, 2010

[...] Bacon Explosion. Meet the White Castle Waffle. [...]

Brendan July 7, 2010

this looks amazing! I’ve been know to eat a pound of bacon after morning practice or conditioning… this could really hit the spot!

From Snips to Squirt | Cast of Dads July 8, 2010

[...] Bacon Explosion [...]

Milking an Almond, Bacon Explosions & Bakin’ in the Heat – Cast of Dads Podcast #26 | HighTechDad Blog July 9, 2010

[...] Bacon Explosion [...]

Tommer July 10, 2010

I brought this to my son’s swim meet (meat?) potluck. People were ogling it but staying away…then one person tried a piece and blesses it as “awesome” – then the whole thing was literally gone within one minute.

James Gardner July 12, 2010

Maybe I can get my Dr. to double my prescription for Simvistatin so I can handle this!!!!

BBQ Lover July 12, 2010

Oh my God! This site is a happy heart attack waiting to happen!

BACON - CINNAMON rolls you can make at home! - INGunOwners July 13, 2010

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Bacon Explosion = Heart Attack on the Grill (BBQ Time) « 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside July 15, 2010

[...] recipes is from BBQ Addicts The people who run the BBQ Addicts web site are my heroes. They are BBQ FANATICS. Everything they make, create, smoke, grill or dream [...]

Ryan July 16, 2010


Justin July 16, 2010

A little cheese in the middle would go greatttttttttt with this.

It’s BACON EXPLOSION time! : Auf Der Axe July 17, 2010

[...] ik richting Belgie om samen met m’n maten Roy en Richard een bacon explosion te maken. Een bacon explosion is echt het neusje van de zalm als het op barbecuegerechten [...]

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Julia Allison Needs To Eat Some God Damn Meat Already « Reblogging NonSociety July 17, 2010

[...] seriously want to tie this bitch down and force-feed her a Bacon Explosion*. Homegirl needs [...]

Growing Peppers July 19, 2010

Bacon Explosion is actually a new version of Morcon. It is still rolled with foil paper and baked in the oven. The difference between Morcon and Bacon Explosion is that, Bacon Explosion is easy to be mise-en-place and it is easy to be cook because of the thin meat of bacon and Morcon is the opposite. The doneness of the meat which is the bacon is medium well to attain its juiciness of the meat and probably with an apple sauce or honey; this Bacon Explosion experience would be appetizing.

Dave July 20, 2010

I am on my 3rd one now and everytime it keeps getting easier and easier to make. It scares me.

Populess July 20, 2010

Wow, what an interesting way to take a few years off your life span!I’m down for 3.

Aporkalpyse Now July 21, 2010

And I looked, and beheld the grace of God in his true form, a log of porcine perfection of holy beauty.

From the Book of Bacon Chapter 3, verse 17

Kanarchy July 23, 2010

Having a bacon explosion BBQ today with about 30 or so close friends. Made 6 of them in about an hour and a half. Yummy!

2.5″ Diameter of Bacon Goodness « Ehpicfail Internets Blog July 23, 2010

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Bacon July 24, 2010

[...] How about this….. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Reply With [...]

Maty July 24, 2010


can anyone tell me how long the bacon stripes are in cm?

Thank you in advance.

Mike July 25, 2010

OH MAN!!!! I cant take it anymore… that is the coolest thing Ive ever seen!

Job well done!!!!

Bacon Recipe's. - Page 2 - My Les Paul Forums July 25, 2010

[...] Posted by RichCI Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes I thought posting porn was against the [...]

Vince July 25, 2010

i made one of these yesterday. i didn’t use bbq sauce, but instead made a praline glaze. fan-freakin-tastic! used the slices to make a turkey club sandwich. highly recommend it.

Elvis July 26, 2010

I just jizzed BBQ sauce!!!!!

Hyster July 26, 2010

Also good battered and deep-fried…

Chorizo and Potato Frittata: ‘Til We Meat Again | Chorizo and Potato Frittata: ‘Til We Meat Again diet doctor oz | Chorizo and Potato Frittata: ‘Til We Meat Again diet plan | Doctor Oz Diet > Doctor Oz Website > Doctor Oz Vegan Die July 27, 2010

[...] end your newest bout with Weight Watchers faster than you can say, “I’d like another serving of Bacon Explosion, [...]

Netbook July 28, 2010

come on, i’m a vegetarian ;-)

OneArmStrength - Hamburger Turtles. July 28, 2010

[...] a lot like the Bacon Explosion, just not as much meat. Bacon [...]

Paulingtonburyshire July 28, 2010

Imagine that made of fish ! hooo

RasterMaster July 28, 2010

I have never herd of fish bacon.

50 Ways to Use Bacon! | | Bacon & Scotch | Bacon | Scotch July 29, 2010

[...] The Bacon Explosion is to die [...]

A Tornado of Pork. A Pork Tornado! – July 29, 2010

[...] the article… Behold, BACON EXPLOSION!!! Here’s what you’ll [...]

Fabian July 29, 2010

Check out my version of lunch (got more and better pictures if needed / wanted):

Chorizo and Potato Frittata: ‘Til We Meat Again | Chorizo and Potato Frittata: ‘Til We Meat Again doctor oz | Chorizo and Potato Frittata: ‘Til We Meat Again doctor oz recipes | Doctor Oz Recipes > Recipes Doctor Oz > Doctor Oz July 29, 2010

[...] end your newest bout with Weight Watchers faster than you can say, “I’d like another serving of Bacon Explosion, [...]

Nice Bacon photos | MyBacon August 1, 2010
Chuck Ballenger August 1, 2010

I have 6 stents in my heart and I know im goin to trip and fall before i can get my fatty roll to the barby. I cant wait to try this receipe.

Max August 2, 2010

Maty: 5in is about 13cm

Douglas August 2, 2010

This looks good. I know what would make it even better. Instead of sausage, make the second layer….. boudin!!! Oh yeah Cher’!!! We could call it the bacon boudin blaster. Replace the bbq sause with Cajun seasonings.

Gots ta do it. Gots ta do it.

Douglas August 2, 2010

I meant bbq “sauce” not “sause”. Ha ha ha…

Bye yall!

Ian August 3, 2010

I have one of these waiting for me when i get home, I can’t wait much longer!!!

Vince August 3, 2010

@ Douglas – I’ve already done that, but added boudin to the bacon crumbles. The boudin was fantastic. Also used cayenne and paprika inside to season, then glazed it with rum praline. unreal!!

I was actually thinking of trying gator sausage. Gotta love livin in NOLA!

Douglas August 4, 2010

@ Vince – That sounds mighty good. What time is supper? ;)

BME: Tattoo, Piercing and Body Modification News » Events ModBlog » Did someone say BBQ? August 5, 2010

[...] too bad I won’t be in town.  I would have loved to have the chance to cook up another Bacon Explosion for people. Tagged as: Events, iam [...]

CHELSEY August 6, 2010

Can i get some fries with that?

10.000 Kalorien – Bacon Explosion | Bäzol 2.0 August 7, 2010

[...] die Bacon Expolsion bin ich letztes Jahr schon gestossen und wollte dieses Rezept eigentlich dieses Jahr mal selbst auf [...]

Ed August 8, 2010

This should be patented! It’s a TOP SECRET recipe! one of af a kind

Nicole August 10, 2010

My heart is strong enough for this! Where can I get one?

bacon and beer - Page 5 August 11, 2010

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ Vortech V2 HO Polished, 462/413 [...]

David August 11, 2010

where do you find bacon this big?

Goalie August 12, 2010

We used lean ground beef instead of sausage and cut them into 1″1/2 slices and ate them like burgers. Add old cheddar, tomato and mayo….OMG!!!

Mike August 12, 2010

Oh man, does that ever look delicious!
One of these days I’ll have to either buy or make one of these.

This is why you are fat August 12, 2010

[...] 2 pounds of sausage wrapped in 2 pounds of bacon, covered in barbeque sauce and smoked. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes Reply With Quote + Reply to Thread « Previous Thread | Next [...]

The Shiz Nit August 13, 2010

This awesome creation made me and my friends the best egg and cheese sandwich. Just sliced it and fried it up to warm it up…kick but

E. Weis August 14, 2010

Try this recipe deep fried with a little Cajun Spice… Very tasty. Visit

bacon, brown rice, and beans — pork, knife & spoon August 14, 2010

[...] and I love our pork, but we’re not really big fans of the Bacon Explosion. I can certainly see why that became such a fad. However, for most days’ eating, that’s [...]

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Bacon Cheese Turtle Burger - Page 2 - Old Hippie's Forums August 15, 2010

[...] EXPLOSION!!! __________________ " We will remember in November" [...]

Tim August 16, 2010

Eh. Made two yesterday. They’re good, but nothing special. Grill some Italian sausage, wrap in bacon, dip in BBQ sauce, there’s your flavors.

Ray August 16, 2010

Its awesome if you dont use the bbq sauce. Sprinkle some mozz, and chilli’s on the sausage before rolling. Delightful.

The Restless Admin » Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes August 17, 2010

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes. [...]

Cindy August 19, 2010

How many points would a 3oz. serving be? I’m on Weight Watchers and oh so tempted.

Elliot August 20, 2010

Oh crap! I am making this for NFL opening Sunday! It will be awesome!

I think I might add a bit of local, Cincinnati flavor to it. Instead of sausage, I am thinking about using goetta. For sauce, I will definitely use Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce. This will be great! Of course, if I do it Cincy style, I will have to also try the original recipe at some point.

Ed August 22, 2010

I make one of these every few months… One on the smoker right now actually… I have broiled one when in an apartment when my smoker was in storage… I have used spicy sausage… Tried different bacons, different sauces… And no matter what… It still tastes amazing… My friends are always surprised how not greasy it is… The fat just melts off and leaves it juicy.

I think this tops the baconater - Coffee Talk - RenewedReflections August 23, 2010

[...] They still have to go a ways, though, to top this! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes CT __________________ da perfesser ******************* Dare to live your dream!! If you [...]

Domain Clavel aus Frankreichs „wildem“ Süden – Schnäppchen oder Märchenstunde? « Drunkenmonday Wein Blog August 24, 2010

[...] griffiges Tannin. Dank der schönen Säure ein guter Essensbegleiter. (Vorschlag für Grillfans: „Bacon-Explosion“). Ein „Maul voll Wein“ für das Geld. Lecker und [...]

Who hijacks the most threads? August 24, 2010

[...] like Bacon again after seeing "Taking Chance" and "Death Sentence." A Bacon Explosion is juicer. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ! Reply With [...]

Dennis August 25, 2010

I tried this today but on a scaled down size. After 20 minutes on the grill it looked great as I rolled it over. At 40 minutes on the grill I lifted the lid to discover that the bacon was on fire. Black strips of carbon with 3 inch flames coming from all over. I picked it up with a spatula and carried it into the kitchen where I placed it on a plate. Then I used the metal spatula to beat out the flames.

I gave a piece of the carbonized bacon to the dog. He spit it out on the floor.

I think that I may have had the grill turned up to high.

Catherine August 26, 2010

looks good… i’ll try to make one this weekend.

Man vs. Food Stopped By… | iPod Repair, iPhone Repair, Apple Repair: From the Back Office Repair Blog August 26, 2010

[...] burnt end sandwich. Fun fact — in college, I lived down the dorm hall from the creator of the Bacon Explosion. I haven’t tried the Bacon Explosion myself, but I have a friend who made it indoors and his [...]

Christy August 27, 2010

I don’t even eat pork, and GOD, that looks good. Why the hell am I even at a bacon website….It’s gotta be the booze!

Here's and addition for you zippy August 28, 2010

[...] bacon. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ Silver Metallic 04 Cobra #2447/3768 451 RWHP / 456 RWTQ Tuned by Pete @ [...]

phil August 28, 2010

what about about instead of sausage use scallops?

phil August 28, 2010

and instead of bbq sauce use butter!

ET Cartman August 29, 2010

Give it a shot with Bratwurst instead of Italian……
Trust me, it doesn’t suck. ;-)
I make my own rub and sauce, so who knows, maybe I’ll see y’all at the never-yet-done first annual Bacon Explosion competition, blues festival and motorcycle rally.
Hey, that’s a good idea…… I’ll find a venue.

Tailgate Preview – Huskie week « Wide Right & Natty Lite August 30, 2010

[...] bacon weave reminiscent of the Bacon Explosion that took the internet by storm last year. And even the most artistically challenged [...]

T the COOK August 30, 2010

itsssss BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100 ways to use a strip of bacon August 30, 2010

[...] [...]

PC Boxen September 1, 2010

this looks sooo tasty. will try it this weekend. thanks a lot for the great recipe.

Paul C September 3, 2010

I made a half version as I am by myself. I used a pound of bacon, a pound of sausage, some nice garlic pepper rub, baby ray’s hot bbq sauce, some shredded chedder and pepperjack cheese and some serrano peppers. it took about 3 hours in the oven at 225 and it was, how can i put this, an orgasm in my mouth. I ate half of the loaf. That was last night. This morning, I’ve been on the can twice so far and as I type this, I’m clinching my butt. But was it worth it? Hell yeah!

