Smokey Kansas City Pit Beans

Earlier this week I made an appearance on local news station Fox 4 KC to help promote the upcoming American Royal BBQ Contest.  I was showcasing my Smokey Kansas City Pit Bean recipe that we will be turning into the judges later this weekend. This bbq bean recipe is sweet, spicy, meaty, smokey, and feature the bold flavors of our Smokey Kansas City Barbecue Sauce! Smokey Kansas City Pit Beans have been a multi-year winner at the American Royal and will be a sure hit at your next barbecue.

Smokey Kansas City Pit Beans Recipe



Combine the beans, barbecue sauce, brown sugar and mustard in an 8×12 pan. Stir in the chopped barbecue meat.

Place the pan in a 250 degree smoker underneath a cooking pork butt or brisket. Cook for 1 hour, then cover with aluminum foil and cook for an additional hour.

6 comments on “Smokey Kansas City Pit Beans

  1. Great post as always! Love this time of year when folks are squaring off “best of the best” style at the Royal! Good luck with the beans entry, and all of your other categories as well!

  2. True BBQ beans are smoked in a pit under the meat and have chopped meat in them, like yours here. What the little church ladies make in their ovens and call “BBQ beans” is something else altogether!

  3. Sufferin Succotash, Baked beans are what make the meal. It’s impossible, in my humble opinion, to have barbeque of any metal and not have super duper special custom fabulous baked beans. I’ve been to tooooo many barbeque places where the baked beans taste like they are straight out of a can at the grocery store and are blah. It ruins the overall experience. But…but…but…give me some of those special homemade from scratch made from a super secret recipie and that transforms and already cool experience into an existential one. Just saying.

  4. really appreciate the recipe guys – for me, the beans is an integral part of the meal. I mash it in-between my burger and hot-dog buns every time. I’m also the type that pours the beans on top of the rest of the meal, similar to a “garbage plate” where they pile the beans and potatoes and the burger patties on top.

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