Kathy Dugan September 3, 2010

Just got this recipe today from my brother whom I THOUGHT loved me! I told him to book the entire Coronary Care Unit at his local hospital if he serves this to his family!!

Pelotonia – A gooseneck Opus | Team Speranza Blog September 4, 2010

[...] rest room.  After sharing the pirate’s liter box I prepared a healthy pre-ride breakfast.  Bacon and Bon Jovi.  I followed breakfast by donning my lycra battle armor and went to pick up [...]

Big Bear Butt Blogger » Happy National Bacon Day! September 4, 2010

[...] If not that, then what about something a little lighter on the bacon end, like, oh, the original Bacon Explosion? [...]

Doc Pleasanton September 6, 2010

Instead of italian sausage I use a good Basque Chorizo and jalapenos … just awesome!!

Brian September 7, 2010

Here is a twist you might try everybody if you have not already, Weave the bacon, 1.5 to 2lbs Turkey Tenderloin pounded flat between plastic. Put that on the bacon weave and season it with whatever. Next put chopped spinached leaves on the Turkey. This will enhance the bacon flavor in the turkey. Last thinly slice a block of cream cheese and layer over the spinach, turkey and bacon. Now roll this sum of a gun up and get some toothpicks and will look like a football. Toothpicks will help hold together. Now smoke it, (Good Luck Getting it Lit…. Just kidding) for about 3 to 3.5 hours or until to temperature. Let stand 20 minutes and slice. Hmmmmm Hmmmmm

Pittsburgh Panthers vs. New Hampshire Wildcats – Pitt Gameday September 7, 2010

[...] Bacon Explosion – Yeah I said it… Bacon Explosion [...]

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[...] July 4th Bacon Explosion Image by CC Chapman Cooking is always the most fun when it is a family affair. Recipe at [...]

MIZZOU September 10, 2010

Is developing a slight chub while reading this the correct response? If not, I don’t want to be right

Chorizo and Potato Frittata: ‘Til We Meat Again | Chorizo and Potato Frittata: ‘Til We Meat Again dr oz | Chorizo and Potato Frittata: ‘Til We Meat Again dr oz diet | Dr Oz Diet > Dr Oz Website > Dr Oz Vegan Diet September 12, 2010

[...] end your newest bout with Weight Watchers faster than you can say, “I’d like another serving of Bacon Explosion, [...]

cc September 12, 2010

I would eat that shit like it was viet-NOM

Daniel September 13, 2010

Holy Lord Jesus, I am all over this one…

kim September 14, 2010

Wow! what a fantastic recipe will definelty be trying this some time soon. Live in the UK so the weather is getting colder every day as we move towards autumn/winter, may have a fine afternoon to try this out other wise I’m going to try this in the oven, after a brown in a pan.



A Canadian Pig is like a Toyota Prius Rolled in Cornmeal « Canadian Expat September 14, 2010

[...] The Bacon Explosion, this is what Chuck Norris eats for breakfast everyday. [...]

Blaze September 16, 2010

Saw this recipe quite a while ago, but haven’t had the chance to make it, yet. However, I do hope to get together with some friends to try this out. Seems like it should go perfect with potato cakes covered with some sharp cheddar!

fly September 19, 2010

WHAT ????? NO butter ????

This must be the Diet Version !!!!!

Terry September 20, 2010

If you couple bacon with anything, you have a winning combo.

Al September 20, 2010

Time to rationalize: When this is grilled, It’ll render out most of the fat. The rest can be neutralized with a nice Jethro Boden salad drowned in vinegrette dressing (to cut the fat). Follow that with a hefty dose of heart pills, a gallon of water, a marathon, and all should be OK…

I’ll let you know how things turn out (if I capable)…

hawgbalz September 23, 2010

The Bacon Explosion, honestly, turns out great! I received this link from a good (and now highly respected) friend who said this is “quite possibly what they serve for lunch in heaven”!!!! I’m cookin’ another for him and a few friends this weekend….I’m Ready!!

Thank You BBQ Addicts!!!!!

The Shrimp Boil is also great!!!

After trying these 2 recipes, I ordered your book through Amazon, and cannot wait to get it….THANKS!!!!!!!

sdgrey September 25, 2010

Got 3 explosions sitting in the fridge right now getting ready to be cooked.
1) Pepper Bacon – Spicy Sausage – Devil’s spit BBQ and Pepperjack cheese
2) regular bacon – regular sausage – Sweet Baby Rays sweet and spicy bbq
3) Regular bacon – sweet sausage – Rudolphs BBQ and co jack cheese

in two weeks – making turtle burgers.

Rained Out Weekend….what to do…. « View from the Grill September 28, 2010

[...] the portion sizes.  But, their claim-to-fame I simply MUST try someday, that’s their “BBQ Bacon Explosion.” If your arteries don’t seize up by just smellin’ the SMOKE from this [...]

Favorite cheat meal? Recipes? [Forums] September 28, 2010

[...] by the way, I am calling BS on NJ. With all that bacon and cheese I would have guessed alabama or something. That is a southern meal heart attack waiting to happen. Check this out if you want a cheat meal with bacon Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Elizabeth October 2, 2010

That sounds and looks o yummy, pictures are just plain evil, always makes me hungry.

Grill Gangsta October 5, 2010

That thing looks amazing!!! I plan to kick it up a knotch and roll up some bleu cheese or pepperjack logs. That should be almost orgasmic!!!

r October 6, 2010

My boyfriend had one of these at a LAN. He said he’s not eaten bacon since and it was years ago.

MeatHub’s Top 5 Recipes With Sausage This Week | MeatHub October 6, 2010

[...] The Bacon Explosion via the BBQ Addicts [...]

phoenix October 6, 2010

My god it’s full of stars.

Tyler October 8, 2010

Awesome, I’m going to be doing one of these VERY soon in my new smoker I just finished!

That’s Enough, Internet. « Diary of a Genial Black Man October 9, 2010

[...] Muslim hate in America. (“Those Muslims want a community center near Ground Zero? RELEASE THE BACON EXPLOSION.”) This will show the [...]

hotdog October 11, 2010

great selection of products, those doesnt look healthy but very delicious. I can imagine that bacon on grilled hot dogs :D

Bacon Rice Krispie Treats | Red Molly Cooks October 11, 2010

[...] itself, doesn’t really cry out to be deep-fried and served with gravy, infused into vodka, or basket-woven around a slab of sausage and grilled. At least not in my [...]

HA! October 12, 2010

” r October 6, 2010

My boyfriend had one of these at a LAN. He said he’s not eaten bacon since and it was years ago.”

Did he tell you why he doesn’t eat Tuna anymore?


KFC double down coming to canada! - Page 4 - Hardware Canucks October 12, 2010

[...] this in the irc a long time ago now, if you like bacon this is for you. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ R.I.P. [...]

Al From Maine October 12, 2010

I can see this on Superbowl Sunday. It is cardiac arrest on the grill, but Hell none of us live forever!

Anybody ever had a FATTY? October 13, 2010

[...] check this out: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes jason ulichnie | quick, not fast… Reply With Quote + Reply to [...]

Sweetbearies October 13, 2010

I am not into bacon, but any recipe can be made with the vegetarian or turkey variety, which is what I use.

Em October 14, 2010

Ah Americans, always inventing ways to get fatter and more heart disease and diabetes
Hopefully this contributes to ‘thinning your population’

Sweetbearies October 15, 2010

I like turkey bacon.

Al October 15, 2010


WOW! Your a real piece of work. Wishing people dead. Who made you God? Why not state where your from so we can pick your culture apart as well…People here having fun and then you come along…NICE!!!

Sausage! Get ya sausage here! - Page 3 - PreCentral Forums October 15, 2010

[...] BEHOLD!!! BACON SAUSAGE The best of both worlds! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes __________________ "Brace yourself, you beautiful *****. I am about to **** you up with [...]

Back home for the weekend. Kogi, Get Shaved, Jackass 3D, and Bacon EXPLOSION! | drewly noted October 18, 2010

[...] Bacon Explosion [...]

Mikker October 18, 2010

I think there is a clause in the health care bill banning this!! Seriously, I’m going to make a couple of these this weekend!!

Robert L. Mayo October 18, 2010

I love America!

Cookie Monster October 21, 2010

Ah, bacon. Is there anyone who doesn’t like it?

Great recipe, keep up the good work ;)

RasterMaster October 22, 2010

For some reason EM is against it. :(

Thats all right, it will leave more for the rest of us.

God Bless America!

Lomcevak » Blog Archive » The Bacon Explosion October 26, 2010
Bring the pork back! | October 27, 2010


mushrome October 31, 2010

Coming up to making my fifth Bacon Health Roll next Australia Day. I wish I could try an original straight from the source. But I don’t think Australian Customs would let it pass their canteen. All the same thankyou for this, the most excellent BBQ centre piece. Goes well with iced prawns.

Sarah October 31, 2010

I haven’t seen anything like this! I think it’d be great to try it at the Barbecue Cookoff this year in Houston Texas at the Rodeo. My dad is on a team and I’m totally going to suggest something like this! YUM! (And holy heart attack!)


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[...] I was bumping around Facebook yesterday and one of my friends posted up a picture and link to The Bacon Explosion. Now, as a good, red-blooded American male, there are a couple of things that I hold [...]

Sizzle November 6, 2010

I just bacon exploded in my pants!!!

Bob November 7, 2010

I just came

This seems like a good idea… « kud sez "huh?" November 11, 2010
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[...] Here is the link to a very detailed set of instructions with pictures to help you follow along from the good folks over at BBQaddicts. We will post pictures of the proud chefs and their dishes at the F31 tailgate here in subesquent tailgate posts. Happy cooking! [...]

Rob November 14, 2010

Wow! A friend found this on your website on Thursday before a Bears-Vikings game in Chicago & I salivated over it for 4 days. Used 1lb of mild & 1lb of hot sausage & 2lbs of hickory smoked bacon. Made the “sausage/pig meatloaf” (I’ve dubbed it the Baconator) on Saturday in preparation for Sunday’s game. I was a little concerned about the cooking time since we typically get to the lot ~9ish before the 12 noon games…and I don’t have a smoker just a gas grill. So, I improvised by cooking in a crockpot (4hr timer) for ~90 minutes before headin to game. Once there, another 90 minutes on the grill with a little Hickory & Brown Sugar Sweet Baby Rays and it was Go Time! Absolutely sinful & delicious! The only thin that spared us from having heart attacks (besides the Bears win!) was that we split it between 6-8 people. Can only imagine that the smoker would have added another level of enjoyment.

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[...] of bacon,” or “Pork. The mother of all bacon.” That’s why I say embrace the Bacon Explosions. Jump on the bacon train, and get on the ham wagon before the [...]

Jc Cyphert November 17, 2010

Thanks for that. We’re having a little potluck party next week, for Christmas I guess and I’ve been trying to find something unique.. found some awesome ideas at this potluck recipe site. You know, someone should invent a website where you can write what you’ll be taking, and it would make sure no one is bringing the same thing!

Aaron November 17, 2010

@Jim – The “All-Natural” line of 3 Little Pigs rubs and sauces are gluten free. If it doesn’t have all-natural in the name, it does contain it.

RocketMan November 17, 2010

This is making my bowels ache just looking at it. My family would report me missing!!

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TravelKitty November 19, 2010

I also do not have a smoker, would mixing some liquid smoke with the italian sausage possibly work to add the “smokey flavor”? Please let me know if anyone has tried that. I will definitely make this with hickory smoked bacon and hope for the best…

SixPack HardAbs November 20, 2010

I like:
1) Pepper Bacon – Spicy Sausage – Devil’s spit BBQ and Pepperjack cheese
2) regular bacon – regular sausage – Sweet Baby Rays sweet and spicy bbq


Baconator November 22, 2010

A guy i work with says to add some crushed up tums to it. I think he’s on to something!

Cody November 22, 2010

Hey, i am doing a demonstration speech for one of my High school classes and was wondering if i would be making a good choice by making this and explaining how to make it? (Since it is very simple and my grilling skills are superb)

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[...] was fantastic. At first I thought it was going to be the Bacon Explosion. Although I will proudly add that I did in fact make two bacon explosions for a Super Bowl party a [...]

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[...] Explosion: The bbq sausage recipe of all [...]

baconman November 24, 2010

So… much.. meat! I must have died from eating to much, and now, I’m in heaven eating this.. :O

Aaron November 24, 2010

@Cody – It would be a great idea for a demo! You need a smoker though, so you might make one before so you can build it then immediately serve!

Aaron November 24, 2010

@TravelKitty a bit of liquid smoke might add a little. Personally I don’t like the flavor. It’s good even in the oven:

casketsalesman November 25, 2010

wow, this is incredible, the best thing i’ve seen in such a long time

JonB November 25, 2010

My buddy and I are going to try this tomorrow as a little post thanksgiving topperoffer. Should be a pretty glorious experience. Ill be sure to post a picture and an update.

Love of Bacon November 28, 2010

[...] 4.Clog your arteries with a bacon explosion! [...]

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[...] some day I’ll prepare one of these out back. The original recipe can be found here, over at BBQ [...]

BBQ Bill December 1, 2010

The explosion with jalapenos makes an awesome sandwich…truly

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[...] (information on bear’s defecatory habits from The Bearhunting Network. I, mithy, do not condone or endorse the hunting and/or eating of bears, chiefly on the grounds they almost certainly don’t taste like bacon) [...]

Tiny Elvis December 3, 2010

I’m on my 4th version of the Bacon Explosion. I’ve tried simple variations, everything from basil, to cherry tomatoes. This time I added an extra 3 to 4 ounces of bacon inside. I like to cook some of the bacon and actually mix it in with the pork before spreading the goodness out, then top with more bacon.

This time, I also added a couple of pieces of thinly sliced prosciutto inside to top the sausage.

The Joy of Bacon December 5, 2010

[...] I made the bacon explosion -> Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes It was awesome, but salty, extremely salty. This was for the most part due to my using chili [...]

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[...] think one dee-lish dish could be included in the app or main section and that’s the BACON EXPLOSION The name says it all. Double smoked bacon and sausage with a side of Lipitor! YUM!!!!!Or instead of [...]

Russell December 7, 2010

Made one a couple of days ago, it was great. I went ahead and added cheese. It worked out fine. Only thing was I don’t have a smoker, so cooked in the oven. At 225 it wasn’t crisping up on the outside. Ended up doing it at 375 for the last half hour. It was great!

Isabel December 8, 2010

This is looking amazing, It’s perfect to make it for holidays dinners. Actually I’ll give it a try for the Christmas dinner so I’ll surprise my family with something new.

BriGuy December 9, 2010

OMG I cant believe this. Holly smokes. Oh smoke it first mmmm. I am inviting all my friends over for this one. My Face Book is going nutts since I posted this. Can I get on a email letter, SOme sort of mailing list for bacon? I have never asked this before lol.

Bri Guy

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[...] New York Marathon is over, Caroline has the flexibility to indulge in food experimentation like the Bacon Explosion, which sounds like a meat lover’s dream come true, except that Caroline is (mostly) [...]

Matt December 11, 2010

I’ve made this several times. I use shredded cheese, as well, but I also put in onion and jalapeños. I don’t season the inside anymore. Last weekend, I went Hawaiian style and skipped the cooked bacon in the middle. Instead, we went with thinly sliced ham, pineapple, onions and cheese. Think it’s time to take this baby up a notch and go with chorizo and habañeros!

Bob December 12, 2010

I felt sick just reading through the instructions. What a vile concoction, who on earth in their right mind would eat that? No wonder you yanks are all bloated, obese lardy lumps of mouthy uselessness. How many pigs are slaughtered in your country just to feed your fat, greasy faces with vomit-inducing meat rolls like this. It’s a wonder you lot haven’t become so utterly carnivorous that you’ve started eating each other. Mind you, the world benefits when you do start eating each other. Gluttonous, spoilt race of fat, arrogant flag-waving non-thinkers. May your grease-induced heart attacks bring you peace – it will the rest of us.

Al December 12, 2010


Who died and anointed you the deity of all things? Your probably just a blogger buried in your mom’s basement wearing 3 week old dirty undies and packing your pie hole with cheetos. If your going to judge something, man up and tell us where your from so we know whether to take you seriously (and comment on your countries faults)…

Mike December 12, 2010

I agree completely with Al. I think Bob is just a drunk Brit who can’t get over the fact that we kicked England’s ass. Consider the source and don’t waste any more energy on him.

Mike December 12, 2010

Bob You troll – Happy Freaking 4th Of July. Check the Longevity for your country and this one Holmes. And get some dental help for god’s sakes.

Chorizo and Habaneros are excellent. NO CHEESE when you do this cause it is just a mistake – I grow my own habaneros and dehydrate them, powder them in the food processor seeds included, with garlic. then just dust the layers with that.

you would not believe the heat this provides!
The lower and slower you can cook these at the better, really makes a difference in the final product, chill it down and you will be able to slice this like summer sausage – the slices are incredible pizza toppings, and flaming hot cracker toppings with a nice square of chipotle Jack. No Kidding – at Thanks giving everyone screamed it was way too hot But that didn’t stop them from eating every bit of the tray that was set out. ( Green Olives are wicked with that as well by the way. – i got the Giant bad boys stuffed with jalapeno and garlic rather than pimentos!)

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Mowbs December 16, 2010

Made it, ate it, worshiped it, LOVED IT

Futebol December 16, 2010

WOW! This looked simply amazing!

I can see a heart attack coming just for looking at it! haha :D

Dinner Time: Bacon Explosion On The Grill December 16, 2010

[...] The bacon explosion consists of 14 strips of bacon woven together, a pound of flattened pork sausage covered with Chipotle Tabasco, Cayenne powder, barbecue sauce, shredded Pepper Jack cheese, diced fresh jalapenos, and two more strips of bacon rolled into a log and wrapped with the bacon mat. The whole shebang is then basted with some more barbecue sauce and baked for three hours at 250F. Check out the recipe here. [...]

sawyer December 18, 2010

I have made this twice with the same delicious results. the only down side is that my roll comes out to be around 4 inches. Therefore takes 4 hours to cook.

Jason December 18, 2010

@Sawyer – Try using longer bacon, or scaling back the amount of sausage. If need be, you can always make two smaller ones to feed the same amount of people.

Deux Lai December 19, 2010

This is making me sooooo hungry. Too bad i’m in another part of the world

Mike December 19, 2010

I’m sure you could make one no matter where you live!!

RasterMaster December 19, 2010

He may live in a place were pork is not allowed! Or in a place were the UN gave away “green computers” but no food.

So Deux Lai, if ever in CA stop by and I will make one for you.

Will December 21, 2010

My friend just sent this to me, right before his Heart Attack.
I am on my way to the store to make one myself…

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Tim RObinson December 24, 2010

Wow…I need a towel…….

ABIGHAMMER December 25, 2010

i bought one for my sister for Christmas. she said she’s going to make it within the next couple of days. i figure if it doesnt kill her, i’ll buy a couple of em !!!!

Federico December 27, 2010

Hi everyone:I´m from Córdoba Argentina,and just ran into this recepy while looking for sausage recepis.It sounds really good and will cook it as soon as posible,then I´ll let you guys Know.Greetings to all of you. Federico.

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Richard January 2, 2011

I love you

Johnny January 3, 2011

Made 2 of these bad boys for New Years breakfast. Grilled it on the Weber indirectly for 3 hours. Used spicy Italian sausage for the middle. It was beyond awesome.

Jason "bzerker" January 3, 2011

WOW. We had 2 x 4# bacon explosions for the Rose Bowl game and there was not a single crumb of bacon left.

If you have dogs be sure you clean the ash catcher on your weber grill. I went to let my pooch in and she was feasting on the sweet meat drippings. lol. ! Lucky Dog!

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Wango January 8, 2011


The Bacon Explosion | Saturday In Austin January 8, 2011
Eric January 8, 2011

I like to dice jalapenos and mix it in with the cheese, gives the roll a little kick! Delicious!

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[...] hittar jag en sida som handlar om att grilla korv och bacon i en stor rulle. Titta här och här för att få se dessa skapelser samt steg för steg [...]

Reece January 16, 2011

This had been done before them,, but differently. It was originally a breakfast based Oven food. Start off with the weave, and inside the weave you place onions, cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, etc. So it’s sort of a skillet or omelet(Minus the egg…or with it, if you prefer) wrapped in bacon. Most delicious coronary EVER.

RasterMaster January 17, 2011

Thats interesting REECE, would you have any reference or a little more details about that? Country? any thing, I would like to research that, sounds awesome.

Nick DiPrima January 19, 2011

I want to cut this bacon pinwheel into slices, fill my car cushions with them, and live cook and sleep in my car in order to be with them every hour and devote all my time to them, my lovely slices.

James Chicago January 19, 2011

My plan is to cook this for my bulemic wife so she is so occupied that I can watch the superbowl in peace.LOL

SpaceRat January 20, 2011

My. Oh. My.

I have never seen anything like this. I must make one!

Already I have some Cajun changes I would like to incorporate…perhaps use deer sausage and some cheese…onions…bell pepper…maybe some jalepenos…and serve it with lots and lots of beer…

Super Bowl Sunday will never be the same again…


Bacon Explosion | MyBacon January 25, 2011
deirdre January 25, 2011

I made this for the last Super Bowl the Steelers were in and won. Now that we are back again I have received requests for it again. It went so fast last time I’m going to go for it and order several just due to the amount of people I will need to feed and how great this was! THANK you from Pork loving Pittsburgh, & GO Stillers!

Rebecca January 28, 2011

My name is Rebecca and I’m a Casting Producer for the TLC show Freaky Eaters. We are launching into our second season and we’re looking for ADULTS who are FOOD FANATICS or struggle with a FOOD ADDICTION for the show.

For more info, send an email to with your name, age, number, and brief description of your eating habits.

Thanks so much and have a great day!

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[...] bacon-centric food that has come to my attention in recent history is The Bacon Explosion. This looks like a heart attack just waiting to happen. The guys where I work actually tried it out [...]

Baconator January 31, 2011

Needs cheese. Otherwise perfect.

Angi January 31, 2011

This looked like a great dish for my Superbowl party. I was just about to order it when I noticed that the shipping and handling was more than the product itself! I will just make it and save the $20.00. Thanks for the recipe.

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WHM3 January 31, 2011

This looks so good. I’ll have to make one… it’ll finsh off my mother-in-law once and for all. She’s old school, still dips bread-heals in steak grease…

tannerh January 31, 2011

I’m sure its great and everything . . . but it looks like a giant turd.

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okie4x4 February 1, 2011

I made one at Christmas but added Pepper Jack Cheese under the crumbled bacon inside the roll. OMG!!! :D

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rogtown February 1, 2011

made one of these for my birthday a couple of years back, then made another as part of my “bacon bowl” for a ravens playoff game (let’s not talk about the result)
it accompanied bacon turkey chili, pigs in bacon lined blankets, bacon turtle cheeseburgers as seen here – and with all the bacon that had been cooked i deep fried chicken wings and french fries in the bacon fat

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Anonymous February 4, 2011

[...] oh, man, that looks good. have you seen this? it's called the bacon explosion… more like a cholesterol bomb, but looks good, nonetheless. [...]

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Philthybolt February 5, 2011

This looks so simple, yet incredibly satisfying. I’ll definitely be making this tomorrow for Superbowl Sunday, but with one small modification- adding cheese. Most likely pepperjack… or sharp cheddah. I don’t know. Regardless, I’m gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight due to the increasing anticipation for porkfest 2011.

BTW- The fun-sucking, tree-hugging, healthnut dumb-dumbs are so annoying. Just like anything that’s unhealthy for you can and should be enjoyed in moderation.

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Carol February 7, 2011

Great detailed instructions.

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[...] But even those vegetables are no match for BACON. I love bacon.  So when my husband found this recipe, I had to try it. And since I’m still developing my photography skills, I took some [...]

TNTimberWolf February 14, 2011

I know where my next heart attack is coming from! I’m thinkin’ a 1/2 inch slice with a fried egg on a cathead biscuit and a glass of buttermilk to wash it down would put me in front of the pearly gates with a permanent smile on my face.

Ron February 16, 2011

I ordered 2 for our tailgate for the Steeler-NY Jets AFC Championship game, and they were a huge hit! All you heard were people saying “OMG”. People were putting the slices on a bun and adding cole slaw to the sandwich. I have been told that this now has to be a staple at at least one tailgate a year!

Sonja February 17, 2011

Was für ein tolles Rezept…muß ich machen, sobald die Grillsaison beginnt :-) ))

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Psycho-Dad February 21, 2011

Made it today. Thought, I used fried onions for the inside instead of bacon. It was great :D

Greets from Germany! :-)

Jess February 22, 2011

My buddies and I are gonna try this with Dimples BBQ Sauce this weekend. Go Meat!

Mike February 24, 2011

This would be killing me but it’s so awesome that every-time I make it now someone eats it all up so I’m safe .. sort of.

I do not know how many versions any one of have tried so far but i have tried so many it’s hard to remember them all. I loved all of them but some work better than others.

I am Posting my fav right now

I know this may seem sacrilegious but the BBQ sauce is not my fav thing in this. so I leave that out.

Johnsonville Hot Italian sausage – break the skins of a a few of these and get the good stuff in one pile. Oh yeah – LOL
I have dehydrated my entire crop of peppers from last year so i use the dried pablanos and mix it in the sausage really well ( This is a trip cause the dehydrated nature of the peppers holds the juices and fat in the meat as it cooks by re-hydrating the peppers with pure heart stopping Yummyness LOL )
you see where I am going with this right?
well I am one to like extremely hot stuff, and I love garlic and onions as well. so I did another little trick. i took some of my dehydrated Habaneros – ( 10 of them ) put them in my food processor and powdered them and added Granulated garlic and used this to dust the sausage and bacon during the build and after.

the results are so amazing you would not believe it. I have made smallish ones – tightly wrapped and cooled and then sliced into rounds for Pizza and ravioli filling and really anything you can imagine.

This stuff is WICKED Nacho topping! no joke.
Make a Fat one – slice one slice – flop it ina frying pan and get it sizzling – drop and egg on it – slap a nice piece a cheese in it when its fried directly to the explosion slice – make you up a English muffin (Whole wheat of course so it’s healthy) BOOM! You have a Breakfast sandwich from HELL.

This site started me off and I have run so far with it I feel a little Bacon explosion crazy now. LOL

Did I mention Sushi Rolls? Oh Yeah bro. seriously – this stuff is versatile. LOL cut the slices into half moon shaped and load them into cut in half long ways and de seeded jalapenos with some sharp cheddar or Cream Cheese – wrap the whole pepper with a strand of Raw… BACON! and then put them on the grill – OMG! It’s Bacon Explosion Diablo. These are the best with some great Beer and better friends. LOL Might wanna use gloves to be handling them however. LOL

P.S. WARNING!!!! NEVER run to the rest room to relieve yourself with-ought scrubbing your hands thoroughly before acting.
Doesn’t matter if your just eating this stuff or making it.
Trust Me on this one, no amount of beer will fix this if you don’t.

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[...] are making the Pork Explosion this weekend and I cannot wait. Southerners do like their pork and I am trying to assimilate, [...]

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Aberdeen tradesmen March 6, 2011

Love it,I’ve have to see if I can get that sauce in the UK.Love your site btw,we don’t often get bbq weather over but you’re bookmarked for when we do.

Aaron March 8, 2011

Mr Tradesmen. You can order our sauce internationally. The only thing we can’t ship across the US border is the Bacon Explosion products (FDA thing). Contact us and we can give you some shipping rates.

OT cook book March 8, 2011

[...] Minute Ago (3/9/2011 2:19am) in reply to undertheradar [...]

Tina March 10, 2011

Love your guys’ site and can’t wait to try to try the Explosion as a surprise for my bacon-loving husband!

I actually own my own bacon specialty-foods company near Seattle, WA. specializing in our unique bacon jerky, chocolate-dipped bacon (“Muddy Pig”), bacon cookies & pastries…even bacon dog treats! I’d love to link our site to yours if possible!

In the meantime please have a look at my company’s website:


Vicky March 20, 2011

Do you make your own Italian sausage? If so, when grinding up your pork, why not grind up the bacon also and add this to your sausage meat? That would be soo good! This looks wonderful but it looks like an Italian meat roll, some call it braciol, or brucialuna, instead of sausage. Good job! Can you imagine what the food police would do with this? LOL! Go for it!

Jason March 20, 2011

@Vicky – Yes, we grind our own sausage. We prefer to leave the bacon out of the grind so that the pieces are bigger, and to help keep them from getting soggy. We like our Explosions with a crispy bacon center, so we hold off on adding the fried bacon until the very last second!

Bobarian March 21, 2011

BBQ? Can’t we dip it in batter and deep fry this thing?

Bacon Week: Pork, The Meat of Kings March 25, 2011

[...] Bacon Explosion.  Another bacon phenomenon that popped up and took off. I think the flags are a nice touch. Subtle [...]

Grizz March 28, 2011

Made this two weeks ago (Fantastic) not greasy very moist and surprisingly not salty tasting. Defiantly will make again.

Thanks The Grizz Jackson Wis.

Kansas City Gaming: Hype for No Reason April 3, 2011

[...] the word. Again, set-ups would be needed. what sounds good to eat? Homemade pizza rolls? Couple of These? Last edited by AntKC; Today at 09:03 AM. Hulk Smash Reply With [...]

*drool...* April 3, 2011

I just found my Easter meal. THANK YOU!!!

… better let the hospital know in advance that I’ll be coming in the next day. Give them time to prepare for the bypass.

How Did You Get Started in SEO? April 4, 2011

[...] of my own companies generating income from a variety of methods. I created the rarely discussed Bacon Explosion and the BBQ Addicts site on which it resides (due to threats suggestions from Rae Hoffman… thank [...]

Tim April 5, 2011

Thanks for inspiring me to do a meatloaf version of this creation. It was a HUGE HIT! Here are the pics.;aid=35028

tyler April 7, 2011

this shit looks like the bomb wanna try

Online Marketing, SEO, PPC Agency » Google Traffic – Confusing Love and Money April 7, 2011

[...] argument. Iis there some truth to her assertion? Yes. For example, Aaron Chronister, creator of the Bacon Explosion, showed me how he doesn’t rank for a recipe he [...]

JimmyBoy in Fl April 7, 2011

Looked awesome: I had to mess it up of course with a layer of provolone cheese and some sauted baby bellas (portobella). It leaked all over so don`t put in the cheese just the shrooms. Keep doin`what you do and thanks for a great recipe!

Osborn_km April 10, 2011

I made two of these this weekend. My weave came out 6×6. For both, I used Sweet baby Ray’s honey BBQ sauce and Famous Dave’s rib Rub. I added Diced yellow onion and diced jalepenos to both. For one log, I used Hot Italian pork sausage and added shredded pepperjack cheese. For the second log I used sweet italian pork sausage and added slice American cheese. I smoke with apple wood shavings for about 1.5 hours then hickory wood shavings for 1 hour. I baked in the oven for the remainder of the cooking time at 225 F.

Next time I will try it with some of my homemade elk Hot Italian sausage.
pictures at:

does bacon really make everything better? - Chevrolet Colorado & GMC Canyon Forum April 12, 2011

[...] Fuck yes Bacon makes everything better.. [/drum roll] I give you, the BACON EXPLOSION! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog I would sell a portion of my soul for a lifetime supply of [...]

Bacon Explosion 2.0 « Wanderings April 12, 2011

[...] year, a friend and I were inspired by BBQ Addict’s ‘Bacon Explosion’, creating our own tasty ‘bacon bomb’ which I wrote about here. This year, we were [...]

What's For Dinner? - Mopar Style April 14, 2011

[...] [...]

Things of Beauty Part Nine: Cakecessories « Rock Salt April 14, 2011

[...] them and thought I might find them useful, since he’s not a baker. Occasionally he makes one of these though so I think that’s enough contribution to the fatness of the world for one man. The [...]

Bacon Explosion – 12 Essential Tips | Scott Social Media Allen April 15, 2011

[...] I finally made the infamous Bacon Explosion, and it was excellent. I pretty much followed the original recipe, but in the process I learned a few things that aren’t covered in the original post, and that I [...]

göz tansiyonu April 16, 2011

images are perfect thanks

A vegetarian’s nightmare | mircography April 17, 2011

[...] die Dokumentation des gestrigen Grillspektakels, es stand nichts geringes als die einzig wahre Bacon Explosion auf dem Plan, der Traum eines jeden Bacon- und Grillfans. Dazu muss man wissen, nur nach exakt [...]

GDT - WCQF (Game 2) Kings at Sharks - 7:00PM - Page 8 April 18, 2011

[...] Yeah, some "vegetarian" options here: This one is "the best": Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

Carp-e-Diem ! » Blog Archive » Winter 2011 April 19, 2011

[...] my 38th birthday, Poppa made me a Bacon Explosion:  bacon crumbles inside a layer of sausage, rolled up inside a bacon weave, smothered in [...]

Chewie April 23, 2011

This Sunday will make the third Easter breakfast that I’ve served this at church. My wife will only let me make it for this holiday, and the church ladies will only let me make two logs.
There will be a line, and there will not be enough.
It is that good.
Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us.

Lucas J. Campbell April 24, 2011

I made the ‘breakfast-bacon-explosion’!!! It is amazing. The above with eggs, potatoes and veggies rolled up inside!!! BBQ Addicts are the BOMB! I love how he always says ‘make it your own way’. ~ Lucas

TBo April 25, 2011

i weigh 148 pounds. I never knew there was a limit to how much Bacon could be consumed in one sitting. Now there is. I just ate 2! I think im in love.

You've been doing it wrong. Orange Catharsis. April 26, 2011

[...] or pork crackling, or something similar. It will be brilliant. You need this in your life: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Reply With Quote + Reply to [...]

REDWING SALOON - Page 237 - Honda Foreman Forums : Rubicon, Rincon, Rancher and Recon Forum April 27, 2011

[...] man. All this talk about bacon is making me hungry, I eat a lot of bacon. Anyone tried this? Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ [...]

frank April 27, 2011

hickory smoke that thing

headshop April 27, 2011

brown sugar in the bbq sauce and hickory chips yo

headshop April 27, 2011

I made a Fiery Explosion which included hot sausage, Stubbs spicy bbq sauce, and some mozzarella cheese…. It was/is incredible….

Levits M April 28, 2011

WOW this looks yummy! However should be label as suicidal if you attempt to ingest this. On that note I think i am gonna go make a smaller version of this later tonight!

Cass County Ladies BBQ Team April 30, 2011

The 4 of us are trying new recipes for a contest in two weeks. We put together one of these explosions…This is going to be the LONGEST 2 hours and 15 minutes!!! We cannot wait to try this!

home chef May 3, 2011

omg, this sounds so good. and also very unhealthy …

James May 4, 2011

I’ll be making one of these this weekend at my Farewell Osama party ;)

Juan May 5, 2011

What is this? I don’t even…

no supermarket, i do not want to buy bacon in packs of 25 slices by 1teaminlondon - TribalWar Forums May 6, 2011

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog   [...]

Bacon! May 7, 2011

[...] Bacon! Can you handle the Bacon Explosion?? Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog You have to push the little yellow button to load it. Reply With Quote   [...]

Brent May 9, 2011

If you add apples, onions, and peppers to the bacon filling, and then a layer of sliced apples between the sausage and woven bacon, it only gets better! Oh, and don’t forget the cheddar!

BACON « … but I digress May 13, 2011

[...] would also like to try the Bacon Explosion. Even though it scares me. I think one bite and my heart would explode. But I still want to taste [...]

Greg May 13, 2011

Just ordered one of these bad boys. Can’t really say what it tastes like yet, but COME ON! Look at it!! Its gonna be epicly delicious no doubt. Probably gonna share this with the roomies and drown a case of beer with it.

Will add update once i get it and eat it! Thanks to the BBQAddicts team who worked with me regarding shipping issues and tossed in some complimentary items for the trouble. Very thankfull for this. Most sites never provide that kind of support. I’m extemely pleased so far with the service and site, and I haven’t gotten a thing yet.

The bacon thread May 16, 2011

[...] out the Bacon Explosion. 2# of bacon and 2# of sausage. OMG, I think my chest is getting tight! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it [...]

Days 5-8 of Insanity Asylum | My Journey to Be Hella Fit May 16, 2011

[...] Bacon Explosion.  Bacon in Italian Sausage Wrapped in Bacon with hella BBQ sauce. OMG. [...]

making sausage recipe May 18, 2011

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ … Unlikely Words В» Bacon Sausage Recipe December 25, 2008 … I am so making this with the whole thing burnt to ash until the fire department shows up for some of this good pork tastiness. … [...]

MARCUS May 19, 2011

Do you have to turn the bacon explosion once it’s in the smoker or do you just let it sit in one position?

Aaron May 19, 2011


Place it in the smoker with the seam on the bottom (seam down is so it’s stays together in a tight weave) and leave it.

If you’re using an upright or modified smoker, make sure you have a water pan or an aluminum pan to catch the bacon grease so it doesn’t catch on fire!


The Bacon Explosion | Gas Grills Now Blog May 20, 2011

[...] to try it. Finally the day has come and I get to make this and try it out. I headed over to the BBQ Addicts blog and got the [...]

For you real meat eaters May 20, 2011

[...] than an attractive girl devouring meat and all the implications, this looks similar but better: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Custom Ruger 10/22 – Browning Challenger (.22) – CZ75 (9mm) – Ruger Blackhawk (.45ACP/.45LC) – [...]

Trotter May 21, 2011

This is the physical manifestation of a heart attack, but it is soooooo good.

Rusty May 22, 2011

I love the bacon-strocity. I’ve taken your recipe one step further w/ pepperoni/salami/capacola and velveeta! The cheese goes amazing with this since it melts and goes through all the layers. DELICIOUS!!


Justin May 22, 2011

Just to let ya’ll know. We had my son’s B-day party and made 3 of these… WOW I could barely get a slice… They were such a hit that I was giving out this web page… can’t take credit for something this glorious… Great job guys thx for this EPIC bacon monster!

Welcome Barbecue Season « tasty nom nom May 22, 2011

[...] about the bacon explosion. In preparation for following weekend's BBQ competition, N also made a bacon explosion. He added apples and pasilla peppers to the center, which I [...]

Any Barbequers Here? - Page 2 - Yamaha FZ6 Forums - International FZ6 Motorcycle Community Forum May 23, 2011

[...] I was out at Trackstar in west haven on Saturday and the owner there had made a couple of the "bacon explosion". I may have to do that myself sometime. GOOD [...]

Aero May 23, 2011

So you just got a huge bump from Shoemoney about this bacon explosion, So i just had to see what it was all about. AND DAMN! That is one mean piece of meat. Cant wait to try that!

Headlight Converters May 24, 2011

even the pictures seem tasty, great recipes

A small glimpse of Heaven May 25, 2011

[...] small glimpse of Heaven Try not to drool.. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Reply With Quote + Reply to Thread « Previous Thread | [...]

johnathan and aspen May 26, 2011

you have invented the best thing ever…..bacon porn

My Favorite Testosterone Themed Products This Week | The Fonzanoon May 26, 2011

[...] Bacon Explosion [...]

randy May 27, 2011

Great recipe, something to try out this weekend bbq.

Top Manly Men Food May 29, 2011

[...] entirely sure what makes my top 5, but I do know my #1. Bacon followed by the Bacon Explosion Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Check it out on our homepage! And Ignore the typo. You can even win [...]

Greg May 29, 2011

I’ve made this dish in the oven before and while it doesn’t get the smokey flavor it’s still damned good. I rolled mine a bit differently though, I laid my square out on parchment paper and rolled the meat and sausage together like you would a cinnamon roll. For my square I made as wide and as long as a slice of bacon and I only used one lb of sausage. I ended up with a roll about 2″ thick and as longs as a piece of bacon. I also used homemade breakfast sausage from a wild boar I’d shot. YUMMY!

Colin May 29, 2011

Tried it today and words can’t express how good it was. Used homemade bbq rub and my own sauce. I think next time I will use a breakfast sausage instead of Italian and also come up with a maple syrup glaze instead of bbq sauce. That way, I think a nice over easy egg or scrambled eggs would be the perfect compliment to this at breakfast at the hunting shack.

Ruth May 30, 2011

I’m Canadian. We love bacon here. I’ll be making this on Canada Day this year (July 1st!) but using Canadian made farmer’s sausage.

Luckily I won’t have to worry about being arrested for killing all my guests, since I too will suffer a heart attack from the bacon goodness.

Bacon! Eh?

Todd May 31, 2011

Made one this weekend with 1/2 regular ground beef and 1/2 spicy Italian sausage. It turned out terrific, and more universally enjoyed than the straight sausage one I made last year. Also added a cup of shredded cheese to the cooked bacon layer.

It took 3 hours on a weber bullet smoker, at just under 300 degrees.

Thanks bbqaddicts!

Felix May 31, 2011

Just tweeted this: Making a #BaconExplosion for tonight’s #MiamiHeat game! #LetsGoHeat !!!

Dennis June 2, 2011

After reading this post, I’m soooo glad I’m not a practicing Jew!

CoffeeWoman June 7, 2011

Someone made this at Playa del Fuego (regional BM burn) last year – we could smell it in our camp – sooooo tasty – I didn’t get there in time to have some, though… hoardes of baconburners beat me to it… :( The entire roll lasted less than 10 minutes. I may have to give this one a try for the fall burn…

Leslie June 11, 2011

WHAT>??? NO CHEESE!?!?!?!? WTF man.

Add Bacon To Any Website (Mmmm, Bacon) | WebProNews June 13, 2011

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Add Bacon To Any Website (Mmmm, Bacon) | : Building Brands with Social Media and Online Marketing News June 14, 2011

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Bacon Makes Everything Better | Digital Bus Stop June 15, 2011

[...] companies, insurance companies, farms, medical centers….it all puts us in mind of the bacon explosion.  Never heard of it?  Feast your [...]

Bacon Makes Everything Better | Laughing Out Loud June 15, 2011

[...] companies, insurance companies, farms, medical centers….it all puts us in mind of the bacon explosion.  Never heard of it?  Feast your [...]

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Whatcha cookin'? post it here - Page 2 June 17, 2011

[...] looks like a fun thread.. Here's what I made. I got the idea from Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog. It's latticed bacon, with a layer of ground sausage, with bacon crumbles inside, and slathered [...]

Paul June 17, 2011

Holy Crap.
That is all….

Verimius June 22, 2011

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Based on a meta-analysis of 21 large prospective epidemiologic studies, including Framingham, Honolulu heart Study, and Nurses’ Health Study.)

Reference: Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies evaluating the association of saturated fat with cardiovascular disease, Am. J. Clinical Nutrition, first published on Jan 13, 2010

Bacon - Page 22 - CurlTalk June 23, 2011

[...] I just came across this recipe, and thought I'd share. Oh how I wish I had a smoker. Here's the recipe [...]

Barbeques Recipe June 23, 2011

I like your website, also Knowing your Barbeques Recipe, will help you know the correct and right amount ingredients. Especially since you want to be sure to fully cook meats like chicken and pork on the grill, they have a tendency to dry out.

best stainless steel cookware June 24, 2011

Thanks I ‘m glad I found this article. I love bacon and this is making me hungry!

Dasy Brooks June 25, 2011

Thousand of BBQ Recipes for you to try at home. Just download this on your iPhone and Enjoy some delicious food tonight.

Lance Lockwood June 27, 2011

Just got a bacon boner.

TdF vegan June 29, 2011

[...] TdF vegan Oh yeah? Bacon Explosion Reply With Quote   + Reply to Thread « Previous Thread | [...]

Whitewater Vandal June 29, 2011

Seen a pic of one and had a slice from a BBQ booth, sure wish I had seen this site, recipe and process before tryen on my own. Still turned out delicious and I agree with others from above that Cheese is a must along with some potato bits and Jalapenos!!!!

Helen Wheels July 3, 2011

I think the Taliban is behind this. Pork Jihad!

jellybean July 7, 2011

saw this recipe before the holiday weekend, so of course I had to give it a try!!! OMG!!! can anything be better??? I don’t think so! brought it to bbq party and it did not last more than 60 seconds…….FANTASTIK!

Nefty July 10, 2011

Can i make the bacon explosion in a conventional oven?

best recipe ever - Harley Davidson Forums: Harley Davidson Motorcycle Forum July 11, 2011

[...] recipe that don't have bacon in it can't be the best recipe ever! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ [...]

Marie @ Christmas cake recipe July 12, 2011

OMG! Talk about awesome. I am sure my husband will be in heaven. This will be an awesome addition to his recipe list and be very much appreciated during the weekend parties.

Terry July 12, 2011

I’m pretty sure this is what God eats for breakfast.

Andrew @ Outdoor Chef Store July 12, 2011

Okay, I know I’m way late on this, but this is the work of a mastermind and genius. I have to carve out some time this weekend to create one of these. And then add an hour of exercise a day to my regimen… :)

Anthony July 13, 2011

So we’re going to try this tomorrow but we’ll be adding cheese and habanero peppers. Can’t go wrong.

Bacon Explosion - Lx Forums | Dodge Charger Challenger Magnum | SRT8 | Chrysler 300 Forum July 20, 2011

[...] Explosion Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog You wont be [...]

Expavypeave July 20, 2011


bbq ideas July 25, 2011

I am looking for the different bbq ideas. I want to learn some new recipes. So I am surfing for this. I got good ideas from your site. Thanks for this helpful share.

FatUncleJim July 27, 2011

I’ve made this a dozen times or so for different celebrations. It’s always a hit! I’ve also layed a pork loin open the long way and rolled in the middle of this awesomeness!

Mike July 31, 2011

This is the Bacon Explosion Place. Why is there spam in here?

Spam from the UK! What the hell is that all about?

Jerry August 1, 2011

I stumbled across this recipe a couple of weeks ago. So I made one of these myself this weekend with only slight variations. It is amazing! Health wise I dont think it’s something you should eat on regular basis! LOL

It was definitely a hit with the family!

Christian August 5, 2011

That’s the Bacon explosion in the Saarlänisch version. Roasted on the Schwenker and finished in the Zickelschespann. Perfectly done in 60 minutes.

Rosanna August 8, 2011

Ok. Someone in the IT Spiceworks Community Forum posted a link to your site with the Bacon Explosion. Payday is on the 15th. I will be ordering one. I want to thank you ahead of time for making this available to the common people. I know in the distant past, it was only allowed to be eaten by Kings.
When I order mine, is there some way I could request that you cook the inner bacon the way you like it, verging on crispy, but not quite?
tty on Monday, August 15th.

Jason August 8, 2011

@Rosanna – You’re in luck, because that’s how we already prepare our commercial Bacon Explosions!

Malou August 9, 2011

I just made my first Bacon Explosion today. I live in Denmark and we do not have italian sausage – so I had to make my own. I dont have at smoker – so it was cooked in the oven. To give it smokey flavor, I used honey-hickory BBQ sauce.

Thank you for inventing this amazing thing :-D

sports coaching courses August 12, 2011

I’m on a high protein diet to build more muscles for sports training and have sworn off sweets. This is the perfect “weekend treat”! I mean, who doesn’t love bacon??

It's Your Last Day on Earth - What's For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? August 16, 2011

[...] pieces of toast with various spreads, stir fry, pancakes, waffles, cereal and orange juice Lunch: Bacon Explosion,, juice, steak, stirfry, hotdogs, chocolate, everything on earth =P Dinner: Baby back ribs, left [...]

NJ SEO August 17, 2011

My friend and I tried out this recipe after finding it here, and all I have to say is it was Amazing! The sausage is just so juicy when it’s done you gotta try it out.

Btw…My friends a chef, so if he approves. This recipe really rocks.

bbq chicken recipes August 17, 2011

that looks really good and Bacon of man I love it :D I like trying new things with met and this is a great way to. My wife and I cant wait to try this out this weekend.

Cameron August 18, 2011

I looked up “explosion” in google images, and this was at the top of the list. HAHAHAaahahahaa.

Seriously though, this thing will kill you…. but you will die happy. :-D

Bacon & sausage recipe. - INGunOwners August 21, 2011

[...] & sausage recipe. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Last night I cooked this on the grill. OMG mouth orgasim. __________________ Keep away from [...]

Jon Munroe August 22, 2011

Oh my word, never in all my life have I seen such an incredible use for bacon! This is a bacon lovers dream. I’d love to buy one but the fun of actually making one of these and buying all the ingredients is just too much to resist. I think I may have to pursuade the wife to abandon the Turkey this year!

Any BBQ'ing tips? - CBR Forum - Enthusiast forums for Honda CBR Owners August 23, 2011

[...] ok as long as it tastes good. Oh – and don't forget to try your hand at a Bacon Explosion!!!! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ [...]

Food - Page 164 - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed August 24, 2011

[...] So the final result might look a bit look a bit like a big poo… but I definitely give the recipe a go, (with some proper bacon) [...]

Matteo August 25, 2011


Scott August 30, 2011

I made one of these over the weekend. I made mine a bit different but oh my lord it was good. I included bell peppers and onions and mushrooms and brown sugar. I see areas of improvement I could take but over all This is an extremely good idea but of course my doctor is not going to be happy with me.

Sam September 3, 2011

No… words…

becky September 3, 2011

hmm could this be cooked in the oven? i to live in an apartment without a grill.

In this topic, we try to tempt each other's appetites: Food Pictures - Page 5 September 4, 2011

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[...] 2 times Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

Official Food & Drink Thread - Page 50 - Road Star Warrior Forum : Yamaha Star Warrior Forums September 4, 2011

[...] scaled-down version of the Bacon Explosion. It turned out GREAT. First, here's the original recipe: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog I decided to go with a 12 oz pack of bacon and one pound of Jimmy Dean spicy ground sausage. First [...]

BBQ Bacon Sausage Log! | Avinash September 7, 2011

[...] to these guys for the [...]

Katherine September 11, 2011

Hey I have a friend who doesn’t like BBQ sauce. Would A1 sauce work? Suggestions please!

shempbat September 11, 2011

WHAT, no CHEESE? LOL! God, must have been a Pitmaster!

chris September 15, 2011

We made the Explosion one day for our night shift crew at the firehouse in Pa. Needless to say, it looked tasty, smelled great, and we all sat down to dig in. The flavor was overwhelmingly good but unbelievably salty. We all had varied levels of heartburn later that night. Would we do it again? Probably not. Was it fun to make? Hell yeah… Good luck and enjoy the 300 or so points your LDL will spike after this.

Metabolic Cooking Recipes – 4 Things I Like About Them September 18, 2011

[...] #adtop { display:block;background:#; } #split {}#single {}#splitalign {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}#singlealign {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}.linkboxtext {line-height: 1.4em;}.linkboxcontainer {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;background-color:#eeeeee;border-color:#000000;border-width:0px; border-style:solid;}.linkboxdisplay {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;}.linkboxdisplay td {text-align: center;}.linkboxdisplay a:link {text-decoration: none;}.linkboxdisplay a:hover {text-decoration: underline;} function opensingledropdown() { document.getElementById('singletablelinks').style.display = ''; document.getElementById('singlemouse').style.display = 'none'; } function closesingledropdown() { document.getElementById('singletablelinks').style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('singlemouse').style.display = ''; } Easy Crock Pot Cooking Recipes : Cook Veggie Soup in a Crock PotPrime five Web sites You Ought to Examine out For Cooking RecipesCocoa Butter Benefits – Cocoa Butter Recipes – Cocoa Butter CookingBacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Deviled Egg September 20, 2011

My kids are begging me to make this!

Bacon Explosion | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page September 21, 2011

[...] This has probably been posted already… But I plan on preparing one of these after church on Sunday. Be still my heart. Anyone know of a good store bought BBQ seasoning? I'm [...]

1000w 2 plants SCRog, -PITBULL- 1st timer^^ September 22, 2011

[...] a Bacon Explosion at the thanksgiving table so…. im SOO not the organic vegan sort of person. [...]

John September 23, 2011

Is this thing legal???

BC ElginTex September 24, 2011

I am going to try this with the outer sauce using a traditional Christmas Ham Glaze (Brown Sugar, Maple Syrup, and 3/8 Inch Pineapple Round Slices toothpick-pinned all around). I’ll let you know how it turns out. Brian

Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book September 24, 2011

[...] #split {}#single {}#splitalign {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}#singlealign {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}.linkboxtext {line-height: 1.4em;}.linkboxcontainer {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;background-color:#eeeeee;border-color:#000000;border-width:0px; border-style:solid;}.linkboxdisplay {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;}.linkboxdisplay td {text-align: center;}.linkboxdisplay a:link {text-decoration: none;}.linkboxdisplay a:hover {text-decoration: underline;} function opensingledropdown() { document.getElementById('singletablelinks').style.display = ''; document.getElementById('singlemouse').style.display = 'none'; } function closesingledropdown() { document.getElementById('singletablelinks').style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('singlemouse').style.display = ''; } The Beginners Guide to the Paleo DietPaleo Diet Success StoriesThe Paleo Diet: What it Is and Why it WorksSave These 15 Creative Grilled Cheese RecipesBacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Boating Extravaganza Week 9th to 15th July | All Boat Business September 26, 2011

[...] #split {}#single {}#splitalign {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}#singlealign {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}.linkboxtext {line-height: 1.4em;}.linkboxcontainer {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;background-color:#eeeeee;border-color:#000000;border-width:0px; border-style:solid;}.linkboxdisplay {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;}.linkboxdisplay td {text-align: center;}.linkboxdisplay a:link {text-decoration: none;}.linkboxdisplay a:hover {text-decoration: underline;} function opensingledropdown() { document.getElementById('singletablelinks').style.display = ''; document.getElementById('singlemouse').style.display = 'none'; } function closesingledropdown() { document.getElementById('singletablelinks').style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('singlemouse').style.display = ''; } extravaganza week 9th to 15th July 2001CaliforniaSuiteHotelThe Boating Spot WelcomeThe Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Is Here‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Josh Harris Talks To Dan Taylor About The Norwalk Boat ShowBacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes [...]

Bryan Heavey September 27, 2011

I can’t even imagine the shock my chest pump is going to go through after woofing this badboy down!! WOO HOO! I am ready! Bought three!

Tip on Dining Out While on the 5 & 1 Program | Healthy Weight Loss System October 1, 2011

[...] while visiting Cornwall Ontario – Ready to Take on Stephen Harper – October 1, 2011Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all RecipesHow to Eat Healthy Dining OutCopycat Applebee’s Walnut Blondie With Maple Butter Sauce : The [...]

Heather October 4, 2011

Holy Heart Attack Batman!!!

Bacon explosion - Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding October 5, 2011

[...] it in the barbie for about 1.5 hours at 190ish deg. Centre should be 70deg. Recipe from here Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ 174cm 77kg@7% SQ 130kg DL 163kg BP 108kg SOHP 65kg Master [...]

Der amerikanische Traum? Bacon Bomb, Mac n' cheese und Ranch salad - Grillforum und BBQ - October 7, 2011

[...] Bomb ein Hackbraten sein soll verstehe ich nicht so ganz. Weil es eben keine Bacon Bomb ist Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Aber das wurde ja schon tausendfach diskutiert. __________________ Wer Geld verliert, verliert [...]

Paula October 8, 2011

This will come in handy for a get together I have coming up. Thank you.

Bacon! Campfire, iron skillet and bacon, what else is there really? - INGunOwners October 17, 2011

[...] Bacon Explosion [...]

vicente October 18, 2011

I wonder how many of the first commenters from 2008 are still alive.

Valerie Sands October 18, 2011

I just can’t wait to try this on our bbq party. You are all invited,lol..:)

Mike Johnson October 18, 2011

I just bought all the things needed not to forget the bacon of course…lol.. And i am so ready to grill it!!

10 Year Old Catches Monster 31 LB Striped Bass | Bass Fishing Tips Today October 18, 2011

[...] And QuantityRathbuns Blue Plate to Host Farm-To-Table DinnerVital Home elevators Musical EquipmentBacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes jQuery.noConflict(); jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(document).ready(function(){ var [...]

John October 19, 2011

You sir are a genius

Patsy Green October 20, 2011

Just made my first Bacon Explosion. Only had one pound of bacon, someone (my dad) ate the other pound. LOL I used a little too much Bad Byron’s Butt Rub so it’s SPICY, HOT, but it’s darn tasty.

I may have to do this once every 2 weeks until I get it right.
;) LOL

FesterF October 23, 2011

I made three for deer camp this year…. Made them with venison mushroom onions and Jalapeno peppers, Couldn’t resist took one for archery season AWESOMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

jediSwiftPirate October 26, 2011

oh yea i most definitly admire BACON!

charlie October 27, 2011

i am cooking this friday and i may use deer syage or pork have not decide but either way sounds good

Download Music for Free for iPod October 29, 2011

Cool sites……

[...]we came across a cool site that you might enjoy. Take a look if you want[...]…

G & T Show - Exploring Star Trek Literature in film, tv, books, games and fan fiction October 30, 2011

[...] move on to this week’s Ask Dayton #5 - Bacon Explosion! Find the recipe Dayton described here. Don’t forget to send in your questions for Dayton Ward via email at or [...]

Oak November 2, 2011

I just made one today. I swear that all 3 of us eating it got a “Meat High” off of it.

lanceb November 3, 2011

Here’s a serving suggestion: Slice into 1″ thick slices, insert a popsicle stick, dip into a beer batter, and deep fry. “Heart attack-on-a-stick!” Perfect for county fairs!
(Would go well with deep-fried twinkies or deep-fried Snickers bars for dessert!)

Blacktocom November 6, 2011

Today for our explosion we putting jalapeño and cheese in the middle layer, we skimped a bit with only 24 ounces of bacon, but I’m still excited.

WHAT's for BREAKFAST..... November 6, 2011

[...] Molong, NSW AustraliaPosts: 47 This should cure you of breakfast for a few days,regards Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog__________________The ability to think and speak doesn't necessarily guarantee intelligence [...]

Crush1800 November 7, 2011

FRICKEN AWESOME, I made this a few times, found the Italian Sausage a bit much, so I used Fareway’s Breakfast Sausage. OH MY GOD, with Scrambled eggs inside also. DAMN, DUDE, HEARTY. :0) PEACE

Stew November 7, 2011

I just substituted the sausage for ground sirloin and added a five cheese blend to the center. This should be a spectacular heart attack waiting to happen!!!

Is this a sign of Armageddon ? - Page 8 - CycloneFanatic November 7, 2011
Is this a sign of Armageddon ? - Page 9 - CycloneFanatic November 8, 2011

[...] Originally Posted by CyBer Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog That looks disgustingly [...]

Iggy November 8, 2011

… then for the FINAL step, you wrap it in dough and DEEP-FRY THAT SUCKER!!!

Let me apologize to whomever it is that I have ticked off... - Page 7 - INGunOwners November 8, 2011

[...] have no alternative but to apologize and I wasn't even at the friggin' show! Will this fix it? Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ DRob…. I pledge allegiance to the [...]

Good food thread - Page 2 - OnRPG Free MMORPG Forums November 13, 2011

[...] __________________ "Just like a woman. Solving *her* problems creates a new one for you." [...]

Barbara November 15, 2011

I love bacon.

What to eat to stay healthy during pregnancy by Mother & Baby TV | Healthy Eating In Pregnancy Blog November 19, 2011

[...] = 'none'; document.getElementById('singlemouse').style.display = ''; } A Baby TVBaby tvBacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 [...]

Bret November 21, 2011

Alas…………my heart be still.

Bret November 21, 2011

This is what Jason Straham was given in “Crank”.

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and Vegetables | Denver Personal Training | Denver Personal Trainers | Personal Training in Denver, CO | Lakewood, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Littleton, Morrison November 21, 2011

[...] = ''; } The Many Amazing Ways To Cook BaconHow To Cook Bacon – ThatsSoYummy.comGarden OmeletBacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes.broken_link, a.broken_link { text-decoration: line-through; } span.cufon {margin:2px 0px;} [...]

Andy November 23, 2011

For Thanksgiving I’m doing a few BE’s but one is trying turkey bacon with turkey sausage and crushed pine nuts added to the sausage just for fun. I can’t believe all the friends that were so anti-bacon when they saw how much pork I used for the last few I’ve done. Glad pigs are taking over the world. We need more bacon!

Please no hatred here because I’m not using pork for all my bacon explosions. The most important one is mine and is all pork!

Andy November 23, 2011

Wanted to share a bonus way of enjoying this piece of art. Slice the bacon explosion in 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices. Add a slice to an English muffin or biscuit, top with a poached egg then cover with gravy. TO DIE FOR!

Brian November 23, 2011

I made it the way the recipe calls and it was delicious. I’m now trying it with regular breakfast sausage and I’m using maple syrup instead of BBQ sauce. I’m hoping to make it taste more like a breakfast dish this time. Wish me luck.

how to make a man want you November 24, 2011

yummy! bacon with cheese perfect breakfast.

Whats 4 dinner? - Page 3 - DODGE RAM FORUM - Dodge Truck Forums December 1, 2011

[...] Originally Posted by truckin151 Someone please tell me what's in a bacon explosion? 2lbs of bacon, 2lbs of sausage, dry rub, and bbq sauce. i have yet to experiment with adding cheese. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

Dan December 2, 2011

For those of you who haven’t tried this I highly recommend it as an appetizer. A log to yourself would surely kill you but a slice amongst friends is great. My friend also added cheese the second time he made one. Fantastic. :)

Dark King December 3, 2011

How about using one of these to stuff a Turducken?

Max December 6, 2011

And when you get thirsty…

Reno December 8, 2011

My family is planning on making one for Christmas, and we are going to have a taste off between my Nonna’s sausage, and your Original Bacon Explosion. (I’m betting on the bacon ;)

meaty mann December 10, 2011

Add Jalepenos to it and you then have the perfect meal…I tried with Habeneros but the heat going in equaled the heat coming out …

Jake December 13, 2011

i love bacon!!!!!!

JAY December 13, 2011

Hi there , I am in love with this BIG BOY..gonna try it for sure…BUT and NOW…just to get things straight as one from nz down under where things are a little different….you say smoke this that is a specilized smoker or is it normal BBQ with a lid and the smoked wood under it…just checking here..not sure we can get hickory but we have a lovely manuka wood here….and the lovely spices you talk about ..I am thinking if I use a local type it would be all good or could you give me a good mix I could make up my own…I am good at doing that sort of thing…Cant wait to try this…Christmas baconary cheers JAY LOL

Penelope Sun December 17, 2011

My mouth just had this orgasm,
and I died.

Gavin Smith December 21, 2011

This is why socialized medicine will never come to pass in this country

Dinner by laschwartz - Pearltrees December 21, 2011

[...] Take the remaining bacon slices and fry them up the same way you would for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or a midnight snack). Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

Not Concerned About Death December 23, 2011

I noticed how the recipe and the pictures of the pan didn’t match. This concerns me. Judging by the 5×5 weave of your bacon, you wouldn’t even use 1 pound for this. I noticed each of your pounds had 12 slices, so 2 pounds of sausage would be WAY too much. Let’s say 1 pound of bacon and 1 pound of sausage with 18 slices of your favorite cheese? 6 slices to cover the bacon, 6 more on the sausage and another layer in the middle. To all you people who think you will have a heart attack…think about slicing this and sharing with your family. Sharing = what you learned about in Kindergarten. 1 slice out of this loaf is NOT going to kill you, thanks for caring. Oh, and yes…this WOULD be perfect for a sandwich.

Iagreeliberalssuck December 28, 2011

I made this last year and it was great. I added onions to the center and of course cheese. Great stuff.

Condemned Person's Last Meal reccs-must be incredibly unhealthy! - December 30, 2011

[...] Condemned Person's Last Meal reccs-must be incredibly unhealthy! Its got to be this; Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog yourguitarhero made one; Bacony [...]

Jess January 5, 2012

I can’t wait to try this! I just got a smoker for this very reason. Thanks for sharing. :)

Dan January 6, 2012

At this weekend i’m going to serve this for my friends, it’s just an awesome recipe. Love it!

Scott January 10, 2012

Just made one of these bad boys getting ready to put on the smoker now.. That for the how to

I got hungry - Page 2 - Camaro Zone January 11, 2012

[...] makes everything better… … including bacon: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog To be consumed only in moderation… __________________ Rare Bird 1989 Formula | [...]

Brian January 12, 2012

Why do you need to roll up the sausage first and then the bacon?? why can’t you roll the whole thing bacon and all at the same time?

Jason January 16, 2012

@Brian – You don’t want the raw bacon weave to be rolled inside the sausage because it won’t crisp up. That’s why we fry the inside bacon. The bacon on the outside should on be wrapped around the exterior of the sausage.

Kathy January 21, 2012

I just put my first one in the oven. I cannot wait. Now I wish I would have added some cheese. I just read a few entries that mention cheese. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to make another one next weekend!!!

Paul January 22, 2012

“Cook your Bacon Explosion at 225 degrees in a constant cloud of hickory smoke until your Thermapen gives an internal temperature reading of 165 degrees.”

Please can someone tell me if the above refers to Celcius or Farenheit please?

Ta, muchly.

Jason January 22, 2012

@Paul – Fahrenheit

Paul January 23, 2012

Thanks Jason

bbqfan January 25, 2012

greetings from germany. love your site and your recipes. this one looks very tasty, we have to test it soon. thanks.

Bruno January 26, 2012


Cottagemuse January 27, 2012

Bacon never looked so yummy! How about the cleanup?

Bbq - Page 4 - Adam's Polishes Forums January 28, 2012

[...] Originally Said by Big O if you ever decided to use a Corona (or anything in a glass bottle) you could just pour it into a can and use it that way. Chicken(s) look good! I thought about that too. May try it another time. Read somewhere on the net that if it were a beer in a can it wasn't worth using for bbq…lol. Anybody ever try one of these? It looks pretty good. Not so good for the heart though… Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

Quora January 31, 2012

How does a first-timer make a delicious bacon explosion?…

To be honest, I don’t know if you have the chops for this of equipment to pull it off. The ingredients, themselves, are actually very simple. No problem there. * 2 pounds thick cut bacon * 2 pounds Italian sausage * 1 jar of your favorite barbeque sau…

***Official Super Bowl Treat Recipe Thread*** - CycloneFanatic February 4, 2012

[...] permalink My heart hurt when someone told me about this: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

***Official Super Bowl Treat Recipe Thread*** - Page 2 - CycloneFanatic February 4, 2012

[...] Originally Posted by urb1 My heart hurt when someone told me about this: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog You now know the feeling of yearning. Pork fat, is there anything it can't [...]

ace February 4, 2012

With all the bad news we have heard over the years about bacon, just the picture alone can cause a heart attack. If you do decide to follow through, and create this, and eat it, have 911 on speed dial. You will need it.

Bacon Explosion = Instant death, unless the ambulance can get there fast enough.

Dean February 5, 2012

I’ve been wanting to try this since its big “explosion” back in 08. Today is the day. I can’t wait.

Ronnie Bailey February 5, 2012

That is amazing, I guess you could put vegatables in there and they would be flavored by the meat juices, delicious!

Brian February 5, 2012

I make this every year for the Superbowl. Small additions… after flattening the sausage, add some chunks of pepperjack and a couple sliced jalepenos. At completions, throw the sliced roll on a piece of white bread and top with coleslaw. Spicy, sweet and delicious!

I bet u can't help but look in here. - Page 76 - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums February 5, 2012

[...] i am much more partial to the Bacon Explosion __________________ Don I like bacon. [...]

The Recipe Thread February 5, 2012

[...] Bacon Explosion!!!! temp.jpg Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Reply With Quote   + Reply to Thread « Werewolf or [...]

Bacon! - - Corvette Z06 Forum February 8, 2012

[...] Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ Being excessive is okay as long as it's done in [...]

Chuck in East Bay February 9, 2012

Soon, my pretty, soon.

Jennifer February 12, 2012

Ordered the bacon explosion for my husband’s birthday and it was awesome!! In fact, it was sinful!!! The flavors rolled altogether hit the spot! Will order again and in the near future!

help February 12, 2012

do you have to use a smoker? iv never used one or do i have one but i have a gas grill. will it work or do I need to buy a smoker and if so whats an easy one to use and how do i use it?


bry February 16, 2012

once cut, that looks delicious … prior to being cut, it just looks like a big poo … LOL

Ivan February 18, 2012


Genia Luchini February 21, 2012

Perfectly written content, appreciate it for selective information. “The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly.” by Corra Harris.

Mike Evans February 26, 2012

Yep. This artery-cloggin’ lump of porkmeat is makin’ its way to my smoker now. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first, but but I eat so much bacon my head is so clogged with pork fat that I can’t see clearly, and my doctor says I’ve got such high cholesterol that my blood will be turning solid soon. This baby will put me right over the top, fer sure. Move over Heart Attack Grill, Bacon Explosion is comin’ in fast.

Bacon Greg March 5, 2012

Uhm. You should build a cake or something.

Bacon Greg March 5, 2012

I would love to rub that hot meat log! Can’t wait to get some of that in my mouth!

mary March 6, 2012

Definitely loooooooooooooooooooooove bacon — my question, can this be done on a regular grill? We don’t have a smoker. Many thanks!

RANGER March 7, 2012

This receipt just gave me a pork chubby!Going to make it this weekend using all home made goodies and smoking it with mulberry wood.How sweet it is,HAPPY SMOKING!

Mike Evans March 8, 2012

UPDATE…I made this recipe and it is very tasty. I made my own Italian sausage. Beware, only a thin slice is all you need, but this log of pork is huge. Recommend slicing it in half and freezing half of it for later because half of it is about 10 or 12 servings, but you could slice it up as a party food. It’s very rich, so it will fill you up and stay with you for a long, long time. I ate 1 slice, about 1/3″, thick for breakfast, and didn’t want to eat anything else until dinner.

AngryBlack Man March 9, 2012

BACON times BACON plus pork sauage equal world peace!!! It’s all about some south in your mouth!!!

P.S None pork eaters this is why your still fighting have a slice of this and all will be well!

alan March 11, 2012

i appear to have a boner

Candied Bacon Recipe | How to Bake Bacon March 15, 2012

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RANGER March 16, 2012

Just returning from Bacon Rehab the explosion was a huge success,I also made the Armadillo Eggs and we could not get enough of them.

Funny CW moments - Page 381 | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page 381 March 21, 2012

[...] Originally Posted by chumbert OMG, this looks like primal heaven!! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Oink, Oink I work with that guy's wife! She brings in bacon explosion for office parties [...]

Endri Tutas March 23, 2012

My first one is already made : )

Bethany March 26, 2012

I LOVE BACON!! This is a really cool recipe. I want it! Heart attack come and get me! XD

Don March 26, 2012

Oh my goodness, this looks amazing. I am already planning on doing this at our tailgate next football season.

Scott - Indyarchyguy March 31, 2012

Getting prepped for tomorrow – Sunday. Smoking an 8 pound brisket and a bacon explosion roll. This is going to be one rockin’ smoker!!! Everything prepped today and ready for smoker following church in the morning.

How much bacon can one consume? | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page April 1, 2012

[...] Trust me, you can never eat to much bacon. Especially if you make one of these. Reply With Quote « Previous Thread | Next Thread [...]

Are you a diehard bacon lover? - : Factory Five Racing Discussion Forum April 6, 2012

[...] Bacon Explosion Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

ampingMemoriesDotCom April 12, 2012

Wow, now that is a recipe. bacon makes everything taste better. Oh man, I have got to try this one next time I go camping. I have to wait till then, so I get enough exercise to counteract the effects of this one. This one looks addicting.

Joe April 15, 2012

Made this for a Church gathering today, and it went over better than expected… I was told that next time I need to make at least two so that everyone can get some… I posted a link to my photo album on your Facebook Page… Thanks for the Amazing Recipe, I even tried my hand at making my own rub, maybe next time I will try making my own Sauce as well…

Austin April 18, 2012

this is like awsome

carroll April 26, 2012

i’m thinking venison instead of sausage. layed with shredded sharp american. on a soft, buttery, hamburger bun. talk about the ultimate bacon cheese burger.

Jessi R April 30, 2012

Made this yesterday for supper…It was incredible! I did it on the bbq and put a smoke pouch underneath it. Absolute pork heaven!

alex May 7, 2012

Now that you’re pork

Wow really? Not sure if stupid or just American

Juan May 11, 2012


Grill Empfehlung May 20, 2012

Wow, thanks for that great recipe.
I will try your variation with italien sausage these days.

Tom May 21, 2012

Bacon explosion – a great idea that I first tried at my Australian’s home. I will give it a try for sure, even if this thing drives me one day faster towards a heart attack :) . Thanks for the recipe guys…

Bacon heart attack burger recipie? - INGunOwners May 22, 2012

[...] you mean a bacon roll. BACON Thought you meant individual recipes for one. Mine is: 1.25 # finely seasoned sausage. 1.25 # [...]

Cheddar May 24, 2012

I don’t have a smoker. Just a gas bbq or oven. How about oven baking at 225 degrees?

veryverybaddog May 28, 2012

Made one yesteday and last night I sat on the deck and it was so quiet and still that I actually heard my aorta begin to harden…OH WELL!’
Bacon Exploooooooooooooosion! Rock and Roooooooooll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John May 31, 2012

I thought Iiked bacon as much as the next guy, maybe not

Frank May 31, 2012

what the hell that’s a lot of bacon probably taste good though

Melody June 1, 2012

As far as cooking in the oven, you can use a smoker box filled with mesquite chips…soak them, place them in the smoker box place in a pan in the corner of the oven, then place the pan with this wonderful Pork Extravaganza in the oven, bake at 165 Degrees F until proper internal temp reached. Don’t keep opening the oven…all the smoke will escape. If the smoke does seep out of the oven, open windows and doors and make your neighbors extremely jealous.

Budson June 6, 2012

Jason, I am guessing the outside bacon weave should not overlap itself too much, correct?

Rop June 13, 2012

A Flesh Light you can EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bacon Thread - Page 2 - Bulletin Board June 14, 2012

[...] Re: Bacon Thread No bacon thread is complete until it has a Bacon Explosion! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

Nicole June 16, 2012

Do you ship to Thailand??? Please say yes!

Elaine June 16, 2012

My son wanted it so since I didn’t have a smoker I added a little liquid smoke to my bbq sauce and baked it at 350 degrees F for 2 1/2 hours. Fantastic!!! Can’t wait to buy a smoker and taste the authentic style, my son NEEDS to have it every 30 days, he doesn’t want to become tired of it.

Kevin June 16, 2012

Whoops! I waited too long before inserting my meat probe (I know that sounds bad), and when I did, the meat was already to an internal temp of 182 degrees. Still, I mopped on some bbq sauce and let it sit in the smoker an additional five minuets. The result was WONDERFUL! I will be making this again but will keep a closer eye on the temp. I will be amazed if the result is any better pulling it at the proper temp. Tonight’s dinner would be hard to beat!

Oklahoma,AR,MO,KS,TX GTG - Page 861 June 19, 2012

[...] cake. Ha ha. In that case, you leave me no choice… I will be making "The bacon explosion"… Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog I've done it before, and I'll do it [...]

Summer Time is Grillin Time - Page 3 - Android Forums June 21, 2012

[...] Posted by olbriar Help a fella out. I need some recipes. Perhaps the bacon explosion. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ Adding an 's to a word never makes it plural. Link2SD and you (a [...]

Read More June 25, 2012

I’m pretty sure a wise man once siad, “you can never have too much bacon”. Thanks for the recipe.

Chris July 6, 2012

I love bacon so much I want to eat it for dessert! Bacon Ice Cream FTW!

BK July 8, 2012

I’m making one of these for Thanksgiving. They can keep their silly turkey.

perplexed July 17, 2012

i think the addition of cheese in between would be super but I would suggest serving it with a rich creamy buttery sauce with a few dollops of sour cream on top just to finish the dish and perhaps sprinkled with some bacon bits fried in lard.

Patrick July 27, 2012

About to cook 2 of those bad boys. I added a bit of mozzarella cheese on the upper layer before rolling the whole thing. Cant wait !

Sandy August 8, 2012

I have a question – I borrowed a 30″ electric smoker from a friend – I am going to cook up 2 BE’s how much will that increase the time? Do I measure just the thickest one and cook for that or combine the 2 measurements and cook for that amount of time. Also I am a newbie – by bud tells me each time I open the door I need to add 15 minutes to the cook time – this sounds reasonable enough no?

Thanks to anyone who can help!!!

For those who like to wrap their game in bacon... - Iowa's Waterfowl Hunting Community August 14, 2012

[...] For those who like to wrap their game in bacon… I thought this might be a good option to try with my wild game that is shot this season. I might need a few blood thinners and a defibrillator. [...]

Donnie August 14, 2012

This was amazing! I did make my own rendition though… Instead of BBQ, I went breakfast style and sweet. I used Neese’s sausage and maple syrup. The suggestion to used biscuits gave me the idea. I gave the bacon a cinnamon and brown sugar rub, then sausage with syrup and more crispy bacon with syrup. Rolled it up as suggested, and then smoked it with maple. Sliced up and on a biscuit, it is better than any sausage biscuit you’ve ever had! Next time its also getting gravy…

kathie August 24, 2012

can I prepare this a day ahead and cook the following day?

Colleen September 1, 2012

How long on the bbq?
How long in the oven @225 for ?????

Patti September 2, 2012

OMG!!This is beautiful!!

Krauseheim September 4, 2012

Awesome! Only I’d add would be three or four dozen garlic cloves.

Post a picture....any picture! - Page 139 - Glock Forum September 4, 2012

[...] Originally Posted by dutchs I think I just had a stroke and a heart attack just looking at that!! What a thing of beauty!! Thanks guys! It was awesome! Some people put a slice on a bun. I added cheese instead of the second layer of bacon. I'm gonna play with the recipe a little next time. Maybe add some beef to it. Here's the link [...]

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[...] anyone wants a sneak peak of what heaven looks like check this out. I and some friends have done lots of variations, including stuffing with cream cheese and japs, [...]

Nick September 14, 2012

Used burger instead of sausage, put cheese in the burger and made the best bacon cheeseburger sliders ever! Everything else the same.

Ever feel like you're a thread killer? September 20, 2012

[...] I think this is the bacon recipe for you guys …. it's called 'Bacon Explosion' Bacon Explosion Reply With Quote + Reply to [...]

Erik October 2, 2012

Will smoke my second explosion this Saturday. The first was Fall 2011 and I’ve been talking about it ever since. Now this one has cheese…get your fat pants on. Cook low and slow, avoiding direct flame. Jason’s recommendation for cook time 1hr/1″ thickness @ 225F is nice even if there are other meats involved in the smoker (e.g., using the 3-2-1 pork rib method). Cheers!

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[...] Mustard and bacon, indeed. Gentlemen, I present what is quite possibly the manliest meal to ever come from the grill. This is not for the weak of heart. It is quite possible that this type of food was fed to the Spartans, Greek Hoplites, and every other occasion where manliness was and is caled for. Eating a slice of this culinary masterpiece wil make you mow acres of lawn–with a push mower. Raise a barn–by yourself. Dig a well–with an entrenching tool. Gentlemen, I give you the Bacon Explosion! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

Ken K October 16, 2012

Looks great!!!
I gotta try it!

Edward November 7, 2012

I will make this with turkey bacon and ground turkey, as a healthy alternate, although I love pork bacon.

Chez November 8, 2012

Does anyone know if this could be assembled and frozen to make ahead?? Was thinking of doing this for a Christmas wedding brunch

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[...] more of a meatarian than vegetarian. I'm making a bacon explosion for Thanksgiving this year. Speaking of Thanksgiving…have an epic [...]

EDGAR November 23, 2012

HEY… good job on that bacon, so i would like to ask you some things about your great bacon finger, i just discover your site, and will stay in mexico about 6 months, here can´t find all i need to make it, some another in spanish to look find and make it??. i will try to traslate in spanish all i need to try reach all of them. thanks 4 your help

DocRob November 28, 2012

Someone suggested I make a B.E. for Thanksgiving. Our Holiday celebrations will now never be the same–OUTSTANDING!!

Yummm Just out of the oven! December 15, 2012

[...] Just out of the oven! Hmmmm Bacon Explosion! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Same but different, did it in the oven, still comes out great! Attached Images    [...]

pete December 19, 2012

looks like a good checkerboard to play on but not to eat.

cole December 20, 2012

just made one last sunday morning switched it up. took out the bbq sauce completly added brown sugar instead of pork rub and glazed in syrup after was done cooking. sliced and put on biscuits and put more syrup on it. served with eggs and coffee

A different Paul December 22, 2012

I bought a couple of these from your site. Very nice blend of flavors. Especially like the fennel sausage. I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Sojahsey December 24, 2012

Just prepped mine for xmas morning. This will be the 2nd Christmas morning in a row, officially making this a family tradition.

Steve Downs December 26, 2012

I just posted a picture of the one I made last night (12/25/2012) on Facebook along with my choices for sausage (spicy hot), BBQ sauce (Bull’s-Eye Texas Style) and run (Pampered Chef Chipotle Rub). It’s got a nice tingle to it, yummy!

Michael Wilson January 3, 2013

I won one of these in a contest. Frankly I thought someone was joking.

We cooked it on Monday. My God. It really is everything you think it could be.

…with Bacon.

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[...] Originally Posted by Almostrecovered Bacon 1 lb of bacon fry it in a pan until crispy drain grease on drying rack over towel eat bacon You should try the Bacon Explosion… [...]

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[...] say bacon? Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [...]

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[...] will be making a bacon explosion Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Reply With Quote « Previous Thread | Next Thread [...]

Ken February 2, 2013

Try Bacon weave, sausage, cream cheese (smeared thin), Swiss slices,

Roll sausage & innards, then bacon weave……

Deli fatty….

Pork products are very important to me….

Thanks for the original…..

Super Bowl Eats? - Page 4 - February 3, 2013

[...] did a home made Bacon Explosion (see it here)on English muffins, wings, chips and salsa, sodas… (As a recovered alchoholic, I avoid adult [...]

Jessica February 5, 2013


My fiance found this recipe about 2 years ago and has been asking me to make it ever since. I think he has forgotten about it now, so I’m going to surprise him with it for dinner on Valentine’s Day. If I am just making the recipe for 2 people, how much bacon and pork should I use?

I guess my real question is how many servings does the above recipe make?


CB's Training & Progress February 10, 2013

[...] do you roll the mince up? Wouldn't it just fall apart? Edit – sorry – bacon weave Like so: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog I just put it in the oven though. I didn't follow the recipe word for word, just the general [...]

joe saccone March 1, 2013

want to find a meat somkring class, i work at a meat market.thats putting together a smoker this summer.

skibugy March 7, 2013


Charlie April 10, 2013

Oh MY!

It looks so good!

I can only eat pork sparingly, eating this much pork would send me to hospital.

How ever instead of sausage, I put a mix of lamb and veal, I might be able to handle it.

I would though have to invite the children, and some neighbours to help eat it, that way it would insure portion control.

I like the idea of it on a biscuit.

This is a definite try.

Have a Joyful Day :~D

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[...] the recipe for anyone interested: Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ White 2008 CRD Auto plus a few bits. #29 Nothing but Patrols since 1980. It [...]

Rick May 9, 2013

I’ve got two of these smoking right now, one question, do you glaze after removing these from the smoker or glaze then smoke a little longer? If longer, how much. Okay that was two questions.

Shoena May 10, 2013

Currently cooking this in my oven as I don’t have a smoker. Added cheese in the centre as per other comments. I have to say the comments about insta-heart attacks, oh how gross ect ect have me shaking my head. No one said “Make this for one person and then sit down and eat it in one sitting.” >_> I plan on slicing this like a meatloaf and serving with homemade coleslaw and bread rolls to 4 people, and left overs will be for sandwiches. :)

I wonder how this would go with maple syrup and a light breakfast pork sausage rather then BBQ flavouring…

Ryan May 13, 2013

Wow this recipe looks amazing!

jim May 21, 2013

Slice it up and add a slice of cheese on a split and grilled Krispy Kreme donut. Nirvana

Jason May 21, 2013

@Rick – Sorry for the slow reply. You should glaze at the end of the cooking process. Shoot for the last 15 minutes that the BE is on the smoker. It should be just enough time to set the sauce, but not burn it. Good luck!

Rick May 21, 2013

Thanks Jason, Guess I did it correctly.

I made two, other than being a bit too smoky for my taste I was very pleased with the results. I’ll make more and add cheese, onions , and maybe peppers next time.

Azil May 24, 2013

We made this a couple years ago and 1 month later my dad actually had a heart attack so now we call it “Heart Attack on a Plate” We plan on making it again tomorrow!

Check May 26, 2013

I had mine with a pound of mild cheddar and several varieties of sour farmhouse ale/Saison and Pliny the Elder imperial IPA. Now; it’s a health risk to consume.

Molly June 1, 2013

A friend dared me to make one of these and it seemed the perfect thing for my teenage son’s birthday meal. She suggested pre-baking it and then finishing on the smoker to keep it from drying so I’ll see how it goes. Don’t hate but I did substitute 1# ground turkey for sausage and to hide the turkey taste slathered some homemade garlic scape pesto before the cooked bacon chunks went on. Only worry I have now is what kind of sauce will marry well with that pesto. My son isn’t a sweet-bbq fan so maybe it will be sauceless. I think it will still get devoured and for those in attendance who are too good to sully their pristine arteries they can always have a serving of the ham I’ll be baking. ;) Thank you for the recipe and great photos. The comment thread has been a riot.

Kathy van Gogh June 4, 2013

Wow! I’m not even a man and this looks amazing! I must make this for my 26 year old son’s upcoming birthday. You are an excellent chef and an even better writer. This Grandmother is very impressed! (But…can’t I throw a little Kale in there? One needs a hint of healthy)

Jennifer June 6, 2013

How long would I cook this on the grill?

Jason June 7, 2013

@jennifer – you don’t want to grill this. The bacon grease wil drip on the coals and catch everything on fire. Setup your grill for indirect heat, and watch the internal temp of the meat.

Jake and Jill June 14, 2013

OMG! I need to go set up the bbq right this minute!! Those pics have made me so hungry.

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[...] Bacon Explosion that I just popped into the oven to get ready for tomorrows Fathers Day brekkie! Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Attachments Pending [...]

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[...] For anyone who enjoys smoking meats and who's heart is too healthy! Bacon explosoin [...]

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[...] Bacon Explosion BBQ Sausage, I think one is supposed to have fried Twinkies with it………. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog __________________ What's on your mind, if you will allow the overstatement? Fred Allen [...]

Dvavid June 29, 2013

my heart exploded reading about this. 1 slice equals cardiac arrest. A nice way to go!

scills June 29, 2013

This looks so freaking gross. And I am a bacon lover too haha

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[...] sized pot. Cook over medium heat until water reaches a rolling boil. Now for a real recipe… Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog [img] [/img] Note: I am all for eating healthy [...]

Wide Boyz BBQ August 20, 2013

We were making these back in 2004 on the BBQ competition circuit on the front range in Colorado. These and everything else bacon we could do on the smoker. Bacon Fatties, Bacon Nirvana, Bacon Ecstasy, Bacon Logs, Bacon Extravaganzas, Bacon Bombs, whatever you want to call them, we did them with breakfast sausage and later with Farmland Pork and Bacon Sausage back then and recently have done them with jalapeno peppers (fire roasted first) and cream cheese in the very center of it all (the Fat Boy or A[tom] bomb). We also did things like ABT or Atomic Buffalo Turds (Poppers to most now days)Peppers cored, stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in Bacon and then smoked for up to 3 hours, Pig Candy which is bacon with a brown sugar coating and then smoked. We were doing just about anything bacon and smoked we could to take up time those nights we were up tending the smokers for competition.

Wide Boyz BBQ August 20, 2013

Never really thought about using hamburger instead of sausage, but it sounds good and worth a try.

Cart E. Ologist August 31, 2013

I’m sending one to 100 of my best patients.

Chris September 1, 2013

Can anyone tell me the temp i would need to cook this at if i wanted to use the oven and how long it should take to cook

doyle October 27, 2013

Awesome recipe! I can honestly say that this is the tastiest thing I’ve ever eaten.

doyle October 28, 2013

Amazing recipe. I loved every bite. Thanks for sharing.

boubou November 2, 2013

could you make a video of that?

Richard November 16, 2013

Hot-Pepper-Jelly Glaze is my favorite. Bit of an Asian flare and delicious!

Aarib November 18, 2013

food of the gods!!!

The Bacon Thread - Page 4 November 28, 2013

[...] I didn't see this posted yet, so I'll just leave it right here… Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Reply With [...]

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[...] make sure your bacon weave is tight and that you end up with a nice square shape to work with…. Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes – BBQ Addicts – BBQ Blog Faboo pics at the link! __________________ "Nothing is more curious than the almost savage [...]

Amber Taylor December 12, 2013

MY fiance is such a BBQ fan that for our wedding I compromised every thing is going to be fancy shindig but he gets the food of his choice because he is a bbq head it will be all bbq all the way I think I am going to surprise him with this as the “grooms Cake” it will be my gift to him.

Rick December 23, 2013

Try adding crumbled blue cheese. I did, it turns out great.Go big or go home !!

Chris January 25, 2014

You just made me cry. I’m going to make this for the Super Bowl. Go Hawks!

Super Bowl Meal / Snack Plans - Irish Envy | Notre Dame Football Discussion February 1, 2014

[...] a pretty mean pot of chili today, and plan on trying this tomorrow: [...]

Charlie February 9, 2014


I don’t have a smoker, but I do have a mini smoker box that I can put onto the grill of my gas barbecue.

Any ideas how I could do it this way??



Jason February 9, 2014

@Charlie – Turn off half the burners on your grill, and put the Bacon Explosion over those. This is called indirect heat. The BE will cook with the ambient temps trapped by the lid of your grill. Just make sure not to grill over direct heat. Bacon grease will drip down and catch fire.

Charlie February 9, 2014


Thank you for the info and for answering so promptly!

Will wait till summer to do this, it is too cold here in NB Canada for me right now.

I will let you know how it went, though.

Have a Joyful Day :~D

pork u February 13, 2014

is this about the bacon or the SEASONING !! seems to bee to much holy crap!!!

Father Time February 24, 2014

Wow, This comment bank has been going on for 6 years. first comment left in 2008 and here I am just now realizing the awesomeness that is bacon wrapped bacon sausage. How about those bacon bowls? RIGHT??

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